Scammmers on the Ukrainian dating sites

Scams on the Ukrainian dating sites

A global network covered not only the sphere of people’s business and friendly relations; it reached also the personal one. It is known that somebody’s dreams, desires, unsettled personal life are used by scammers in order to get easy money. And various Ukrainian dating sites are not an exception in this case, where the swindlers have recently activated hunting for their victims.


To determine the swindlers on the dating sites, regardless of sex, there is even a special word – scammers: from English scam, that has meaning “rascal, raise a scare …” An if at the beginning of “development” of this “business” (2000) men have scammed under the women’s “icons”, now representatives of the weaker sex stay with the strong sex, but men still dominate.

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How do Ukrainian scammers work?

First of all a scammer registers himself on the popular dating site, sometimes on several. He places there a profile, photo of a pretty girl not promoted online. A made-up text is about: a beautiful lonely girl wants to meet a real man … (who of the men does not consider himself real?!). The rest is paperwork and rich imagination…

“On average – according to an administrator from one of the Ukrainian dating sites – such a pretty girl can receipt from 15 to 30 messages per day. When correspondence with potential brides revives, “winning hearts” begins, culminating with a beautiful and sad story-problem, which solution requires a certain amount of money”. Of course, “the real men” lend their reliable shoulders sending money on indicated requisites. Then follows a logical upshot: communication stops.

Of course, a scammer should be not only a sociable person, but also a good psychologist. Because the size of the scammer’s “salary” (students mainly engage in scamming in marriage agencies of Ukraine) depends on the ability to lead his victim a dance. Often “processing a client” lasts 4-6 months, if the victim “does not bite”, they switch to another. There are a lot of scam schemes, according which the scammers work and recognize each other…

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Scam schemes on the Ukrainian dating sites

Among the most common scam schemes for the Ukrainian dating site visitors are:

  1. “Money for travel”

A swindler indicates in his profile that he lives, for example, in a remote village. After becoming a good friend with someone he lets to know that he loves his e-pal and would like to come for meeting, but the travel needs money. Right here there is a fraud. Consider, would a person grudge about 20-30 dollars for really meeting with his or her beloved men or women?! And a rich foreigner will not grudge even 1,000 dollars. What is most interesting, almost none of the potential suitors refuse the swindler in financial support. Such is the end of the story and a point in relations.

  1. “Predicament”

The scammers “play” often on the women’s feeling of compassion. First the scammers can introduce themselves as a wealthy woman with a good job. Later they told that they need to leave immediately for somewhere. Then the mass of variants are possible. For example, robbery at the airport, after which the “business-woman” tearfully begs to send her 3,000 dollars, then 2,000, and next agrees for 1,000 dollars. Because she has nobody more to ask for money.

  1. “Top up my account”

The beginning is typical: acquaintance, communication online … Within some time (usually in a month or two) the scammer tells that really wants to hear his e-pal’s voice and asks to buy a top up voucher and send its code. It is not hard to guess that the communication comes to the end. And no matter how you try to improve the situation and to set the communication going, nothing happens.

  1. “Free SMS message”

The swindlers on the Ukrainian dating sites monitor new profiles and send to the owners of such profiles on behalf of the site’s administration the messages that registration has to be confirmed; otherwise the profile will be removed. The message contains a short number for sending SMS confirmation. The cost of SMS can make at best 20-50 dollars. It should be remembered that the free dating services do not require any confirmation…

  1. “Letter to the fiancee.”

20 online agencies owned by the scammers are listed in the “black list” of the Ukrainian scam dating sites. Some scammers are in online love correspondence with men seeking fiancées, and for each letter the candidate must pay, for example, four dollars. Hereby a pseudo-bride refuses to give the candidate for communication her mail or phone number, choosing communication through a mediator. On these sites any first available pictures can be posted (sometimes of little known models), and the false information about their height, weight and interests also costs money.

“The situation of Internet scams in the USA and the UK has become so serious that the security services of these countries and the civic organizations have worked at these sites creating the websites where you can check whether your e-pal is not any known marriage swindler. However, the problem is that some of these sites are also a money grab: the fake sites for verifying information about the suitors and fiancees, according to the American National League of Consumers, became the third among the most common types of frauds in the Internet. Yearly in the United States each victim of the online scammers (and only marriage) loses 3.5 thousand dollars”.

Therewith it is very difficult to catch a man in scamming, though possible. By the way, not so long ago, the Odessa police ceased activity of a scammer, who had “collected” from the men a tidy sum.

How to guard against scammers on dating sites?

It is easy to dissociate oneself from unwanted contacts on the Ukrainian dating sites changing email address, closing the program etc. Then tomorrow you can start with a clean sheet. But the biggest trap of such communication is that illusion of the full emotional life devoid of shortcomings and difficulties of real communication appears by the people. The main psychological problems of the visitors of various Internet sites, including marriage sites consist in separation from reality. A man loses vigilance.”

So you should be careful. Of course, you can visit the online Ukrainian dating sites, communicate with those who you like, but therewith follow the simple rules:

  1. Do not leave your email, Skype and home address on the site in open access.
  2. Do not harry to talk about your material possessions by the first contact.
  3. Do not place on the site your photo where you are on the background of an expensive car or in your own penthouse.
  4. Do not share your phone to the next men.
  5. Try to “pull up” your e-pal on the websites – anti-scams and in the social networks.
  6. Do not accept any gifts sending by post, courier, etc.
  7. Do not send the SMS to any short numbers.
  8. Do not send any reveal photos.
  9. Do not be afraid to ask any provocative questions like: “Why have you not found the other half still?” Then you will exactly know whether a person is actually what he pretends to be.
  10. It is not worth to pay for “extra” services on the free Ukrainian dating site.
  11. And do not be lazy to read the forums and themes. If at least one of the proposed behavior models or stories will seem familiar to you, take a decision.
  12. If you suspect a scam danger, ask a girl to send the copy of her Ukrainian passport and check it. Verification of the Ukrainian passport will dissipate all your doubts.

Respect yourself, love and be loved!

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