Business next door to fraud. How Ukrainian marriage agencies deceive foreigners into parting with money (INVESTIGATION)

How Ukrainian marriage agencies deceive foreigners into parting with moneyAll girls dream of a prince, but not all of them stop searching for him with age. An entire industry with a complex system of relationships and outstanding cash flow has managed to grow up on women’s desire to find their “foreign princes”.

Ukrainian girls look for relationships with foreigners for various reasons. Someone wants fresh impressions, someone dreams of a beautiful romance. However, the great majority still dreams of marriage which would solve all financial problems and give a ticket to a new life abroad. Foreigners, in their turn, are not against getting acquainted with Ukrainian women. Some look for a beautiful and house-proud woman, others – for an obedient and socially disadvantaged one. READ MORE

How Ukrainian women make money corresponding with American men on dating sites

How girls from Ukraine flirt with foreigners for money and how much they can make offUkrainian women actively flirt with foreigners on dating sites.

Miss, you have a beautiful appearance. I propose to make profit of that charting in English with foreigners on international dating sites. No intimacy, just harmless flirting. Earnings are high, hundreds of dollars. Are you interested in?

Pretty young Ukrainian girls regularly receive such messages with similar texts on social networks. I also responded to one of those proposals. For a month I have been working on an international dating site and I comprehend how much it is possible to make off on dating sites and how to correspond with a man in order to get a lot of money for that. READ MORE

Visa-free regime for Ukraine: who benefits and who fails

The beginning of the Revolution of Dignity. A girl holds the Ukrainian flag during a protest
The beginning of the Revolution of Dignity. A girl holds the Ukrainian flag during a protest in Uzhhorod, 8 December, 2013

The voting in the European Parliament on visa-free regime for Ukraine, where the absolute majority with 521 votes has said “yes”, makes visa-free travel to Schengen area possible for Ukrainians. The issue, however, still has to receive certain approval, technical solutions, but visa-free regime seems to take effect in June this year. Of course, there might be problems at the start – mostly technical. But these are “development problems”. Let’s hope that the situation will be normalized. READ MORE

Liability for the second citizenship is not provided for by the Ukrainian laws

double citizenship ukraineThe Constitution of Ukraine does not provide for double citizenship. A person having a Ukrainian passport is a citizen of Ukraine, and all the rest is secondary. If a person receives passports of other countries, for our country, he or she is still a citizen of Ukraine. But only until he or she becomes a public employee. If a person holds a public position, the limitations and restrictions set in law on state service shall come into effect. A person having the double citizenship cannot be employed in state service. READ MORE

Getting married to a foreigner: nuances of a marriage registration and immigration permit for movement to Ukraine

Getting married to a foreigner in Ukraine
Things you have to know before getting married in Ukraine

Statistics show: every thirtieth marriage in Ukraine is contracted with a foreigner. What nuances of legal residence on the territory of Ukraine are important to be known by a foreigner married to a citizen of Ukraine?

A marriage between Ukrainians and citizens of other countries is a quite common event. When it comes time to marry, the questions appear: what is a state registration of the marriage and what are its consequences for the future family and their children. In most cases, the issues are about citizenship. READ MORE

Is it required to change a Ukrainian passport after changing a surname?

Is it required to change a Ukrainian passport after changing a surname?
What important Ukrainian documents are subject to change after changing a surname? What threats does the untimely change of the documents bear?

By tradition of the soviet times many women in Ukraine change still their surname after getting marriage. But hardly anybody thinks about spending time and money for putting documents in order.

While, there are married couples keeping their premarital surnames because they do not wish to bother about changing the documents. Someone can be afraid of reissuing the documents in case of divorce. READ MORE