Prove financial solvency on the Ukrainian border

Do citizens of Ukraine are obliged to prove their financial solvency when leaving Ukraine?

You met a girl from Ukraine on a dating site. You invited her to your country. She agrees to come, but claims that according to Ukrainian law, she must prove her solvency at customs to travel abroad. She convinces you that this is a prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit in another country. Is it true?

Checking her Ukrainian passport would be a good idea to start with.

In fact, this is not true. There is no such law. When crossing the border, citizens of Ukraine do not have to prove their solvency.

This is a fraud that aims to obtain a certain amount of money from the victim as proof of solvency. Scammer is calling you the amount of 4,000 USD. In other words, as soon as you send her $ 4,000, she disappears.

In other words, there is no law in Ukraine according to which citizens of Ukraine must show a certain amount of money to customs officials crossing the border of their own state. Such demands can be made by the countries to which Ukrainians come. But this is a completely different conversation.

Some time ago, we received an interesting “document”. The swindler sent it to a potential victim, and the man, in turn, sent it to us. This “document” was to serve as a basis / legal confirmation that the Ukrainian authorities required their citizens to prove their solvency.

confirm your financial solvency crossing ukrainian border

Here is the text of the “document”:

To get a constant residence permit by any existing immigration program (except private circumstances) an Applican should prove to a Custom representative that he/she applies for residence at the country while having financial solvency. An Applicant is to convince a Custom officer that he/seh has enough funds with hei/her – 4000 USD.

Besides the Applicant should pass a medical board.

Of course, this “document” is nothing more than the fruit of the scammer’s imagination. There is no such legal norm. The document is drawn in Photoshop. The form of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine was used. The “document” allegedly cites the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of May 21, 2014 №160. We found this resolution on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In fact, the original document refers to the “Establishment of the State Fiscal Service.”

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