Virginity market in Ukraine: prices, customers and legality

Virginity for sale, not expensive. Is the business where Ukrainian woman earn money legal?

Virginity for sale, not expensive. Is the business where Ukrainian woman earn money legal?

Indecent Proposal”, the Hollywood movie where a millionaire offers lots of money to someone else’s wife for spending night with him made some girls think about selling their virginity. 

The ritual of losing virginity really exists in the cultures of different countries (for example, the Mizuage in Japan). But this option is actively used in the 21st century.


Virtual love on dating sites: why people become addicted to online chatting?

Since real communication has almost completely shifted to the Internet, such a phenomenon as love through chatting on dating sites has become relevant to a large number of people. The number of virtual affairs has grown even more since social networks appeared. Now virtual love often competes with traditional relationships.

The main danger of virtual dating on dating sites has two aspects:


How I pretended to be a girl: the realities of working on a Ukrainian dating site

How I pretended to be a girl: the realities of working on a Ukrainian dating site

I meet Oleg in front of the cafe. We descend into a cozy hall, sit down at a small table hidden in a corner of the room. We order herbal tea. Oleg is a programmer by profession, graduated from one of the leading universities in Kiev this year. For more than two years he worked on the Ukrainian paid dating site and corresponded with foreigners on behalf of young Ukrainian women. Singing teacher, music channel journalist, model, housewife, student – incomplete list of his online roles. Many have heard the walls of this cafe, but this is probably the first time.


How to renew Ukrainian passport that is damaged – detailed instruction and prices

What to do with a torn Ukrainian passport – how to recover and how much it costs

The passport of a citizen of Ukraine is one of the most important documents required for the identification of a person. It is worth noting that the passport can not only be lost, but also spoiled, which will make it invalid.

A passport of a citizen of Ukraine is considered to be damaged if

  • one or more pages are torn from it
  • there are entries, stamps, and other marks that are blurred, dirty, or painted so that they cannot be read
  • contains unrecorded entries or marks;
  • spoiled photo
  • there is severe physical damage to the pages or obvious traces of fire, water or chemicals.

To renew a defective Ukrainian passport, you must contact the territorial unit of the State Migration Service or the administrative service center at the place of registration.

Passport, screenshot: YouTube

The cost of issuing a new Ukrainian passport depends on the urgency of issue: UAH 345 for 20 working days or UAH 471 for 10 days.  After this time, the ID card of the new sample can be picked up in the same unit.

How to check Ukrainian passport real or fake

Interested to check the passport of your Ukrainian girlfriend, potential bride or business partner? We’ll help you. Order service of validation of Ukrainian passport. We deliver the result within 24 hours.

Livestock market: foreigners arrange safari for brides in Ukraine

More and more Ukrainian woman are looking for their love abroad.

In Soviet times, when there was an “iron curtain”, marriages with foreigners were considered as something fantastic. In the years of perestroika and in the “bad 90s” marriage to a foreigner for many Ukrainians was an opportunity for a better life. But by the 2000s, the demand for foreign grooms had declined. Today, as in the times of perestroika, Ukrainians dream of marrying a foreigner and going abroad.                                 


Foreigners massively looking for wives in Kiev and matchmakers ask 100$ for a meeting with a wealthy foreigner

foreign grooms come to kiev to get marry

Foreigners are interested in young and beautiful Kiev city woman. And some women are willing to pay for a happy future

The beauty of Ukrainian girls advertised during Euro 2012 has increased the number of marriages in Ukraine. Foreign grooms literally attack Kiev. The number of proposals from them to “get merry with Ukrainian girl” or “marrying someone from Ukraine” on dating sites has increased tenfold. However, matchmakers also appeared here, offering Kiev women themselves to pay 100 US dollars for a wedding with a wealthy foreigner.


Hnylutska Svitlana, Ukrainian romance scam from Krasnodon, Ukraine

Ukrainian romance scam Hnylutska Svitlana
Invalid Ukrainian passport of Hnylytska Svitlana

I am a foreigner man,this lately dated an Ukrainian lady online through internet,after exchanging letters and photos via Emails and watsap,we liked each other and we want to start a mutual life.I asked her for visit in Ukraine but she says she lives in Krasnodon city where there is a tension over the ukrainian theritories with Russia and entering in the city for me as a foreigner is difficult.I asked her to come to my country she said she has only a local passport and she needs to get her international passpoerl and a visa for traveling overseas which she cant afford its expenses,i told her send me a scan of your local passport for visa process,and she sent me.