Under what circumstances men can leave Ukraine?

Exceptions list how can men leave ukraine during the war

In connection with the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, President Zelensky issued a decree on general mobilization. This means that for the period of martial law, male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 are restricted from traveling abroad. This category of men has no right to leave Ukraine. But there are exceptions to each rule.

What categories of men can leave Ukraine during the war?

  1. Those who cannot join the Army because of medical reasons. The military ID card must state that the man was declared unfit for military service by the medical commission during wartime. If the certificate states unfitness in peacetime or limited fitness in wartime, this will not give the right to cross the border.
  2. Men who have three and more children under the age of 18. Birth certificates must be presented stating that this man is a father.
  3. Men who raise a child under the age of 18 on their own. There must be a court decision depriving the mother of parental rights, a death certificate of the mother or a court decision declaring the mother missing or declared dead. The fact of divorce and determination of the child’s place of residence together with the father does not give grounds for going abroad.
  4. Men at whose expense there are kids under 18 with disabilities. This is confirmed by an identity card with a disability.
  5. Ukrainian men who support adult children with disabilities of 1-2 groups. Confirmed by a certificate.
  6. Men elderly caregivers, males over 80 or persons with disabilities.
  7. Ukrainian men who are adoptive parents, guardians, guardians or foster parents. Must be approved by the guardianship authorities.
  8. Those whose close relatives have died or gone missing as a result of anti-terrorist operations. The Department of Social Policy issues the following decision.

Rules for issuance Ukrainian passports during the war

Ukrainian passports during the war

The State Migration Service of Ukraine has suspended a number of services due to the war. Due to the Russian invasion, the work of information and communication systems of the migration service has been suspended. A number of administrative services are also not provided due to martial law.

Ukrainian citizens will not be able to get a Ukrainian passport. Ready documents are also not delivered to territorial branches.

Insert of new photos into their passports for Ukrainians aged 25 and 45 is temporarily unavailable.

What people should do

At the same time, all people staying in Ukraine must have identity documents. This can be a domestic or foreign passport.

For foreigners and stateless persons, this is a residence permit or refugee certificate. If the passport or other document has expired, it can be presented under martial law.

Restrictions on cash transactions in Ukraine during martial law

cash restrictions ukraine

We tell you what currency transactions cannot be done. Ukrainians are temporarily banned from buying foreign currency due to martial law. Instead, you can sell the currency in the working branches of banks, postal operators and exchange offices, without restrictions. This and other permitted transactions are reported by the National Bank of Ukraine.

Ukrainians are allowed to withdraw from the foreign currency account the equivalent of 30,000 hryvnias per day without commissions, and in the national currency – 100,000 hryvnias per day.

Ukrainians can use their payment cards abroad both for cash withdrawals and for non-cash payments. It is noted that there are no restrictions on non-cash payments abroad.

Any transactions with Russian or Belarusian rubles are strictly prohibited. Such cards cannot be used to pay in Ukraine, as well as to make transfers, withdraw cash from them and conduct other transactions.

Ukrainians will be obliged to connect their SIM-cards with passports

ukrainian sim cards

Earlier we wrote about that passport is not required to buy a SIM card in Ukraine. But things are changing. The Ukrainian authorities want to oblige Ukrainians to contract phone numbers linked to bank cards to make them personal.

This year marks 20 years since the first Ukrainian bank, PrivatBank, began using mobile numbers to authorize its customers. This practice was later adopted by other banks. Now all Ukrainian bank cards are somehow linked to a phone number. Therefore, fraudsters often try to steal citizens’ numbers to gain access to their finances.

If the number is registered, a passport will be required to reissue the card. And in case of fraud, the citizen will be able to defend his rights in court.

“If you want to have a phone that you will continue to use for financial transactions or for digital services, in particular for obtaining an electronic digital signature, it must have a contract with a mobile operator so that the scammer can not steal it” , – such an explanation is given by the legislator.

Currently, SIM card binding is valid in almost 100 countries around the world: from Norway and Germany to Russia and Belarus.

Getting a mobile card is as easy as possible with free circulation and it is quite difficult to track the subscriber’s actions. But in reality, the free circulation of SIM cards benefits far more than ordinary citizens. Among the beneficiaries:

  • mobile operators – less costs for the organization of the subscriber connection procedure, and no need to organize the collection and strict storage of personal data;
  • dating scammers;
  • businesses that make aggressive sales over the phone – you can buy unlimited number of SIM-cards without any identification (SPAM);
  • collection organizations, which instead of litigation are engaged in extortion of plaintiffs and their relatives (which have nothing to do with loans);
  • fraudsters, criminals and other citizens who break the law, which even law enforcement agencies find difficult to detect and identify;
  • corrupt political elites who are afraid of persecuting and recording their violations by identifying calls from certain numbers.

The idea of linking a number to a passport in Ukraine is often feared, appealing to the right to privacy and confidentiality. Citizens are simply afraid that they will be monitored by special services. But it is important to understand that with the current development of technology, it is possible to track the actions of citizens in other ways. Often people report too much information about themselves on social networks.

How do I check Ukrainian phone number?

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How do I check if a woman from Ukraine is really pregnant?

woman from Ukraine pregnant

So you’ve met a woman from Ukraine, spent some time together. Now she returned to Ukraine and claims to be pregnant. Furthermore, she’s sending you some medical records (reports) and ultrasound in Ukrainian or Russian. She threatens lawsuits if you not send her money.

That’s all it is, it’s stress. You have doubts about her claims; you want to check her documents. You want to make sure if the doctor is treating her, if she’s in hospital… You need to know if she’s telling the truth.

This is something very important, because a lady can deceive you, manipulate the facts and simply scam you.

We can help you in this alarming situation. We have the necessary knowledge and experience.

We’ll analyze your case and offer an action plan. The woman will not know anything about this check.

We will find a qualified doctor who could verify the authenticity of her words, ultrasound, any kind of medical reports and so on. This way, you will know if her words are true.

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Love for a million dollars. How “dating agencies” deceive foreigners falling in love with Ukrainian women

how dating agencies deceive foreingers falling in love with ukrainian women

Swindlers under false names contact with foreigners desiring to get married to Ukrainian girls.

Journalists exposed a scheme under which so called “marriage swindlers» made out millions of the trustful foreigners wishing to meet with Ukrainian girls.

Ahmed got acquainted with a girl through the network by registering on a dating site. Just after a few weeks of chatting the “almost bride” got great financial difficulties, she asked money for medicine for her Grandma and the visa to come to “groom”. Ahmed caught himself only after a few weeks of communication, when amount spent for the Ukrainian beauty reached three thousand dollars.

It turned out that the girl has never really been acquainted with the foreigner. And on her behalf marriage swindlers communicated with Ahmed; their primary target was simple – to cheat the trustful loving man out of his money.

Ahmed was into luck: he spent only a few thousand, while the other victims’ loss reach even 400 thousand dollars.

As it happens, a whole gang of virtual scammers acts in Ukraine and they get out from the pockets of foreigners very real currency. They disguise as the dating or marriage agencies. The scheme is very simple: a wealthy American decided to meet with a Ukrainian girl. Immediately search gives him dozens of options. And as soon as he has been registered on the website – money begin to disappear from his purse: 300 dollars for registration and access to the database of Ukrainian beauties, plus four dollars per minute of staying online.

Sometimes a foreigner spends more than 600 dollars for evening of communication with the “Ukrainian girls”. Even men are suited for communication with the foreigners because an employer requires only basic knowledge of English. At the same time it guarantees cosmic earnings.

A recipe of such agencies is simple: men love with the eyes, for this purpose there are beautiful girl’s photos taken from the Internet. A tragic love and life story must be made up for leverage. You can also ask for money for living.

The agency divides earnings among all employees. At a rough estimate these scammers earn 50 thousand dollars a month which, of course, are not taxed.

Criminal liability under Art. 190 of the Criminal Code is provided for these false marriage agencies for their illegal activity; the maximum penalty for fraud provides up to 12 years of imprisonment and confiscation of property, three years of imprisonment are provided for non-payment of taxes by such agencies.

However, the biggest problem of these agencies is everyday discredit of Ukrainian women’s image all over the world.

Tinder scam in Kiev

offline tinder scam in kiev

There’s a restaurant in Kiev called “Golden Lion”. It doesn’t look like the most expensive place in the Ukrainian capital, but you can easily spend there hundreds of dollars.

Con for money is what they do in this restaurant. Men come to this place not because they chose it, but because they are purposefully brought here by girls who work for the place. They are interest employees, but for the gentlemen they have a well-thought-out legend, so that the guys do not guess about their attitude to the “Golden Lion”.

All men think that they are going on a real date after dating online, in particular in Tinder. The place was also hunting its victims on Badoo, Mamba, Pure and few Telegram bots.

The girls who go on dates do not communicate with victims on dating sites. For this purpose, in the scheme exist special operators. Therefore, a bearded swindler may suit you under the girl’s avatar.

Scam scheme

The legend is always the same. The girl-avatar has a wealthy father, her own business, an expensive car with a driver. This is a good legend – a promising acquaintance.

All this show takes place in order to bring a man to the “Golden Lion” for half an hour. In order for the victim not to understand until the last minute what will happen next, a meeting in a fake restaurant is not scheduled. The blue Mercedes is driving all the girls on a pseudo-date.

As a rule, the girls themselves take the initiative and allegedly accidentally offer the “Golden Lion”. But the real fraudulent luck is when the initiative is not a girl, but her companion. Of course, he does not understand it’s not a coincidence.
The task of the place is not serving you food. The scheme does not assume that the couple will eat right there. After all, all the girls allegedly just wanted to take away some food.

This is where the scam takes place. The girl will have only a glass of champagne and your check has already 100-150 dollars. The task of the girl is drinking as much as possible while waiting for the ordered food.

Restaurant menu

The menu at the restaurant is tricky. Even if a guy thinks of studying the menu during a date, he won’t understand anything. There is a price, but it is not specified that it is for a glass.

This was not intended to make the guy aware of what was happening. The waiter can bring checks with the amounts to the girl, and the payment terminal – to the guy.

BTW, the bills are written by hand and the payment terminal is used after each glass.

Scam is always the same

A sudden reason to run away is the same for all the girls – her father needs her right nowr. The girls are different, the scheme is the same. There is such a phenomenon called consummation. This is when girls in restaurants make men to “order more expensive food and drinks”.

” The restaurant works only under the scheme. On other days you will not be able to go there. There is no own kitchen there, all food is bought in the supermarket.

The organizers of the fraud are Russians.They have a similar fake restaurants in Russia, Ukraine and Italy. The place constantly looks for scam girls on job sites, as well as people who will communicate on behalf of girls on dating services (Tinder). All their vacancies are veiled.

There are many more similar places in Kiev. The scheme of fraud is similar: meeting in Tinder, luring to a restaurant or café and a bill for hundreds of dollars. The victims of the scheme were mostly foreigners. If the victim refused to pay, he was taken to a closed room, humiliated and robed.

Another tip: if you go to an unfamiliar place, look at the reviews on the maps. If the place is not marked on the map, just enter the name and address in the search field. It’s really a few minutes that will keep your wallet and face intact.

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Airport scenarios of dating scammers

airportStrange things happen at airports. Recently, we’ve noticed more and more fraudulent schemes related to airports. It’s like an enchanted place!

Typical scam scenarios

A man meets a girl from Ukraine or Russia on a dating site. She asks him in detail about what he likes in women and adapts to what he needs – tunes the results to his patterns. It’s like polling prior to elections, when political parties promise things that society likes the most.

She gently leads him for some time, wins his trust, and shows him her love and tenderness. She says she has already talked about him with her friends and even with her parents. Everyone around notices how much she has changed… She has never looked as happy as now, bla bla bla…

These positive waves are in dissonant to her hard life. In the country where she lives (usually it’s Russia or Ukraine), it’s so difficult: the salary is low, the boss is constantly demanding something, she works like a dog, saves every penny and barely cuts a minute a day to run into an Internet cafe to chat with her man and say how much she loves him.

And all that, this atmosphere, slowly but surely leads the victim to realize that this is his unique chance. This is happiness. Jackpot! The beauty, the girl of his dreams, all friends will be jealous, and most importantly – she is ready to move in with you just right yet.

At this point, the victim swallowed the hook and it’s time for the fraudsters to milk the cow.

She is ready to come. And since she gives herself to you (the most precious thing), you will have to pay for everything else. The standard set is: making a passport to travel, tickets to America, train tickets to Moscow, medical certificate (COVID), visa application, paper work, etc. And of course, the fake tour agency will take care of it. Don’t worry and relax: she has already prepared a Photoshopped contract with this agency.

And this is only the beginning, my friend.

The moment of truth: she is at the airport. You are salivating for a bite because the desert is near. That’s what you think. And here she is, in all her glory.

Option 1. She was robbed.

Right at the airport, some bad people hit her on the head and took all the money. And before that she borrowed that money, took a loan from a bank, took her mother’s last pension, sold a kidney, etc. Your baby was already in the hospital, she was interrogated by the police and all of Moscow is looking for those villains who stole her purse.

She announces the amount to you, and assures that if you pay it, everything will be OK again.

But the whole point is that it won’t be OK. Never. In no case, under any circumstances. And even if you pay, there will always be a new reason why she can’t leave, being just a step away from you.

The truth is, she was not going to go anywhere. The maximum she really did was get to the airport and take a selfie to send it to you. Her plan did not include leaving her home at all. It’s not personal Sonny it’s strictly business.

Option 2. Confirm financial solvency.

For a few months she’s been shitting your brain telling in detail in which pocket of suitcase she will put her pajamas. But somehow, casually, she forgot one little thing: when crossing the border, she seems to need to show that she has enough money to stay in America for the time she will be there.

All right, my friend, you’re up! You are her hero.

She is extremely sorry, because you have already done so much for her. She’s ashamed, but she has already left everything and everyone to be with you. Only you can save her and borrow a certain amount of money (usually an appetite around $ 1,200).

As soon as the money goes to the specified account (Western Union, Moneygram, RIA, Worldremit etc), she will fly to you on the next flight out. And of course, she will give the money back.

If you take the bait and send money, what happens next is: either she will try to milk you a second time, inventing another lie, or she will just screw you – the contact will break and she will disappear.

But this story is far more interesting than that. If a person is traveling for a short time in the United States, it’s the task of the migration officer of the US Embassy during the visa interview to determine how much she can handle herself in the United States. And if not, she will never get a visa. That’s all you need to know about financial solvency.

Option 3. Debt.

At the passport control at the airport, the girl “suddenly” learns that she cannot be released from the country because she has an outstanding debt (a bank loan, an unpaid mortgage, a debt for utilities, etc.). This option promises the victim the greatest monetary loss.

One of our clients lost about $ 20,000 on this scheme. At first the swindler said that she needed 25% of the amount. Then she decided to sell the apartment, because she didn’t need it anymore. A new life is waiting for her in other country with this new man. Later still, she persuaded the victim to send her a significant amount of money in order to open a bank account, which could take 60 000 EUR for the sale of her apartment.

And the moral of the story is?

Always check the girls you meet online. Do not trust them and question everything they tell you. Yes, she will call you paranoid, she’ll be mad. But why should you be so worried about the thought of a person you’ve never seen before (a stranger to you)?

You want to know if she’s a scammer? Our company helps people to spot scammers from dating sites. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and tools. We can check her identity, the documents she provides, the intermediary companies she works with (tour company, translation agency, etc.)

We do this professionally and we’re ready to help you. Our inspections are fast, inexpensive and safe. And the most importantly – completely confidential. The result is ready in 24 hours.

Russian dating scam. Fake debt and apartment sale fraud

Scam scheme

The man from Scandinavia meets the girl from Russia on Tinder (January 2021).

They start to communicate. The lady offered to leave Tinder.

Tinder is too small and they continue in emails and phone calls.

They had a match. There were even a video call on Skype, the quality was bad but good enough to identify the lady from the pictures the man thought. There were several phone calls from the lady but the man could not call due to some telephone issues in the city.

The lady said she was going to purchase a new phone so that they could write messages on WhatsApp but she could not Skype to often this because of the bad Internet in the city.

The lady is always calm and polite. Exactly how the man likes.

She claims to live at St. Lenina 33, 442962 in the city Zarechny in Penza Oblast, works in a beauty salon as a manager.

Never left the country in her life.

“I and my mother paid for the apartment every month in the small sums. We bought the apartment on credit on such conditions.
Therefore I went to bank in more detail to learn about this letter. But in bank I was shocked. They told that it is not a mistake. 
Explained me it. The citizen of Russia who has any kind of debt to the state has no right to leave the territory of Russia.
For this reason I was detained at registration at the airport and forbade to fly to other country. The police issued the protocol on me on attempt to leave the territory of Russia.”

Even her mom called him to make sure he’s a good person. The mother said she was worried and did not want her only girl to go abroad and therefor invited the man for her 60 birthday in September 2021.

There was mutual sympathy. The man could not come to Russia because of his work and CORONA,

So he invited the lady to visit him in Scandinavia. She agreed.

First she went to Moscow, to get the visa.

According to the law, she must show her financial solvency (around 50 EUR per day).

But the man offered to make her an invitation, where he assured that he’ll take care of her, so there was no need to secure those 50 EUR/day.

(Probably the first “BIG” attempt to get a money transfer but was avid by the invitation)

The man paid around 300 EUR to process her Russian passport and medicine certificate and the travel insurance. The lady said she will purchase the tickets by herself. She was constantly sending all the “documents”, with stamps. Of course, everything in Russian, it all looked fine and secure.

There was a mediator – travel agency that took care of all the paperwork.

The plan was to fly from Moscow to Oslo through Turkey because there’s no direct flight at the moment because of CORONA.

Everything was ready. She was ready to meet the man in Scandinavia.

Then she told him she was stopped at the border because she had a debt.

She went to Moscow, to the bank, to find out what’s going on.

Fake debt

It was because of the debt for her apartment her parents bought 12 y ago. There’s an apartment in Zarechny, her parents took a loan to buy it. She live there, her mother lives with her grandmother somewhere in the village. But some amount was not paid (debt). That’s why she cannot leave the country. But the solution was to pay “security payment” to the bank.

She returns to Zarechny and pretends to be very upset with this situation. Debt for the apartment credit is 694,227 rubles now, it is about 7700 euro and in the first she only needed 25% of this to injure the bank that she could cover the mortgage. But then  quickly after that she claimed that the bank pressed charges to her for trying to leave the country without the 25% already in the bank and she needed to pay the whole amount. so the victim sent this amount to the girl.

“1) I can pay now completely this credit in bank of 694227 rubles.
it is not possible to me to make it now. 694227 rubles, are a lot of money.
It will not be the decision for me at present

2) I will have to leave in bank as pledge 25% of my credit.
I will try to explain you it in detail!
Wash debt in bank makes 694227 rubles
25% = 173556 rubles (1900 euro)”

Apartment sale fraud

Now she decides she doesn’t want to stay in Russia any more. She will move to Scandinavia and stay with the man so she decides to sell the flat. Her mother doesn’t mind (she will stay with her mother).

She decides to sell the apartment for 60 000 EUR. She does all the preparation work (cleaning, technical passport for the apartment etc). Sends all the documents to a victim in parallel.

She finds a person who wants to buy the flat very fast.

But there’s one problem. The account she has is too small to be able to get paid for the flat (60000 EUR). A new account is required and you have to put 8000 EUR to ensure it’s good enough to receive the 60 k for the flat. The victim sent the 8000 EUR. During all this time, she was sending documents (proofs) from the bank.

After that she told the victim that some person from the bank made the mistake, that’s why she needs additional 3000 EUR to close the issue. The victim felt something was wrong and refused to pay. He said, your mother should help you and take out a loan. She said the mother actually did it, but the loan was 2000 EUR only because her pension is very small. So now she needs additional 1000 EUR to close the issue.

This scam is well prepared. The scammer(s) found out everything they needed about a victim.

They scanned him really deep. She never appeared with nude pictures, expensive watches or asking for money. She’s always been calm, polite and confident. Always showed “documents”, gave examples of her friends acting in similar situations and even engaged her “mother”, which spoke to the victim in person.

The trophy was SO close and all the man had to do is to PAY the debt. In his opinion, it was fine that the bank wants to stay on a safe side, not to lose money (loan).

(She even sent this letter on the due date for the debt obligation and the bank account freeze.)

Hello my love

I hope you are fine.

Today I gave keys to my buyer. I cannot return to the apartment.

I have no money. I have no apartment… My bank account is blocked till 2022.

Today I will go to the village to mine mother. I will live in the village at first.

Anna lives with the man. I will not disturb it.

I will arrive from the village and I will write you the letter.

Remember always. I very much love you xxxxxx



We helped this man to verify this Russian lady

When the victim contacted us we investigated the case and found out it was a scam. Pictures of the lady are stolen and belong to another person (fake identity), two Russian passports are fake, all the documents she sent were fake (fake stamps, watermarks, some form of documents simply don’t exist).

Pretty fucked up!

The end!

If you are in similar situation, order our services of Verification of Russian and Ukrainian women. Save your time and money

The list of fake documents

Fake International debt receipt obligation
International debt receipt obligation Fake
international debt receipt obligation fake
International debt receipt obligation Fake
certificate from VTB Bank
Fake certificate from VTB Bank
Sberbank info blank
Sberbank info blank
fake order to initiate proceedings
Fake order to initiate proceedings
Fake receipt from the travel agency
Fake receipt from the travel agency
sberbank blank
notification of the establishment for the debtor of a restriction on the right to leave the Russian Federation
Fake notification of the establishment for the debtor of a restriction on the right to leave the Russian Federation
fake airline tickets
Fake airline tickets
fake travel agreement
Fake travel agreement
fake medical insurance
Fake medical insurance
fake medical report
Fake medical report
fake subpoena
Fake subpoena
fake certificate of state registration of rights
Fake certificate of state registration of rights
fake technical description of the apartment
Fake technical description of the apartment
fake bank statement
Fake bank statement

Top 5 Things Men lie about in their Dating Profiles


In today’s world, it is easy to find somebody for creating relationships. It is enough to register on a dating site and potential gentlemen will showering their attention on attractive woman.

Single men who want to make a woman feel comfortable can lie about themselves. Thus, a woman will be able to choose this particular man.

But what exactly are the men lying about on the dating site? Let’s talk about 5 popular things.


Men as well as women are sometimes ashamed of their appearance. A man may be overweight, bald, short, and so on. But a man will try not to talk about it and will slightly stretch the truth. When meeting with a woman, she learns about his shortcomings and their relationship is a question mark.


In his profile on a dating site, a man can be a connoisseur of art, he likes to go to museums, cinemas, and so on. But in fact, a man spruces everything up in order to seem like an interesting company and a developed personality.


A man can lie about his work in order to win the girl’s trust. He can say that he is the main person in their company, the big boss, and so on. A woman will definitely take into account all these advantages and want to meet with him. But it’s like anything, the man turns out to be a simple employee who does not have people under his command, does not earn a lot of money and does not live up to his stories.


A woman may be interested in the intentions of a man, how he fits in creating a family and living together. The man says that he is ripe for a serious relationship, creating a family, having children, and so on. But a man can lie about it in order to get a girl and just use her. It is not uncommon for a man to lie to a woman and leave her after a night with her.


An older man may be uncomfortable with his age and become uncomfortable talking about it. Because of this, he can lie about his age and throw off or add himself at least a couple of years. Thus, a woman will be more comfortable communicating with a man and she will not think that a man is too old or too young for her.

Quick check of a man’s profile

People tend to lie about themselves. Especially online, on dating sites where you can easily be deceived by dating scammers. We’ll help you to verify your man from a dating site and find out who he really is.