Passport is not required to buy a SIM card in Ukraine

You don't need a passport to register a new SIM card in Ukraine

The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine announced that it is not yet timely to introduce the sale of SIM cards passports linked to a passport.

“This is additional regulation. If we make the regulation that you buy a SIM card only with Ukrainian passport, it is an additional burden for both citizens and business,” he said.

The Minister also stressed that now the focus of the Ukrainian authorities should be to deregulate everything as much as possible.

We now have so many deregulation reforms now. This is a bad time to divert our attention. This will only cause additional public concern

Currently in Ukraine, a subscriber with a prepaid (non-contracted) mobile connection may voluntarily provide his or her data. Passport link is required to transfer your number from one operator to another.

SIM cards to scam people in Ukraine

What does this mean in practice in fraud? You don’t need a passport to register a new SIM card in Ukraine. Anyone in Ukraine can buy an unlimited number of simcards and use them for their own purposes. Passport is not required. Change numbers. Have an unlimited number of mobile phones at the same time. This is not illegal. For example, one fraudster can communicate with multiple foreigners at the same time, without flashing his number. After all, SIM cards in Ukraine are very cheap and if you used it in some scam and don’t need it anymore you simply throw it in the trash. In addition, it is very difficult to track a scammer by phone number as they often change phone numbers.

In most cases, if you know the Ukrainian phone number of the fraudster, it is almost impossible to track it. Because SIM cards used for illegal activities are simply thrown away.

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