Popular scam schemes on Ukrainian dating sites in 2020

most common types of fraud ukrainian dating sites 2020

Our company helps people to avoid love frauds (romance scams) on Ukrainian dating sites for 10 years. Every year, fraudsters come up with new ways to cheat people. Instead, many men continue to believe in the fairy tale with Ukrainian woman and lose their time and money. In this article, we share our experience. Here’s the most popular ways (schemes) of cheating on Ukrainian dating sites that we met in the first months of 2020.


Passport is not required to buy a SIM card in Ukraine

You don't need a passport to register a new SIM card in Ukraine

The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine announced that it is not yet timely to introduce the sale of SIM cards passports linked to a passport.

“This is additional regulation. If we make the regulation that you buy a SIM card only with Ukrainian passport, it is an additional burden for both citizens and business,” he said.


Ukrainian digital passport

ukrainian digital passport
Ukrainian digital passport in a smartphone

Digital Ukrainian citizen’s passport and digital Ukrainian passport for travel abroad are now available in the special app “Diya”.

On Wednesday, April 22, digital documents of a citizen of Ukraine became available in the mobile application “Diya”.

From now on, Ukrainian citizens are able to use their digital ID passport and biometric passports.

The introduction of a digital Ukrainian passport is part of the state-on-smartphone strategy.

In February 2020 the “Diya” app was presented with access to digital driver’s license and license and car ownership licenses. After two months only a Ukrainian citizen’s digital passport and a foreign passport and Ukrainian passport for travel abroad are available in the special app of your smartphone.

Currently, 2.3 million Ukrainians installed the “Diya” app on their phones. A few days earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine recognized the Ukrainian internal passport and Ukrainian passport for travel abroad in the application “Diya” by official documents. The government has said that digital documents in the “Diya” app within the country are considered to be analogous to paper passports.

Our company performs validation of Ukrainian passport.

How to recover a Ukrainian citizen’s passport: Where to apply and how long to wait

Office of the State Migration Service of Ukraine offers useful electronic services

Where to run if you have lost your Ukrainian citizen’s passport (and even if you are in Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea), what documents are needed to recover it, what is the price of the issue.

Where can I recover my Ukrainian passport?

First of all, let’s be clear that according to the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada, passports can be exchanged in the following cases:

  • change of name, surname or patronymic;
  • record discrepancies;
  • document is unsuitable for use.

Therefore, if your passport is canceled for various reasons but you still have it (in your hands), you should contact the State Migration Service’s territorial office at the place of registration in Ukraine.

If a Ukrainian citizen’s passport has been stolen, a corresponding statement should be filed with the National Police. There you will be issued a certificate and extract from the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations, which will confirm the fact that your passport was stolen.

If the passport of a citizen of Ukraine has been lost, it is not necessary to contact the police. The moment you submit your passport renewal application to the State Migration Service, the previous document will automatically be considered invalid.

According to the resolution of the Parliament, there are now two passports in Ukraine: a booklet and an ID card.

If you have lost your passport of a citizen of Ukraine of booklet model, you should contact the State Migration Service at your place of residence or the appropriate administrative service center. In that case, if the you have lost your passport ID card model is missing, you can apply to any department of State Migration Service or administrative service center, regardless of the place of registration.

How to live without a Ukrainian citizen’s passport?

Until the receipt of the new Ukrainian passport, its role will be served by a temporary ID in your name, which you are obliged to provide to the migration department based on your application.

Please note: If you do not receive your passport within one year, this document becomes invalid.

If you find an old passport before the new one is made, the issuance of a new document will be suspended. If the “loss” was found after the production of a new one, the old passport must be submitted to the migration department.

What documents are needed to recover a Ukrainian citizen’s passport?

To recover your passport, you must bring the following list of different documents to the appropriate service:

  • statement of loss or theft of the Ukrainian passport (model 1994);
  • extract from the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations (in case the passport was stolen);
  • certificate of registration of internally displaced persons (for displaced persons);
  • court decision to identify the person (for persons who have not been identified as a result of the identification procedure);
  • a document certifying the identity of the legal representative / authorized person and a document confirming the authority of the person as legal representative / authorized person;
  • documents proving the payment of the administrative fee or the original exemption document;
  • documents confirming information for entering additional variable information in contactless electronic media and passport, but only in the presence of such documents (about residence, birth of children, change of name, marriage or divorce, as well as a certificate of assignment of an individual tax number );
  • 10×15 cm photo.

The originals of the documents that you are required to return after completing the application form (except for the registration certificate and payment receipts).

How much does it cost

After applying for the renewal of the document, it must be considered within 20 working days, and within 10 working days, if an urgent passport renewal has been ordered.

A new Ukrainian citizen’s passport you will get in ID model format, not booklet.

Non-urgent registration of the passport will cost 345 UAH: 126 UAH for administrative services and another 219 UAH for the form.

If you choose the urgent registration (within 10 days), then you will have to pay 471 UAH: 252 UAH for administrative services and 219 UAH for the form.

In that case, if the passport was damaged or lost, the state tax in the amount of two non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (UAH 34) will additionally have to be paid.

What to do if you lose your passport in the uncontrolled territory of Donbass or Crimea, how to get through the checkpoint?

The first thing I would like to point out is that you will be admitted to the territory controlled by Ukraine in any case.

If you have a Ukrainian passport for travel abroad, then you can arrange a pass for crossing the intersection line using its details.

If you do not have any documents confirming your identity in your hands, you should contact the Security Service of Ukraine when crossing the line / administrative border. There you will pass the basic method of identification – write an application, the so-called “form # 1”, which everyone wrote before obtaining the first passport.Then you should contact any branch of the Migration Service of Ukraine in Donetsk, Luhansk or Kherson region and follow the instructions above.

Marriage to a foreigner in Ukraine. Application procedure

Marriage to a foreigner in Ukraine: preparation of documents, legalization and other nuances

The procedure for marrying a foreigner in Ukraine may seem complicated and incomprehensible, but in reality, there are only a few important details to keep in mind so that everything goes smoothly.

From this article you will know:

  1. What to look for before applying
  2. Application procedure and registration
  3. What actions should be taken after registration
  4. If the marriage is overseas?

How to recognize scammers on online dating sites

With the development of the Internet, dating sites are becoming more and more popular. Numerous popular smartphone apps, such as Tinder appear. Unfortunately, there you can find not only the love of your life, but also scammers hunting for your money.

So, you decided to register on a dating site. What should be done?


Ukrainians are allowed to take pictures on a passport in hats

take photohraph ukrainian passport

The guidelines for photographing for passport in Ukraine have changed

New standards for taking pictures for ID, documents confirming citizenship or special status have been introduced in Ukraine. So, now you can take a photo in a hat, though not in all cases.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a pilot project that envisages changes in photographing on various documents.

Taking photos for documents is now allowed in hats if a person wears a heat in everyday life because of religious beliefs. In addition, it’s possible to take photos in hat, artificial objects and materials on the basis of medical evidence, which is confirmed by the medical opinion of the respective health care institution. However, hats should not change the shape of the face, chin, run along the contour of the hairline, close the ears and neck.

In addition, it has become possible to take photographs (in Ukrainian passport) in artificial objects and materials on the basis of medical indications, which are confirmed by the medical report of the relevant health care institution.

At the same time, it is forbidden to take photos on Ukrainian documents with objects on the head that are not related to religious denominations – with headphones, pots, helmets.

In addition, as stated in the new rules, the facial expression of the person being photographed must be neutral: “Only children under the age of three are excluded from this rule.”

Prior to the entry into force of these innovations, it was forbidden to take photographs of documents (Ukrainian passports) in any headdress, which provoked protests and outrage from various religious denominations.

Rules of photographs in Ukrainian passport

Other rules of photography on documents (Ukrainian passport) remained unchanged:

  • the face occupies 70-80% of the photo;
  • shoulders are visible;
  • full face photography;
  • neutral facial expression;
  • eyes should be open.

My girlfriend sent me her Ukrainian passport but I’m not sure if it’s real. How can I check it?

Our company can help you to verify identity of Ukrainian passport. We offer the service of check Ukrainian passport. Save your time, money and nerves.