Security Elements of the Passport of the Citizen of the Russian Federation

The passport blank of the citizen of the Russian Federation has the following security elements, recognized by special devices:

Paper Security Elements

A regular 3-tone watermark, by means of letters “RF”, over the whole page, which is visible with the help of ultraviolet devices.regular 3-tone watermark russian passport
Three types of security fibers:

  • in normal daylight they are red / must be checked in white reflective light with the help of a magnifying glass;
  • in ultraviolet they have a light-green or yellow glow.types of security fibers russian passport

Printing Security Elements (Printing Methods)Printing Security Elements russian passport

The background net is printed using the iris ink distribution (the colours of the net lines change smoothly from one edge of the page to another one)

  • the embossed background net is done with the help of offset printing (on all pages, except the first and the last page) / visible with the help of a magnifying glass;
  • metallographic printing;
  • the image of the Kremlin and the vignette on the front flyleaf;
  • – the words “Passport of the Citizen of the Russian Federation” and the vignette on page 1 of the passport blank / the increased prominence of metallographic printing can be easily determined by touch; the white oblique illumination is used for visual control.
  • a brown band with an ornament on the last (20th) page of the passport; there is a latent image – a tilt effect, which is visible with the help of oblique illumination – an external light of special devices;visible against the light source at an acute angle of 5-10ᵒ to the band surface. The word “RUSSIA” must appear when viewed along the band (light letters on a dark background), when viewed across the band there will be dark letters on a light background.micro-text on pages 2 and 3 russian passport
  • micro-text on pages 2 and 3, with the personal data; the micro-text of the repeating words “passport”, “date”, “code”, “name” and others, form the lines, which are visible with the help of a magnifying glass.- typographic printing or micro-perforation russian passport
  • method of serial number application;
  • typographic printing or micro-perforation (on a modified blank of the year 2006) visible with the help of a magnifying glass in oblique light; the micro-perforation cannot be determined by touch!micro-perforation on a modified blank of the year 2006

Laminate Film Security

Between the pages 2 and 3 there is a special protective transparent (laminate) film (self-adhesive or non-self-adhesive). At places of the film adhesion on the left and upper edges of the photograph and on both sides from the passport binding on the inner side of the laminate film there are typographic images made by a special red ink, which in the process of stamp printing are put on paper / must be checked with the help of a magnifying glass for the gap absence in red lines along the photograph edges and passport binding. On a modified passport blank (2006) the laminate film has a holographic image with a motion effect (kinegram) – the Russian Emblem, the stars, and the inscriptions – “RF”, “Russia”/ can be visually checked.

Security Elements Luminescent in UV Rays.

These security elements are checked via special devices in UV illumination mode.
When illuminated with ultra violet rays:

  • the passport blank paper is dark blue, there is also a glow of security fibers (mentioned above);
  • the ink of the front flyleaf frame has the yellow-green of the front flyleaf frame has the yellow-green glow russian passport
  • the words “PASSPORT” on page 2, the word “Russia” on page 3, and the word combination “Place of Living” on pages 6, 8, 9 and 12, which are written in water-white paint, have the yellow-green glow.the words “PASSPORT” on page 2 russian passportthe word combination Place of Living russian passport
  • some pieces of the background net around the numbers in the middle of the page on pages 4-15, 18-19 have the yellow-green glow.yellow-green glow russian passport
  • the passport blank is sewn by 2 threads, one of eachhas a yellow glow;
  • the wavy line along the lower edge of the photograph on page 3, which consists of the repeating abbreviation “The Russian MIA”,has a pink glow / must be checked viaUV illumination mode + magnifying glass for the gap absence in the shape of the letters that form the abbreviation.repeating abbreviation The Russian MIA russian passport

Infra-Red Security Elements

The image on the first and the last page, which is visible in normal light, is only partly seen when studying the passport blank in infra-red light / must be checked via a special device in the IR security mode.Infra-Red Security Elements russian passport


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