Russian romance scammers and their methods of deception

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Overview of the methods of Russian romance scams

Men are more active in looking for new girlfriends, chatting easily and making new acquaintances. Female scammers are well aware of this and often just “play in love” with such men. The consequences of deception can be different: from robbery or even a threat to health, to the loss of several hundred or thousands of dollars. In this article, we will look at the main methods of romance scams used by professional Russian scammers on dating sites. How do you recognize them? And, most importantly, how to get rid of such “fatal ladies”? ..

Money con («marriage swindle»)

Your correspondence started just yesterday. And today it turns into luring out various material goods or impressive sums of money. The reasons used by the Russian romance scammers are very different – from a serious illness to being enslaved by a tyrant husband somewhere in a southern country. “Marriage swindlers” promise to surrender entirely to the power of the man-savior, if only he pays them a ticket or treatment. Having found a wealthy and lonely man, the swindler begins manipulation. She will tell you about her problems, will send you “evidence” made in Photoshop, with traces of beatings and injuries (which are, in fact, professional makeup or taken from the Internet), etc.

A certain amount of money (for surgery, for a ticket home, for bribes) can be a solution for you Russian friend from dating site. Any attempts to offer other assistance, such as contacting the police in case of a threat to her life and health will not work. Russian romance scammers will find 101 ways to refuse them, and keep hoping for a pity pet. Do not respond to requests and pleas. Remember: if they want something else besides communication, it is suspicious!

Unfortunately, 99 out of 100 such requests are cheating. You can clear your conscience by offering other help or even promising to come – it is guaranteed to be refused. Another trick is to inform that you have good friends in the woman’s place of residence and they will definitely help her. We assure you that she will disappear immediately …

Robbery or cheating in real life (when you meet her in Russia)

When making an appointment with a girl you have never seen in a real life, be careful.

Particularly vigilant should be candidates for romance without commitments for one night. It is during such contacts that the girls insist on their anonymity, practically not saying anything about themselves. They say, I am married, I only need one-time intimacy and nothing more. Of particular note is the so-called “cloning girls”. They like to slip the mickey in the beverage. They meet men in public places, choosing those who are wealthy and tipsy. With new boyfriend such women usually go to their home or “to a hotel room, mixing clonidine (a strong sleeping pill) into alcohol. Usually the next morning a man is left alone and without money, and sometimes without pants. In addition, he may also lose health – the drug is strong and after using it, the general condition with memory can also significantly suffer.


  • Try not to bring unfamiliar girls to your place, use a hotel room or inform about video surveillance systems in the house;
  • Do not leave the girl alone in the room with your glass and do not trust her to pour alcohol, especially when they are trying to send you out of the room even for a few seconds (bring champagne, etc.);
  • Ask her more questions about her personal life, even without names;
  • You must be vigilant and do not abuse alcohol;
  • Take measures for the safety of valuables and money;
  • If suspicions become stronger, imitate a cell phone call with a conversation, saying that in half an hour or an hour you will have to call or friends will come.

Another meeting with fraudsters waiting for lovers of one-time affairs, threatens the loss of significant funds and unpleasant consequences while visiting bars and restaurants. Knob-teasers (“Dinamo” in Russian) – girls who order a lot of food or drinks at someone else’s expense, and subsequently leave the man with an unpaid bill. The rule of counteracting such a money con is simple – do not order more than you are willing to pay (including for two) and warn the waiter not to take orders from a woman when you are not there


Luring a man with an offer to “play naughty” in front of a webcam is a sweet thing! Having shown a couple of half-naked charms (while hiding her face), the girl demands reciprocity in order to continue and get a hotter treat. Perhaps the man will even receive it, but after a while the same girl or an unknown person will contact the man. This stranger will call himself her boyfriend, husband or brother. And then you will have several options:
1. You will be informed that the girl is underage, in addition, she is even less than 16 years old, and therefore big problems await you, unless you immediately transfer this amount of money to the specified account.
2. They will trace you in social networks (it’s not a rocket science when you have a photo, name, city, date of birth) and will be blackmailed by posting your “pranks” in the communities and sites of your city or on the pages of your friends (or, even worse, your wife! ) on a social network.

What to do? To dump or ignore. Of course, you can contact the police and make this fact public on your own, but do not rush to do this: such blackmailers almost never come to the execution of their threats in reality. After all, while the “victim” is afraid of disclosing compromising evidence, no one will report to the police, and when the compromising evidence is posted, the victim will have nothing to lose and he will 100% turn to the police.

The easiest way to protect yourself from such money con is do not “play naughty” anywhere and do not show anything intimate to strangers on the Internet!

Russian romance scammers. Conclusion

The above in no way suggests that Russian dating sites are dangerous, no! As in real life, certain precautions must be taken on the Internet – after all, in real life there is also a risk of running into a cloning girl, knob teasers or even becoming a victim of robbers. In this regard, the Internet is even safer – you have time to communicate and to get to know the person better.

Just do not forget one simple truth: most often male victims themselves provoke a woman to such behavior, allowing them to be manipulated. So just “turn the brain” and be alert and careful. Making new acquaintances, Russian scammers with naive blue eyes and plump lips carefully assess your behavior and your well-being. Therefore, do not rush to trust the first woman you like all your secrets, but take a closer look at her: check her sentimental “stories from life”, which she tells you off. Better yet, give her a little “test drive”: for example, tell her that you were suddenly ruined, or “admit” that you are already paying alimony to three exes … If after that the woman quickly loses her former interest in you, then love, unfortunately, was just a cunning calculation on her part…

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