Russian dating scammer imitates robbery at the airport

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Gentlemen, we continue to share with you stories from our experience so that you do not fall into similar situations.

Russian lady from a dating site imitates robbery at the airport

The American meets a girl from Russia on a dating site. They correspond, and sympathy is established between them, which seems to grow into love.

She flies to him in America.

The swindler was able to convince the victim that in order to pass customs control she needed to show a certain amount of money:

In short: customs officials require every Russian tourist who flies to the United States on a tourist visa to demonstrate that they have $3160. otherwise, they do not allow people on the flight. because of this rule, I was not on the flight, and I have the right to book any next flight convenient for me. but I need to have $3160. I won't have to spend this money. I will have to showthis money at customs. And I can get on a plane and come to you. I will return all the money to you when I arrive there to you.

my dear, I understand that this is a large amount of money. but I will not have to spend this money. I just have to have this money with me and show this money to customs officers.

my love, I hope that we can find the strength to overcome this obstacle! I love you very much and I want to be with you!

You should know that such a rule does not really exist. Checking the financial capacity of a person traveling to the United States is the task of the officer at the consulate (during the interview for a US visa), not the officers at customs.

How much money a person has is his personal business. It is important only that the legal limits of cash are not violated.

Unfortunately, the man (victim of this scam) sent her the requested amount of money ($ 3160).The fact that she used her own bank account actually convinced him to send her money. It’s a risky scam but it worked for her. 

Then the situation unfolded as follows. The girl said she was attacked at the airport just before departure and robbed.

Forgive me, my dear. I did not meet our expectations, I could not fly to you. Damn, it's just some kind of horror! I'm very to blame! But I have to tell you.

Chuck, I got into a terrible situation.. I was robbed by criminals! Now I just do not want to live. I feel guilty in this situation! Please listen to me, understand that I did not want this. This is some stupid combination of circumstances. I did not even know that someone at the airport could attack me and rob me! Chuck, now I feel I'm not worthy of such a wonderful and magnificent man like you! I am so sorry! Please do not be mad at me! I love you very much, my prince!

Chuck, I was at the police station all night. But before the police I went to the hospital, I was diagnosed with a concussion. Now I'll explain everything to you in more detail.

When I arrived at the airport, nothing boded ill. Everything went according to plan. I had to go to the customs. But I wanted very much in the toilet. I could not stand it. And of course I went to the toilet. But in the toilet an accident awaited me. In the toilet, some girl started talking to me, she was asking me something. And suddenly I lost consciousness. Someone hit me from behind on the head, while the girl distracted me with her questions. They searched me, they found the money that I had. They took all the money. They did not collect documents and things from the bag.

I was taken to the hospital, I was given first aid and they diagnosed me with a concussion. And now my head is very sore. Next I went to the police to write a statement of the crime. I spent the whole night in the police, I was interrogated, I filled out some papers and statements. I'm very tired and my whole body hurts, especially my head.

But this was not enough for fraudsters. “Fortunately,” for a victim who has already lost $ 3,160, the situation can be “corrected.” Here’s what scammers write:

The police talked about this with customs officers. customs officers told the police that people who travel on a tourist visa can show their bank account. This bank statement must be new, no later than 4 hours. and it turns out I don’t have to carry a lot of cash with me. I did not know about it!! I would have done it. But I did not know! I was not experienced in these matters.
If I could have the right amount of money, I would make an extract on my bank account, and I would be safe from criminals!! And I would have gone through customs and on the next flight I would have come to you. But I have no money, and I do not know what to do now. Please forgive me, my love. I feel like a stupid woman because of this situation. I blame myself so much!

Chuck, I love you so much! I understand that you can be angry with me. But please do not leave me! We will be together! I love you my dear! I can not live without you! I do not imagine my life without you! you are my Love! Forgive me.
Always yours
your loving Maria.

By the way, here is the account number to which the victim transferred $ 3,160 to Marina

How we recommend acting in such situations so as not to fall victim to such fraud

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