Popular scam schemes on Ukrainian dating sites in 2020

most common types of fraud ukrainian dating sites 2020

Our company helps people to avoid love frauds (romance scams) on Ukrainian dating sites for 10 years. Every year, fraudsters come up with new ways to cheat people. Instead, many men continue to believe in the fairy tale with Ukrainian woman and lose their time and money. In this article, we share our experience. Here’s the most popular ways (schemes) of cheating on Ukrainian dating sites that we met in the first months of 2020.

Cost of making a Ukrainian passport

This scheme remains in the top for many years. It accounts for about half of all fraud we dealt with in 2020.

 At some point, a girl from a Ukrainian dating site tells you that she needs to produce a Ukrainian passport. Men are tempted by the prospect of a personal date and spend time together. The girl greatly overestimates the cost of producing a Ukrainian biometric passport for travel abroad.

Our clients ask us every day: what is the cost of Ukrainian passport? How much to pay to produce it? In fact, the cost is approximately $US 40, provided that the person receives a brand new passport in seven working days. The price may be even less than 40 bucks if you’re not in rush and ready to wait 30 working days.

Scammers tell amount between 250 and 500 USD for the Ukrainian passport, citing the need for intermediary firms. These ladies have a wonderful appetite.

In reality, the process of producing and issuing biometric passports in Ukraine is no longer as corrupt as before (2 years ago). The rules of the game are clear and uniform for everyone. The only issuer of passports was and is the state of Ukraine. No intermediaries (firms) participate in this process. The list of documents is minimal (absolutely nothing special). It is important to come and write an application to the nearest office of the Migration Service of Ukraine. Moreover, such offices are located in the smallest cities/towns of Ukraine. No need to go to a big city (Kharkiv or Kiev), spend money and time on it.

For people who are in the war zone of Donetsk and Lugansk, there are special conditions for obtaining a foreign biometric passport, which, however, are not very different from the conditions of all other citizens of Ukraine. The cost of making is one for all. This value is transparent and public.

Fake Ukrainian passports

Fraudsters continue to forge Ukrainian passports. The girls send their boyfriends copies of their passports to confirm they’re legitimate. In addition to primitive photoshop, we also encountered high quality fakes. Such passports could only be verified using a database. If you are not sure whether your girlfriend’s passport from the dating site is genuine or fake, order a Ukrainian passport check service. Some of our cases can be seen in the black list of Ukrainian scammers.

Asking for money on a new phone or computer

A very popular fraud scheme. The girls make sure that their cell phone is so old that it doesn’t even have a camera. If you want to see her and communicate without limits in WhatsApp, there’s only one thing missing – new smartphone with a camera.  

In fact, it is pure water deception. With a probability of near 100%, this girl has a modern smartphone with a camera to take pictures of herself beloved. She doesn’t need a new phone. She needs your money, which she supposedly uses on her new phone.

It is true that in Ukraine most people do not live a prosperous life. But finding a girl without a smartphone is as easy as finding a virgin girl.

If you make a gift through an agency, you will be forced to overpay for the bloody phone.

Using someone else’s photos and fictional profiles

Girls from Ukraine on dating sites are different. Most of them are cute. And some look really like models or even beauty queens.

Be careful! Our experience of searching people by picture on the Internet shows that cases of using other people’s photos are very common. Scammers use photos of models, celebrities and even porn actresses (!).

We know of cases where girls were paid a percentage for being able to communicate on their behalf using their personal information (photos, name, etc.).

There is a scheme when a girl is offered a free photo shoot service in Ukraine. She does get the photos for free, but later those photos go to dating sites, they use it to create a fake profile on her behalf and the scammers deceive people. Naturally, such unique photos are not indexed on the Internet.

A few tips for men to stay away from fraud on Ukrainian dating sites

  1. Use your brain as much as possible. We understand that you are in love and hormones are hitting your head. But your cold mind is able to save your time, nerves and money
  2. Don’t send them money. No way! If you have real relationships, then you should not be a sponsor, and your girlfriend shouldn’t be a consumer only. This is exactly the case when you need to be selfish and pragmatic. You are a man, not an ATM. They love you for who you are, not for how much money you have. If all she needs from you is money, you don’t need that girl
  3. Stay focused and be realist. If you see a young, pretty, successful girl who is supposedly looking for her love, ask yourself: Why does she need you? Why does she have to move to other country, change her life if she’s so sexy and successful? In most cases, this is a scam and girls of this type have long found boyfriends and do not use the services of dating sites. It’s just a trap
  4. Beware of Ukrainian girls from Donetsk and Luhansk regions (war zone). In our experience, these are scammer champions. Places like Krasnodon, Alchevsk, Makeevka, Yenakiyevo should be red flags for you (“Run, Forrest, Run!”). Most of them complain about hard life, war, poor health, etc. Chances are, they will try to use you as a sponsor. You will not receive anything in return.