How dating scammers act and how to avoid becoming a victim of dating scammers

How dating scammers act

Scammers on dating sites are more common than princes and princesses. Everyone can become a victim of a fraud, no matter if you are a young girl or a grow man. Criminals carefully choose victims among those who seek love and easily apply their schemes to gullible users of dating services. Many times, along with a belief in sincerity and a brighter future, people lose money and even their own reputation. How to recognize a swindler on dating website and not be cheated read in this article.


Dual citizenship in Ukraine

How Much Does a Citizenship Cost and is it Possible to Trade it on

Dual citizenship is a top topic for discussion in Ukraine. Lots of Ukrainians want to move freely and travel the world.

At first glance, things are obvious: the more passports a citizen has, the more comfortable he feels. In fact, if dual citizenship is allowed in Ukraine, there will actually be few Ukrainians with US, British or German passports.


Internal Russian passport

russia internal passport

The passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (also called an “internal” or “Russian internal passport”) is the main identity document, an internal passport of Russia citizen in the Russian Federation. This document has all the citizens of Russia who have reached 14 years of age and residing in the territory of the Russian Federation.