How to send money to Ukraine during the war

how do i transfer money to Ukraine during the war

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb 24, 2002 martial law was imposed. Ukraine’s war with Russia has an impact on monetary transactions. We tried to analyze what are the ways to transfer money to Ukraine to support your family and friends.

You can use one of instant transfer systems or online services

Western Union

System of international money transfers allows you to send money to Ukraine during the war. You can send in UAH, USD or EUR. Some Ukrainian banks allow the receiver to get his money online – directly to a bank account. To avoid possible cancellations we recommend to send money using one of the WU’s offices (not online).


RIA operates in 160 countries. Works similar to Western Union.  Some Ukrainian banks allow crediting RIA money transfers directly to the card.

Money Gram

Quite popular way to send money to Ukraine.  Comparing to RIA and Western Union may cause a problem, cancel your transaction. You will get a refund but waste your time as well.


AKA and TransferWise. Works perfectly well sending money to Ukraine from USA, Germany, Canada, Australia and other civilized countries. Works fast, money goes directly to your friend’s account. Their commissions are fair and transparent. You have to know the full details of your friend’s account (IBAN, bank name, address, phone number etc). Make sure your receiver gets the amount in UAH (while you send it in USD or EUR). In terms of commission, it’s the cheapest way to send money to Ukraine.


Finally PayPal is available in Ukraine. Your friends and relatives can receive money via PayPal and transfer to their Ukrainian bank cards (use it).

russia goodbye

Forget about Russian money transfer systems such as YandexMoney, Azimo, WebMoney etc.  They are now banned by a civilized world as well as their terrorist state. It should be avoided whenever possible.