Same girls on different dating sites, but they don’t recognize me

Some time ago, we received a signal from our client from Norway. He noticed unusual fraudulent activity on some dating sites. On various sites, he communicated (on his own behalf) with the same Ukrainian girls, but they did not recognize him.

This is his story:

I met some women here in Norway (from Russia, Poland and Ukraine) who live here with a Norwegian man, and they look so NICE and respectful and honest. It seems to be impossible to meet a woman like that on these dating sites.

I did NOT look specific for women from Russia, Ukraine or other countries from East Europe. Just a lot of sites pop up.

But it looks like a lot of those women are looking for money. We have a good life in Norway, the country is working very good. I don’t know if you have visit Norway sometime, but it’s a nice country.

I read a lot of articles on internet – so just the studio photos some of this woman take cost a LOT of money for them. That’s why I think “somebody” pay this for them. But scammers are everywhere in the world. Also on dating sites, here in Norway. In many sites from Holland, they put in some profile from Holland, and said they live in Oslo or other places. That’s easy to find out. I then start writing in Norwegian, then they don’t follow anymore.

Different dating sites. Same girls which I communicate with, but they don’t know me  VictoriaHearts              

Ludmila    ID: 4626625

Mila – real name I think

Anna ID:6863720

Julia ID:21297889

Ekaterina ID:18158873

Irina ID: 21288512

Elena ID: 22047675—Charmerly—–not anymore there This is: Letter order Brides Elena (ID: 93180)

Anastasiya, ID: 20235820, the same person as: Anastasia Shotcova. ( shokotko on Instagram)

Yulia ID: 16642221

Oksana ID: 7309785

Natalia ID: 20529969

What is VALIDATED MEMBER??????????? All of them are or was that.

A lot of them are also on Anastasia Date—and other sites.

Just some of them. The site must know this. You even got their E-mail address. But the woman doesn’t know who you are—when you see them on other site.

A lot of the same on site: Victoria hearts—even the same ID number. These women are on a lot of sites. I am sure it’s a lot more of them.

Elena–Go from the sites–to mail, then I talk with her on a messenger, after a while she starts asking for money.

Anna asks for money through her E-mail. When I said NO, she try to get me back on the site – don’t answer the E-mail. That’s why I think the sites are into this scam to. She sent me more than 600 mails, and I have to pay to open them.–Same with photos and videos. Several of the woman ask why I DONT open the photos and videos they sent to me.  Same for all of them.

When I look into other sites, they don’t remember me–so it is other peoples who is writing. They use they photos–or the woman is working with them on this scam. 

When I get the E-mail they have–I already use to much money. 

I never give any of this person money, or gift–so then they go away.

Just ask them some “control” questions, then they don’t tell me the right answer.

Ludmila – is photos from Mila Omelchenco—Was with a Russian football player.

Oksana – Oksi-Ksenia she is a fitness woman.

So this is how I find out how the sites and the woman operate. It is NOT so easy now to control every woman with a photo.

I still look on other sites, for more women who do this thing–that’s why I don’t my real name to be used. That I believe the women, –and the sites see.

So what you say:  We must to describe all these things otherwise those ladies may say we’re ruin their reputation (which would be fair enough……

I agree to do that. Maybe some other sees this, and don’t waste money and time on this woman. I learn a lot now, so it scares me–that it is A LOT OF THEM on these sites.

If the woman in the photo DONT KNOW about this its to bad, But with all this sites; I believe they know it.

Hope it help men to be more careful, and not get to much into it at once. To be a bit skeptical is good.

Good luck to you peoples—nice work.

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