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Beautiful Russian women

Russian girls who actively get acquainted with the foreigners and try to marry them is one of the most popular topics today. But few people think why the girls from Russia and former Soviet countries behave this way and seek to get married abroad.

In order to somehow understand their behavior, you need to know Russian personals. After all, if you know what the rules of their family life are, you can understand why they are trying to go away from their homeland and seek happiness abroad.

If we take into account the average Russian family, then it is not a secret that Russian men are addicted to alcohol. Accordingly, the constant use of alcohol leads to addiction and violence. Statistics show that one in four women in this country suffers from an alcoholic husband.

Wives and children are subjected to physical and moral violence, causing discord in the house, and a woman’s desire to run away from such a husband. Also, if to delve into the Russian personals, you can understand why the Slav do not want to marry their men.

Also, many men do not want to work, and force women to bear children because money are paid for them, for which they can live. This behavior creates poverty and dysfunctional of the family. Children in such families receive little attention and constantly see discontented mother and a drunken father, as it is well known, such upbringing can lead to many problems and first of all it is crippled children’s psyche.

It also happens that the woman also consumes alcohol in large quantities and gives birth to a childout of wedlock. Thus, if children stay behind her, there is nothing good in that, but often grief-mothers leave their children and that is why orphan asylums in the post-Soviet countries have a large number of objectors.

In fact, Russian personals horrify many countries. After all, in such families thrives violence, but no one can help them.   From the earliest times a woman has to protect the house and bring up their children, but this concept has lost its meaning, because the Russian, in general, have no moral values.

This problem causes the young people to look for exits and go abroad. They do this in different ways, someone is trying to get married, and who cares about the future, participate in special programs for the exchange and leaves to learn.

And those who have to stay, rarely become good persons. After all, we all know that the future of the child will depend on education and parental behavior. Children are like sponges absorbing everything they say and what they see. That is why, based on this we can see that nothing good they can not see.

Growing, Russian girls use their beauty, which is known all over the world, so let’s look below how foreigners can pay for the beauty of Russian.

Beautiful Russian women

Perhaps nature endowed Slavs with the best facial features, and that is why, knowing their own worth, they are not always in good faith use their gift. Their main goal is a good marriage, and knowing that in their country it is practically impossible, they are aimed at the West.

A foreign man, not knowing all the details of modern Russian women, thinks that they are respectable, farm wives, who will keep the family home and raise children. But the beautiful Russian women do not think so. Few of them, want to raise children and stay at home. They believe that having obtained a foreign husband, he is obliged to take her to restaurants, beautiful dress, and their spare time they will hold in the beauty salon.

As we have understood, they are not going to work abroad, they want to saw wood, and all other things shall perform a maid. For them all foreigners are rich by default, have luxury houses and cars. Such an impression is built looking TV and Internet. But they forget that for all this you have a need to work.

Most often, they look for a foreign husband in the World Wide Web, as there are a lot of online dating sites there. There are another ways – to turn to a dating agency or meet in a night club in their country. But such methods are used by more self-confident girl.
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The remaining mass creates profiles on the network, and writes many men at the same time. I would like to note that the age and appearance of the elect concern them least. Over the years, it turned out that the girl at the age of twenty-five or thirty years, looking for a man who for fifty or more.

Such men are not interested in the situation in their country, that is why women fraudulently lure money from them and leave to them to the country of dream. And there are those that simply lure money, and thus live in their own country.

Beautiful Russian women are very attractive, but among them there are fraudsters and liars. Think about whether or not to bind your life with such a girl, because they are not such as we have heard about them.

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