Ukrainians are allowed to take pictures on a passport in hats

take photohraph ukrainian passport

The guidelines for photographing for passport in Ukraine have changed

New standards for taking pictures for ID, documents confirming citizenship or special status have been introduced in Ukraine. So, now you can take a photo in a hat, though not in all cases.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a pilot project that envisages changes in photographing on various documents.

Taking photos for documents is now allowed in hats if a person wears a heat in everyday life because of religious beliefs. In addition, it’s possible to take photos in hat, artificial objects and materials on the basis of medical evidence, which is confirmed by the medical opinion of the respective health care institution. However, hats should not change the shape of the face, chin, run along the contour of the hairline, close the ears and neck.

In addition, it has become possible to take photographs (in Ukrainian passport) in artificial objects and materials on the basis of medical indications, which are confirmed by the medical report of the relevant health care institution.

At the same time, it is forbidden to take photos on Ukrainian documents with objects on the head that are not related to religious denominations – with headphones, pots, helmets.

In addition, as stated in the new rules, the facial expression of the person being photographed must be neutral: “Only children under the age of three are excluded from this rule.”

Prior to the entry into force of these innovations, it was forbidden to take photographs of documents (Ukrainian passports) in any headdress, which provoked protests and outrage from various religious denominations.

Rules of photographs in Ukrainian passport

Other rules of photography on documents (Ukrainian passport) remained unchanged:

  • the face occupies 70-80% of the photo;
  • shoulders are visible;
  • full face photography;
  • neutral facial expression;
  • eyes should be open.

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