How much does it cost to issue a Russian passport

cost russian passport

Let’s imagine you met a girl from Russia on a dating site and she asks money for a Russian passport to meet you. In this article we’ll explain how much does it cost to issue a Russian passport. True cost of Russian passport.

Having of a passport for Russians is something must have. People leave Russia on business, in search of to study, on scientific trips, they travel etc.

Russian passports for travel abroad: types and cost of issuance

According to the Russian law “On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation,” a passport is the main document according to which citizens can leave the country and return. This document also serves for identification of a citizen outside Russia.

RF Ministry of Internal Affairs authorities issue two types of Russian  passports for travel abroad that are legally equivalent: the old model and the new (biometric) one. This is due to the fact that since 2009 a gradual transition to biopassports has begun in Russia.

Clarifying how much the state duty for the replacement of a passport costs, it should be said that everything will depend on the type of document. In 2021, Russian citizens have the opportunity to choose a biometric passport or an old generation document at their discretion. Each of the documents has its own benefits:

Old type passportNew type passport
Number of pages in a passport
Electronic secure storage
NoOn the last page there is a built-in chip that contains biometric data (photo, papillary patterns of two fingers (for persons over 12 years old) and an electronic signature) and duplicated passport data of the owner.
Period of validity
5 years10 years
Document photo format
4 photos in 35×45 mm format2 digital photos (photographing takes place upon application)
Information about children under 14
Information about the child сan be entered in the parent’s passportThere’s no way to do it
Protection class
HighVery high

It should be added that a biometric passport allows you to reduce to a minimum the time for passing through passport control, while a paper passport involves passing the border in a general manner. In addition, every year an increasing number of states require incoming foreigners to provide their biometric data.

Federal paperwork fee

Every citizen of the Russian Federation must pay a federal document processing fee. The amount of this fee is different. The state duty on a Russian passport of a new sample for 10 years should cover all costs incurred by the state for the production of a document. The complication of the manufacturing procedure, the use of modern technologies and materials objectively led to an increase in costs. The last increase in the federal fee for the issuance of a new generation passport occurred in 2021. The fee for the provision of this public service is 5,000 rubles (53 USD) for citizens of the Russian Federation from the age of 14.

The Tax Code of the Russian Federation allows former citizens of Ukraine not to pay the state duty for issuing a new passport of the Russian Federation if:

  • they acquired Russian citizenship in accordance with the constitutional law of the Russian Federation of 21.03. 2021 No. 6-FKZ (part 1 of article 4);
  • they are applying for the first time for registration of a Russian passport on the territory of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol;
  • they have a valid (at the time of application) Ukrainian passport for travel abroad.

The state duty for an old-style Russian passport for 5 years is 2000 rubles (21 USD) for citizens of the Russian Federation from the age of 14. For citizens of the Russian Federation living in the Kaliningrad region, the state provides the opportunity to issue Russian passports of both new and old models without having to pay a state fee.

An urgent passport of Russia is required: the cost of the solution

The administrative regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation clearly prescribe the timing of the issuance of a passport:

  • 30 days – upon submission of documents at the place of registration;
  • 90 days – if submitted at the place of registration, if the applicant has access to the state secret (military, civil servant, scientist, etc.);
  • 120 days – when applying at the place of residence.

The processing time of the submitted documents and the production of a Russian passport do not depend on its type – it does not matter whether it is old or new model. The countdown starts from the date of application.

Acceleration of the process is possible only with the registration of an old-style passport (there are no ready-made forms for biometric passports). The document will be ready within three days, provided that:

  • official confirmation of the need for urgent surgery or emergency treatment in a clinic abroad (when delay can lead to serious consequences);
  • a certificate or document confirming the death / serious illness of a close relative in another state.

The amount of the state duty on such a passport remains the same: no additional money will be required for the urgency.

Fees can be paid at bank branches, through payment terminals, Internet banking and the State Service portal (GosUslugi).

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