Livestock market: foreigners arrange safari for brides in Ukraine

More and more Ukrainian woman are looking for their love abroad.

In Soviet times, when there was an “iron curtain”, marriages with foreigners were considered as something fantastic. In the years of perestroika and in the “bad 90s” marriage to a foreigner for many Ukrainians was an opportunity for a better life. But by the 2000s, the demand for foreign grooms had declined. Today, as in the times of perestroika, Ukrainians dream of marrying a foreigner and going abroad.                                 

One of the reasons is the difficult economic and political situation in Ukraine. Some resourceful people even try to make money. There are many ads on the Internet: “I will help marry a foreigner”, “I will help find a foreign wife”.

In recent years, the number of Ukrainian women wishing to marry and go abroad has grown rapidly. Most beautiful women who travel to distant countries prefer to search for potential life companions on popular international dating sites. Some just go to rest in their chosen country and turn on “search mode”.

How Ukrainian women seek their love abroad

Get out of the crisis

In 2014, when the anti-terrorist operation began in the country and Crimea was already annexed to the Russian Federation, from January 1 to July 1, 2014 – around 1000 marriages of Ukrainian women with foreign citizens were registered in Ukraine. 

“Ukrainians often marry Italians, Germans, Americans, Poles, Belarussians and Russians. People get to know each other on social networks, traveling, season works abroad and through marriage agencies. According to statistics, one third of families have been divorced within 5 years. Divorced are the couples married for the sake of profit. Divorce is filed by women who have relied not on relationships but on partner’s money. Many are divorced who have been married in order to obtain a citizenship document and legalize their stay in another country.

Half of those divorced abroad return to their homeland. The other half of Ukrainian women successfully settle there.

The crisis in Ukraine, the lack of men who take some decisive action, some matriarchy have led women to take care of themselves, to look for foreign men and those mediators who can offer them to foreign men. Plus Ukrainian women have realized their beauty all over the world. Smart, beautiful, well groomed, smart, sporty and active.

Bride safaris

One British newspaper told its readers about the “marriage industry” in Ukraine. They point out that the Ukrainian economy is not going through the best of times. On the other hand, the cattle market is booming, according to the newspaper. The following was a story about how marriage agencies arrange “bride safaris” for Americans, Brits and citizens of other countries.

“Bride Safaris” – this is how specific tours to Ukraine are called in Britain and the United States. The sole purpose of this tour is to meet men with Ukrainian women who dream of a rich and happy life abroad. Single men pay special agencies for “romantic tours” to Ukraine and the selection of the bride.

The tours are actively advertised in promotions on western dating sites. For a fee, agencies make mass dates to their clients. Usually these are older men. On a date about 30 foreign men choose their wives from 250 Ukrainian women.

“A romantic tour to Kiev offers you a unique opportunity to visit a historic city from the former Soviet Union, the beauty of which is overshadowed except by Ukrainian women. We offer the safest, one-to-one, custom-made tours. Thousands of happy brides and grooms since 1995! “- promises a well-known agency on its site.

Moreover, such meetings do not necessarily end with weddings. For some it is entertainment, for others it is a serious matter.

“At home, our women are brought up to be independent. They live their separate lives and do not take care of their husbands, as my mother once did. I want an old-fashioned girl from the family where my father was the main one. She got used to the fact that everything in the family is decided by her husband. A woman should know her place, her responsibilities, not act like a queen, “explained one of the agency’s clients on anonymity.

Widow ready for a new marriage

Experts say that according to statistics, one in fifteen Ukrainian women aged 40-49 are widowed. The shortage of men has increased even more since the onset of Russian aggression, which is why Ukrainian women are more likely to view foreigners as future husbands.

30% of Ukrainians would like to travel abroad for permanent residence. And the bridal market is one of the easiest ways to get what you want. A visa-free regime simplifies this procedure.

Ukrainian women are traveling abroad en masse, to EU countries, USA, Asia, to the labor market, to the marital market, in any way to provide for their family, to create perspectives and a basis for the success of their children.

They are transformed into a product that is bought by foreign men – literally or with certain promises and perspectives, which are estimated as the price-quality ratio, expecting economic, social and status benefits.

Dating scammers

Marriage is a great platform for scammers. Often, foreigners get into the web not of love, but of scams. The scheme is simple: a foreigner registers on the site, chooses a girl, and after some time after correspondence with the potential bride, problems arise that require money – for medication of a relative, for a trip to the foreign bridegroom, or just fired from work, and the loan hangs. If a man has serious intentions and has sympathy for the Ukrainian beauty, he sends money to help.

Subsequently, it turns out that no girl exists, and under the photo of the beauty hides a fraud. But up to the time of disclosure the cost of a trusting foreigner to the Ukrainian bride can amount to more than one thousand dollars.

For the truth of the schemes and the bigger “catch”, some scams hire girls, teach them to properly communicate with foreigners. If a foreigner wishes to come to Ukraine for personal communication, it pays more. Foreigners cannot prove that they have been robbed. You can always say that the girl just did not like the man. Bring to justice scammers on Ukrainian dating sites.

Personal anti-fraud guide on a trip to Ukraine

No man wants to be deceived. Especially a young and beautiful Ukrainian woman. If you have already decided to come to Ukraine for closer acquaintance with his potential bride, better organize everything in a smart way. We suggest you to use the services of a special anti-fraud guide. Our representative will act as your translator. He will constantly accompany you throughout your stay in Ukraine and will analyze your contacts for honesty / fraud. Your potential brides will know nothing about this special check. This service will help you to always be on the safe side and have reliable information about the people you contact in Ukraine. Feel confident with Ukrainian girls. In any situation.