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On dating sites not only a companion can be found, but also cheats and marriage scammers. Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very eager to find helpmates abroad or simply to make money on foreigners.

The scheme of their plot is simple but effective: to win the man`s favor, to possibly make him fall in love and then to ensure that the man would voluntarily send money and all sorts of gifts to her.

To discern an experienced swindler in advance is difficult because they all use a variety of methods of seduction. But the point is one and only: she needs not you but your money.


Except for the fact that these girls are very beautiful they personify the best qualities of real women: love, kindness, care for family life. Unfortunately, the reality of the country does not allow to realize themselves to the full. To find these lovely girls is possible on different dating sites. Just enter “Ukrainian girls” in your search engine and you will get all possible ads.

The main thing here is not to forget that these unrealized girls in most cases only want easy money and also to go abroad .

There are certain offices where the girls are looking for foreigners.

Ukraine dating is carried out as follows:

A girl gets a job offering. They come to the so-called interviews and are proposed a certain scheme. Since any site needs proof of identity and of non-marital status of the girl a photocopy of her passport is made. Then the questionnaire is filled in which tells a little about her and describes what kind of man a Russian girl is looking for. Nobody cares about their level of English – all the girls on the site communicate with foreigners with the help of Google Translate. And the next day she can already start working.

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And the above-mentioned scheme is very simple: men pay the international dating sites for the opportunity to communicate with the Ukrainian women. And the sites are paying agencies to search for models and translators who encourage men to pay sites for the opportunity to correspond with them. It is a sort of a financial vicious circle. These men did not even suspect that for the women such communication is not a romantic adventure, but a way to make money and that they are in this circle the main link .

For the registration on international dating sites only a day is needed. Photos for the profiles are chosen from social networks. The next day the administrator sends a letter to the lady with the login and password to access the site, the program for automatic dissemination of letters and a 22- minute video tutorial that shows how to use the site.
The girls work only at nights due a large difference in time. The men are picked up and registered online by the dating sites. The database can include representatives of the stronger sex not only from the US but also from Germany, Korea , Greece, Armenia , Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark and even from Africa. The task of the agency is to find a girl in need of money and love and register her on the site. The girls can make money both actively – by sticking to their profiles and passively – if they do not know English a translator does their job instead. For each registered girl the agency receives a fee from the site. But the earnings of the ladies are not limited to money as the unsuspecting foreigners send gifts. Beginning with flowers and dresses and ending with phones.

Ukrainian girls

Young Ukrainian and Russian ladies are showing lively interest and curiosity to foreigners. To put it simply, they do not need any special training. The main thing is to find a dating site for foreigners or a marriage agency . But the most important thing is not to forget that these girls can be just scammers. If you have already decided that you are interested in women of this nation, be very vigilant in choosing a girlfriend.

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