Passport application status

check ukrainian passportThe passport is the main document of identity. All citizens of Ukraine who have attained the age of 16 and reside in the territory of Ukraine must have it. The passport is required for the commission of any legal action, for example when signing any legal documents.

Why and who may require the verification of the validity of the passport? For example, the need to verify the authenticity of passports is experienced by a bank when you apply for a loan.

Any citizen should know whether another person’s passport is valid – for example, when it comes to the registration of the transactions of purchase and sale of real estate. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud committed with forged documents, it is useful to verify the validity of the passport of the citizen who is a party to the contract that you want to sign. Our company will help you check the passports in the cases when it is necessary to know the status of a passport and to check the validity of any Ukrainian passport since in Ukraine the problem with authentic passports is not very rare. Some citizens use false documents to travel abroad as well as for the acquisition of various services.

Check Ukrainian passport

Sale of forged documents in Ukraine is a lucrative business. Both ordinary citizens and high-ranking officials use all sorts of fake diplomas and certificates.

The largest number of counterfeits is detected while obtaining loans and checking travel documents in transport. There exists an increased demand for all sorts of certificates and diplomas.

Sellers of counterfeits are many, most of them are scammers. They sell the wind asking for advance payment or the full cost of the service immediately. But the demand for fake papers is growing.

The automated information system for accounting issued, lost and stolen passports has more than 176 million pieces of information to date. The update of the Passport Control Service is provided on a weekly basis.

The easiest way to check Ukrainian passport is on our website. Enter the series and passport number (without spaces) in the appropriate fields and provide an email address, to which the result of the automatic processing of the request will be sent in a few minutes confirming whether the given passport is available in the database of issued passports or not. In accordance with the regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act any other information about the passport holder is not provided.

To check a passport anonymously is virtually impossible. You need to register to check the passport. After that your data is sent to the database of the Migration Service. Persons requesting the information are automatically taken into account by checking them in the database. Any inaccuracy of the information during the process of registration is suspicious.

To check the validity of a passport of Ukraine is obligatory when buying real estate, means of transport, when applying for a job, making a deal, lease or rental of real estate, the decision to marry or to let the house for temporary accommodation to a person unfamiliar to you.

Passport status

The status of your application can be checked at any time on our website. Wait at least three working days before checking the status of your application. The system cannot update the passport status until that time and therefore the message you get may not reflect the actual status of your application. Passport application status is updated daily.

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