Scams in Ukraine

Dating scams in Ukraine

Cheating today – it’s a good income for many. Every day, created new systems, for which it gets easier and easier to deceive an ordinary person. Also, for the rapidity of their creation is very difficult to follow, and also to find the attacker.

For example, scams in Ukraine is very flourishing because of mass unemployment, and it is not because there are no jobs, and many people simply do not want to work. It is also the main reason for the development of such earnings has arisen because people do not go to special bodies, to solve this problem.

So, it is because people think that nobody will solve their problems, as well as the lack of confidence in law enforcement agencies. Many losers do not want to appear or something else.

But every person who has suffered from scams in Ukraine, you must apply to the special organs. And you know, the more applications will be written, the quicker your problem will be solved and the perpetrator punished.

Types of fraud in this country enough, this also applies to Internet fraud, as well as usual, taking place on the street.

According to statistics, most of all in Ukraine suffer from divorce foreigners, because they do not know how to behave in this country. There have been cases that foreign citizens were left without money on the street, or in establishments.

Foreigners have always warned that in this country it is not necessary to move one at a time. But not all listen to this. To avoid such troubles, our company is engaged in accompaniment of foreign citizens in the country, providing a personal assistant.

Also, if you are going to go to a private meeting to a girl, standing in the first place to check her documents, so you do not spend in vain the time.

Remember that date – this is not the way to protect yourself from intrusa, because they have different skills and can dissolve and you on a date. This will be discussed below.

Dating scams in Ukraine

Many foreigners visit the country if they liked the girl in the network, and they want it more serious relationship.

Coming to his lover, a man, of course, he invites her on a date, because I wanted her to know better.

By assigning such a meeting, be very careful, because today there are so many dating scams in Ukraine.

Girls, knowing that foreigners are not greedy, waiting for them expensive gifts, in the form of art, jewelry, and, of course, money.

Methods have different, but let’s see what tricks are used Ukrainians towards foreigners.

  1. Want to appear respectable. They do not tend to drag a man in an expensive boutique, so as not to seem to him or brought up.
  2. Sometimes the attempt to pay for itself in the restaurant, but on your offer to pay the bill not refuse.
  3. Some of them are starting to ask for money not once, but over the appearance and behavior, they say that they have given them.

Such methods are, if you came for a longer period, but if your time is limited, the girls will take effect immediately.

Note that they talk about themselves, as well as on the exterior, what is dressed, how they behave.

Most often, a woman on the first date do not ask for money, they tell how hard to survive in such an unstable country and that they have mass unemployment. And if they work, then get far enough that they are missing out on life.

Also, some talk about sick relatives who require a lot of money on treatment. On your request to lead you to the patient, they will get out that you can, in a hospital than a catch and so on.

Another simple option of fraud is to steal your money, bag or mobile phone. In most cases, women in this situation do not act independently. They have “assistants” who can sit in the same restaurant as you, or follow you in walking distance.

There are cases when travelers arrange marriage agencies, but their goal is not to marry a Woman, as is the loss of the labor force. So they sent the girls are not very competent.

Girls do not get upset that they were not chosen because they had a good time, and received a gift.

All dating scams in Ukraine are aimed at foreigners, so be careful and do not start a meeting with the girls suspicious.

If you happened to such a situation, you got a fraud and rob you, contact any police station. In Ukraine, we have now started to deal with this problem, as it has become very popular.

Remember, any criminal should be punished, including the nice girl.

In general, the best advice for today is – do not get acquainted through the Internet, and even more so not to come to this country for the bride.

If you decide that you need a Ukrainian wife, then come to Ukraine and look for it in the cultural field.

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