Places to visit in Ukraine

Places to visit in Ukraine

Ukraine is considered to be a very beautiful country, which many want to visit. Pop it scored relatively recently, we can say the near future, when announced it. It is considered a historical site, since many events held on its territory.

There are places to visit in Ukraine each alien. They are a very large number and list all fail. Since basically all go to the capital, then we will tell you that it is better to visit.

If you take to the attention of the capital, one around the central part of the city will bring you great pleasure. This is due to the fact that the central part has a large number of historical monuments, architectural monuments and a lot of cultural institutions such as theaters, opera and museums.

With regards to hiking, you can go to the Mariinsky Park, it has an extraordinary beauty and has outdoor cafes, where you can drink coffee. Also at the Mariinsky you can admire the Dnieper, since the park is located, and an observation deck. And if you are lovers of the nightlife, you can visit the night clubs in the center, because they know a foreign language well and has nice atmosphere.

Every foreigner knows that Ukrainian cuisine is famous all over the world, so in the capital there are many restaurants and fast food, which will prepare delicious dishes.

It will be interesting to visit the historical sites, such as Laurus, Khreshchatyk, but also, of course, Hem. Still, we recommend visiting one of the most exciting places in the city – the Landscape alley. Located just off Big Zhitomir, this place becomes the new city card. The entire alley turned into a big art project. Here you can sit on the benches design, photo taken with giant smiling cats, zebra’s lovers and throw a coin into the fountain with an elephant mosaic.

In order to understand the life and architecture of all the regions of Ukraine for several centuries ago to visit a museum-park Pirogovo that near Kiev. On an area of ​​over 150 hectares are located about three hundred pieces of architecture: houses and windmills from all regions of Ukraine.

Sculpture “The Motherland Calls” – one of the symbols of Kyiv and is visible from almost any point of the city. Every foreigner, who visited the capital of Ukraine, is simply obliged to take a picture of the symbol of the Soviet victory in World War II. The total height of the sculpture with pedestal – one hundred and two meters. And it should be noted that it is above the famous American Statue of Liberty nearly ten meters.

Places to visit in Ukraine, especially in the capital are very much, but you still need to take care of its security. While in Ukraine, and friendly people, but it is worth to reinsure them.

In order to make you feel comfortable to move to Kiev, we can provide you with the services of a personal assistant, as well as other services that we provide as follows:

– Professional translator;

– Meeting at the airport, in any corner of Ukraine;

– English speaking driver with car to choose from;

– The driver will take you anywhere in the city, as well as in hotels, apartments and the railway station, providing a safe and comfortable ride;

– If you need to, you will be able to provide a mobile phone with a local number;

– Assistant to help buy food, restaurant advice and accompany for any event;

– Ensure you have any means of transport, if you want to move independently of the wheel;

– Assistant will also help to stay in the hotel and spend any registration.

Many people underestimate the personal assistant as well as think that quite manage on their own. But if you decide to come to Ukraine, you should take into account the moments that not all of you will understand, for example, taxi drivers, and will not take to the desired point.

With regards to the taxi drivers, they will also be able to ask you for the cost of higher than normal, as virtually every Ukrainian, he believes that foreigners are rich, on which they can capitalize.

Also malevolent and very prudent and considered some of the girls in the Ukraine. Their craving to marry a foreigner how strong that they are willing to make different things. Often, cheating foreigners telling “interesting” stories also want to get a certain amount.

We cannot keep silent about the pickpockets who roam the streets and public transport. You do not even notice how you can steal your phone or wallet. But I come to this city, you can not only sit in the hotel or travel by car, because walking is very exciting.

To your trip was a memorable one, please contact us and we will help make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Returning to the places to visit in Ukraine, in addition, you can still visit the capital cities such as Lvov and Odessa. Both of them have a lot of exciting places that you will remember for a long time.

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