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Speed date games

We used that date is when the guy invites a girl on a walk or dinner in the restaurant, after some time of their communication. Today, nobody will be surprised by the fact that young people are get acquainted on the network, and only then go to the meeting.

But now we will talk about another form of dating and meeting, which first time began to be practiced in America, but have already reached almost all developed countries of the world. This type of meeting is called a speed dating.

In all big cities of the world speed date club were created. And it is interesting that the number of visitors with each passing day more and more.

Let’s take a closer look to these meetings. This type of dating was created in 1999 by Rabbi Jacob Devaux, who lived in Los Angeles. But the first party took place in Beverly Hills.

These dates were designed for very busy people who could not attend the long events or a go to the clubs.

Speed ​​date club takes every weekend evenings, but the process takes quite interesting. As a rule, women are sitting at the tables, there are about twenty of them. Men sit down to them and they have seven or ten minutes to communicate. Then in their questionnaires, they say a man who they liked.

If this is America, then there on the basis of questionnaires, pairs are formed and send them to e-mail or SMS notification with the contact of each other. But in other countries, people are given the opportunity to communicate after the meeting and they can exchange contacts with a glass of champagne, if they sympathize with each other.

Recently another format of such meetings appeared, if you can not attend the speed date club, the organizers also conducted a meeting, but through skype. The process does not differ from the usual meetings, the only difference is that after the completion of the online meeting people can not communicate formally.

Speed date games

Dates of this format are very popular among many, since there are people almost the same age with common interests at these evenings. The organizers select people of the same social class, that everyone feels comfortable.

Such meetings also help not only to find love, but also find friends and business partners. Today, speed dates are very popular among many people, because in today’s world, it is best to meet friends in person rather than on dating sites.

Although the date lasts only for ten minutes, but believe me, if you like a person, you will understand it in a couple of minutes.

A lot of clubs that conduct speed dates, in order to enable people to better know each other, conduct games of the psychological direction. Psychology always helps to know a person, as a person, learn how it behaves in different situations.

Speed ​​date games can be different, but basically all clubs engage in the game “Mafia”. This game is very exciting, but to play it, it is necessary to know the rules. Now we briefly describe the strategy of the game, in order you to understand what it is about.

  1. Eight or more people can play “Mafia”;
  2. Each player receives one card and doesn`t show it to anyone, according to it, it is possible to determine who you will be;
  3. The game is divided into day and night;
  4. Lead said that it is night, and all wear masks;
  5. Lead say that the mafia wakes up and players who play this role, take off their masks and begin to know each other.
  6. Then mafia goes to sleep and lead gets acquainted with the other players on the same principle;
  7. When an acquaintance passed, everyone wakes up and lead announces that the day came.
  8. The most active role is the players who can make the action day and night.
  9. The main objective of the game for the mafia is to destroy innocent civilians, and during the day you need to behave quite naturally, to participate in debates, discussions and conduct supposedly normal life.
  10. Civilians are supported by everyone except maniacs, Yakuza and Mafia;
  11. Exclusion from the game performed by voting, ie penalty, and it is held at the day;
  12. At night, when mafia walks the city, they choose one civilian to kill;
  13. With the coming of the day, those who were chosen is excluded from the game;
  14. Civilians lose each day per person, and it is important for them to execute the mafia by a vote, because if the number of civilians will be equal to the mafia, the mafia will win.
  15. The task of the mafia is to behave naturally at the day, so not to cause suspicion to himself, but at night they need to pick the most dangerous player for them.
  16. The main rule is not to show the card and not take off the mask at the night.

 We have told you about the rules of the game and as you know, the game is quite interesting and reveals the potential of each person. That is why, if you now have to play this exciting game, you will already know the rules.

We see no sense in talking about some other speed date games, as virtually all the speed date clubs practice the game “Mafia”.

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