Perfect internet scam

Best internet scam

Many have heard about Internet fraud, and this is not a surprise almost for everyone. Different methods are dreamed up. The interesting thing is that there are also ratings among frauds. Our modernity has reached the point that frauds also provide ranks for the so-called          intelligence.

Actually today we’ll tell you what the perfect internet scam is.

So, the first place takes “The Nigerian letter or 419 scam “.

This is a pretty widespread theme, and many people know what it is, but if this type of fraud takes the first place, then this method still works. What is the meaning of it?

The letter from a “rich” Nigerian comes to your e-mail with a proposal for co-operation, which allegedly provided a good reward. And what exactly is written in the letter, we’ll tell you right now.

It says that the Nigerian allegedly found a huge sum and wants to share with you and the only one thing is that you need to send him your account and pay a fee to get a huge sum of money.

And here begins a very interesting point and we understand why this method is considered the most perfect internet scam. If you believe in such happiness, then you can get on a considerable sum of money. You will send money        endlessly, but never get anything.

The fact is that such letters are sent millions of people from different countries at the same time. And when the process is running, waiting, who will be caught.

Just want to assure you to remove such letters and don`t think that you have become very lucky.

But the second place got Americans for the perfect internet scam. Their scam is known as “advance payment for the loan”. The bottom line is the same as in the Nigerian letter but you receive a very tempting offer via e-mail that you can take a credit for any amount. Who does not appreciate the fact that you need to return it when it is convenient.

All you need is to transfer a small sum of money, about two hundred dollars to get credit.

We would like to add that any bank that issues credit or a credit card, must award a contract with you, based on the documents that you provide. In order to obtain a loan, you will need in any case to go to the office and bring a list of documents.

That is why if you have received such a notice, it is not necessary to pay attention and fall for such proposals.

Best internet scam

There is also, a list of not so popular scams, which discussed above. It is so because the funds invested in them are less, and there is no fixed payment. But, those, which we describe below, became best internet scam.

“Make Money Fast” is the name of our next type of fraud. Almost all of the scams are made via e-mail and that this as well. You receive a letter, which contained a list of names and numbers of the online wallets, where you have to put a little sum of money.

You must send approximately one dollar. What is the bottom line? When you allegedly refill these wallets, your name will be at the bottom of the list, and you also get money. Something that reminds mutual assistance, if you have helped, then you also will be helped.

If you want to make in such way, we confidently say, that’s not going to happen. Since all purses belong to one person, you can wait forever for your own name at the bottom of the list.

Also we want to add the most amoral and immoral fraud to our list. This is a “Help for the Disaster “. Natural disasters occur mainly in tropical countries on our planet, but, unfortunately, our country is also sometimes become a subject of the nature`s “pranks”.

Some plotters have an idea to make money on it. They send emails and request to transfer money to a specific account. In this case, you choose the amount yourself.

The problem is that many fall for such tricks, follow a link, enter their data and send the money. Beneficiaries hardly receive money, so it is likely they will go to the fraudster pockets.

It is good, if you just send money and lose a small sum, in practice people don`t send big sum of money to charity. But it so happens that when you follow the link and leave your details, scammers take advantage of this and read the information. At the same time absolutely all means is deducted from your account.

If you want to help the victims, then it is better to apply to the legal foundations and transfer them money.

We have told you about the best internet scam and the ideal fraud, and even about immoral one. We believe that this information will help you, and you will not fall into the wrong hands. After all, we have told only about the top, and there are lots of them.

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