Romantic scams

Internet love scams

We all know that very beautiful girl live in Ukraine, Ukrainians know it themselves and residents of the far abroad. Over the past decade marriages between Slavs and foreigners do not surprise anyone, and in the West and in America it is prestigious to marry Russian girls.

Foreign men come to Ukraine to enjoy not only the city, but also Ukrainian women. Also, in order to build a relationship, and just have a good time. Say openly, girls are in high position among foreign citizens, that is why they often make romantic scams with them.

They have come up with a lot of types of fraud starting from hanging out with in their city and ending with Internet fraud.

If a girl got acquainted with a foreigner in her own country, she spends time with him and promises him to be faithful wife in the future. Western suitors generally believe in fairy tales that tell Slav and load them with presents gifts, lead by expensive clubs and restaurants, as well as give money.

After a citizen of another country returned home, she immediately forgets about him and is planning a new romantic scams. Even marriage agencies can help the girls. They select database of foreigners who are looking for a wife, respectively, pick up girls and sent profiles with photos to foreign suitors.

When the bride is picked up, and there may be several, a foreigner comes to Ukraine and walks with the girls out on dates. Lunch at a restaurant, walking and discos pays, of course, man.

Not only that, he has to pay all the checks, but also he would have to pay a lot for the selection of the girls. Girls, in their turn, regard it all as a job and only then think about marriage.

Believe me, we have just talked about the most harmless romantic scams. Here at least the foreigner sees a woman and can have a good time, but there are other methods of fraud.

Here, for example, dating sites. On Web sites, millions of profiles of Ukrainian girls, and there are many foreigners. They are looking for the perfect wife and hostess, and it turns out that the found cheats.

Many girls do not want to get married abroad, and they live in their country well, and foreign countries attract them only by resorts, and rich men, out of whom they make money.

They write flattering letters to foreigners, and try to make them fall in love with them and then the scheme is simple, they lure money for a visa or for the treatment of a sick relative, and disappear by getting what they wanted. How do fraudsters show their love? Now we’ll try to figure it out.

Internet love scams

They show their “love” for fraudsters in a very interesting way. Most often, the communication between a man and a swindler is not very long, as they don`t need this communication. After a week or even a few days, the girl             makes a declaration of love to the  foreign groom.

And here, you need to think very well, how can you love a man in such a short time? If it were real communication, then this idea is still acceptable, but as it happens in the network, then no.

If you faced with such girl, then you should not even answer her, because you absolutely fall for the internet love scams.

Many men, hearing such a confession, ready to throw the entire world to the girl’s feet, and start sending money, gifts and other valuable things, if only to please his beloved. For foreigners, a declaration of love is a very important word, and as widowed and elderly men looking for a wife, then such a phrase can easily mislead them.

In order o verify the accuracy of the words of the girl, ask her to send you a photocopy of passport and our company «Ukrainian-Passport» will be able to check the authenticity of the passport. We are engaged in this sphere in order to somehow prevent Internet fraud in Ukraine.

These services help to define the purpose of your companion. Since every day the girls use internet love scams.

Pseudo bride captivated all online dating sites, and lie in wait for you everywhere. You need to be lucky in order not to face with a fraudster or pay attention to some points that we present below.

These points should remember everyone who is trying to find his bride on the network:

– Look closely at the letters, mostly fraudsters will not call you by name;

– They don`t send a lot of pictures;

– If the question is tricky, they don`t answer it, justifying this by saying that they did not understand what you want, because they know language bad;

– Avoid talking on the phone;

– Quickly make the declaration of love or sympathy for you, and always do this first;

– They talk about how scary and hard to live in their country;

– Flatly refuse to let you visit her in her own country, that is, come to her;

– Talk about sick relatives who are in urgent need of an operation, which is very expensive, and she had no such money.

If you recognize at least one item in communication, do not waste time and immediately stop communicating with the person.

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