Ukrainian passport drops in the rating of passports

Ukrainian passport took 44 placeUkrainian passport took 44 place

The passport of a citizen of Ukraine dropped to four positions in the rating of passports of the company Henley & Partners.

According to the rating, the Ukrainian passport took 44th place, dividing it with Nicaragua and Tuvalu. Currently, citizens of Ukraine can visit 126 countries without visas.

In the second quarter, the passport rate of Ukraine was higher – 40th place and 128 countries with visa-free visits. Over the past few months, two countries – Djibouti and Benin have changed their visa policy, and now Ukrainians should receive an electronic visa instead of a visa upon arrival.

Over the past 10 years, the indicators of the Ukrainian passport have increased significantly. In 2009, Ukrainians could visit without a visa only 50 countries, 5 years ago – 79.

The first place in the passport index is still occupied by Japan and Singapore, whose passports are allowed to visit 189 countries of the world without a visa. South Korea, which was previously the leader of the ranking, dropped to second place, dividing it with Germany and Finland (187 countries). In third place is Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg (186 countries).

The last place in the rating of passports is occupied by Afghanistan with visa-free access to 25 countries.

The cost of Ukrainian passport increases

cost of ukrainian passport increases
Rise in the cost of passports and other documents

According to an official of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, on July 1, 2019 to rise several kinds of administrative services related to immigration and travel abroad.

In particular, the cost of Ukrainian biometric documents will increase – the price increase will be up to 30%.

  • The cost of issuing a Ukrainian passport will increase from 557.32 UAH (22 USD) to 682 UAH (27 USD) (period of 20 days) or from 810.32 UAH (31 USD) to 1034 UAH (40 USD) (up to 7 days).
  • The issuance of a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine will also increase. In the first case, the price will grow from 821 to 891 UAH (34 USD), and in the second – from 629 to 728 UAH (28 USD).
  • Issuance of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine (ID-card) will rise from 279 to 345 UAH (for 20 days) or from 366 to 471 UAH (for 10 days). However, for those who get the passport for the first time in their lives, cards will still be issued free of charge.

In addition, starting July 1, the cost of issuing other documents that record the stay of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine – a refugee card, travel document of a refugee, etc., will increase. A complete list of changes in the value of these references can be found on the official website of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

The cost of issuing of documents increases for the first time since 2016.

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How to find out the scam on a Ukrainian dating site

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Ukrainian visa. How to get a visa to enter Ukraine

all you need to know about visa to ukraine
Ukrainian visa. Specimen

As with many other countries, to get to Ukraine you must first apply for a visa. The type, cost and procedure for obtaining depends on the county of your origin, purpose and duration of your trip. These points are determined by the legislation of Ukraine.

The procedure for issuing a Ukrainian visa for foreigners requires a certain amount of time, collection of many documents and is associated with numerous troubles. We offer a brief overview of the rules of entry to Ukraine. READ MORE

How to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

How to get a foreigner's residence permit in Ukraine
In practice, obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine is rather complicated and costly

A special document, called a “certificate” (posvidka), is issued to foreigners or stateless persons to confirm their right to stay in Ukraine for a long time. It would seem that obtaining such confirmation should not be difficult for a person who has all legitimate reasons for that. However, how real is it possible for a foreign citizen to collect the necessary documents and comply with all legislative requirements so that his stay in the territory of Ukraine would be legal? READ MORE

Ukrainian biometric passports and their benefits

benefits of ukrainian biometric passportsAll documents that are now issued in Ukraine are biometric

Today, all Ukrainian passports, both the internal ID-card and the International Ukrainian passport, have an electronic chip with biometric data of the owner of the document. This passport can not be forged, it can not be used by any other person. In the future, the infrastructure of electronic services will also be developed, which will significantly simplify the provision of services to Ukrainians with biometric documents. READ MORE

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Tourist Visa for Ukrainian Citizens Travelling to the United States

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How it Works

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A trip to the United States is a cherished dream for many citizens. Tourists dream of coming to this country to take just a quick look at the famous Hollywood Hills, to walk the red carpet and pay a visit to Mr. Trump in the White House. READ MORE