Restrictions on cash transactions in Ukraine during martial law

cash restrictions ukraine

We tell you what currency transactions cannot be done. Ukrainians are temporarily banned from buying foreign currency due to martial law. Instead, you can sell the currency in the working branches of banks, postal operators and exchange offices, without restrictions. This and other permitted transactions are reported by the National Bank of Ukraine.

Ukrainians are allowed to withdraw from the foreign currency account the equivalent of 30,000 hryvnias per day without commissions, and in the national currency – 100,000 hryvnias per day.

Ukrainians can use their payment cards abroad both for cash withdrawals and for non-cash payments. It is noted that there are no restrictions on non-cash payments abroad.

Any transactions with Russian or Belarusian rubles are strictly prohibited. Such cards cannot be used to pay in Ukraine, as well as to make transfers, withdraw cash from them and conduct other transactions.