The procedure for state registration of marriage in Ukraine

General information

Marriage is based on the free consent of a woman and a man. Coercion of a woman and a man into marriage is not allowed (Article 24 of the Family Code of Ukraine).

The presence of the bride and groom at the time of state registration of their marriage is mandatory. State registration of marriage through a representative is not allowed (Article 34 of the Family Code of Ukraine).

What is the Marriage Age in Ukraine?

The marriage age for men and women is set at eighteen years.

Persons wishing to register a marriage must be of marriageable age on the day of marriage registration (Article 22 of the Family Code of Ukraine).

Terms of state registration of marriage in Ukraine

Marriage is registered after one month from the date of submission of the application for marriage registration.

If there are valid reasons, the head of the civil registry office allows the marriage to be registered before the expiration of this period.

If the bride is pregnant, gives birth to a child, or if there is an immediate threat to the life of the bride or groom, the marriage is registered on the day of submission of the relevant application or on any other day at the request of the bride and groom within one month.

If there is information about obstacles to marriage registration, the head of the civil registry office may postpone the marriage registration, but not for more than three months. The decision on such postponement may be appealed to the court (Article 32 of the Family Code of Ukraine).

How to check if the woman from Ukraine is married.

Place of state registration of marriage

Marriage is registered at the civil registry office.

At the request of the bride and groom, the marriage is registered in a solemn atmosphere.

At the request of the bride and groom, marriage registration may take place at their place of residence, at the place of hospitalization or elsewhere if they cannot come to the civil registry office for valid reasons (Article 33 of the Family Code of Ukraine).

What an application for state registration of marriage in Ukraine looks like

What an application for state registration of marriage in Ukraine looks like

An application for state marriage registration can be submitted in person, online, or through a representative.

As a general rule, a man and a woman must personally sign and submit a joint application for marriage registration to the civil registry office.

In doing so, they must bring their identity documents, namely a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or passport documents of a foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person.

The law also provides for the possibility of performing these actions through a representative, by a man and a woman separately or jointly.

This requires good reasons. This may be a man and/or woman’s stay in hospital, a long business trip, etc.

There is no exhaustive list of such reasons.

To submit an application for marriage registration in the absence of the person wishing to enter into marriage, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Application of the person wishing to enter into a marriage to the Civil Registry Office for marriage registration.

The authenticity of the signature on such an application must be notarized.

If a person is, for example, in another locality, he or she may ask a notary to notarize his or her signature on the application to the civil registry office for marriage registration.

After verifying the applicant’s identity, the notary certifies the authenticity of his or her signature on the marriage registration application.

  • A notarized power of attorney for the submission of a marriage registration application by a representative, which confirms the representative’s authority to perform such actions.

In the power of attorney, the person indicates that he or she authorizes the representative to submit the marriage registration application (with the applicant’s notarized signature) to the relevant department of the Civil Registry Office.

The representative may sign the documents confirming the submission of the marriage registration application.

A certificate of dissolution of a previous marriage or a court decision that has entered into force on the dissolution of a marriage (if available).

Submitting an application for marriage registration through a representative entails the same legal consequences as submitting an application in person by the person entering into marriage.

In particular, from the date of filing such an application

  • the statutory period for marriage registration is calculated from the date of submission of such an application;
  • persons wishing to enter into marriage are considered to be brides and grooms;
  • the parties acquire the right to refuse to enter into marriage.

We emphasize that this refers only to the filing of an application for marriage registration, and not to the actual registration of marriage, since marriage registration requires the mandatory personal presence of the bride and groom.

The State Register of Civil Status Acts – database of civil status acts in Ukraine

Ukrainian State Register of Civil Status Acts

Pursuant to Article 49 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the birth of an individual and his or her origin, adoption, deprivation and restoration of parental rights, marriage, divorce, change of name, and death are subject to mandatory entry in the State Register of Civil Status Acts by the justice authorities. The procedure for entering this data is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Procedure for creating and maintaining the Register

There is a specific procedure for creating and maintaining the State Register of Civil Status Acts of Ukrainian citizens.

In particular, the said Procedure stipulates that the State Register of Civil Status Acts (hereinafter – the Register) is a unified computer database of civil status acts, amendments and supplements thereto, issuance of certificates of civil status acts registration and extracts from the Register.

Information on an individual’s birth and origin, marriage, divorce, change of name, and death is entered into the Register by the registrar (civil registration departments of the Ministry of Justice) simultaneously with the preparation of the relevant civil status record.

At the same time, the registrar enters into the Register the information specified in the birth, marriage, and death records drawn up by the executive bodies of village, township, and city councils. This takes place within five business days from the date of receipt of the first copy of the vital record.

The registrar also enters information on adoption, deprivation and restoration of parental rights on the basis of a relevant court decision.

In addition, the civil registration department of the Main Department of Justice in Kyiv, within ten working days from the date of receipt of the first copy of the record, enters the information specified in the records of birth, marriage, divorce, change of name, death, drawn up by diplomatic missions and consular offices of Ukraine. How to verify Ukrainian marriage certificate online.

Procedure for entering information into the Register

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Instruction on Maintaining the State Register of Civil Status Acts of Citizens by a resolution of August 22, 2007. This instruction defines the procedure for entering information into the Register on the birth of an individual and his or her origin, marriage, divorce, change of name, death, adoption, deprivation and restoration of parental rights. It also defines the forms of extracts from the Register and the conditions for their issuance.

At the same time, the said order of the Ministry of Justice determined the time limits for entering information contained in the civil registry books kept in the archives of the civil registry departments of the departments of justice into the Register.

Pursuant to paragraph 4.1 of Section IV of the said Instruction, information on the birth of an individual and his/her origin, adoption, deprivation and restoration of parental rights, marriage, divorce, change of name, death, contained in the civil registration books and metric books kept in the archives of civil registration departments, shall be subject to mandatory entry into the Register in the form, scope and extent specified in the relevant books.

If the information in the said vital records is in a non-state language, the data in the Register must indicate the language in which the paper carrier of these records is made. The state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. The registrar may make changes to the information in the Register of such deeds (not paper records) on the basis of an application from an individual entitled to obtain a repeat certificate, an extract from the Register and upon presentation of a passport with its data in Ukrainian. In this case, the registrar that made the changes, as well as the grounds for such changes and the date of their introduction, shall be entered into the Register.

When registering a divorce, in addition to the information in the divorce record, the Register shall include the information in the divorce record (if there is no such record in the Register) marked “Archival” and containing information about the divorce.

Making a mark in the second copy of the vital record

The fact that the registrar of the civil registry office entered the information of the vital record into the Register, as well as the number of the vital record in the Register and the date of its entry, shall be reported to the civil registry office of the main departments of justice in the regions for marking the second copy of the vital record with the number of the vital record in the Register and the date of its entry. At the same time, the registrar of the civil registration department of the main departments of justice in the regions verifies the compliance of the information entered in the Register with the data of the civil status record kept in storage.

The State Register of Civil Status Acts was established on December 1, 2008, which was a significant event in the activities of the civil registry offices of Ukraine. Since the State Civil Registry is a social registry, its launch brought legal services closer to the individual. Currently, citizens of Ukraine can obtain the necessary civil registration document at their place of residence, regardless of the place of registration. This has improved the prompt and high-quality service to citizens and the availability of necessary legal assistance.

How to choose a reliable Ukrainian dating site?

what are the reliable ukrainian dating sites

In this article, we’ll analyze the signs that you should use to choose a decent dating site with girls from Ukraine.  Do you dream of meeting someone online and starting a serious relationship? Then you need to choose the safest and best option. Which dating site is better? The right choice of such a resource is an important and priority task. We will try to help you make the right choice.

Principles of choosing a dating site

Why do you need a dating site? If you are looking for a really serious relationship, then you need the best dating sites. We will not recommend any specific resources here. We will only say that it is important to analyze each specific case. Important features of a good Ukrainian dating site are:

  • profiles of real girls
  • excellent reputation
  • convenient and efficient search.

The second important rule is to be extremely careful. A person who is far from wanting to start a family or establish a serious relationship may start communicating with you. This may be a scammer who wants to gain your trust. His goal is money that he can get from you as a help (because of his “desperate” situation, for example). A good dating site should take care of security, but there are basic rules of behavior on such resources.

How to behave and what to avoid on dating sites

  1. Before registering on the dating site, have a chance to read the reviews about the service. This will allow you to develop your opinion about the platform and make a conclusion whether you should participate in it.
  2. Do not use your official (work, personal) e-mail. It is better to have another (alternative) email address and use it only for work on similar resources.
  3. Do not share your personal information in details. Especially your financial situation.
  4. Take your time to establish strong contacts and agree to dates. Get to know your new friend as well as you can.
  5. If you have any suspicions about the users of a dating site, contact the site’s support team and ask them to verify your suspicions.

These days, there are a huge number of dating sites with girls from Ukraine. In general, before you start looking for a partner online, it is important to compare different dating sites and the services they provide.

The main features of serious dating sites with girls from Ukraine

  • Free registration. Serious dating sites offer the possibility of free registration so that you can test the product and decide if it is right for you. In turn, sites that offer their services completely free of charge should be treated with caution. You may encounter scams, advertisements, and fake user profiles. 
  • Protection of personal data. Be sure to read the privacy policy, paying particular attention to the clause on data transfer to third parties. Make sure that your personal data will not be passed on. An indicator of the seriousness of the site is also the impossibility of viewing your profile by unregistered users. Linking your dating site profile to your social media accounts reduces your anonymity. It is up to you to decide whether you want all your friends to be able to easily find out that you are actively looking for someone. Your personal information, including your photo, is also protected from being found by search engines (for example, Yandex or Google).
  • Advanced partner search algorithms. Serious dating sites offer to take a personality test when registering. The results are used to analyze the psychological compatibility of potential partners. This allows the selection of candidates to take into account not only their external data, but also their character traits, which helps to avoid many disappointments in the future. A detailed test also weeds out users who are looking for frivolous dating.
  • Service quality and feedback. The quality of dating site service is directly related to the quality of user profiles. That is, a serious Ukrainian dating site should not have fake profiles, indecent or obviously false information. Pay attention to the quality of moderation on the site, whether it is possible to verify the specified data for authenticity. User profiles should not contain anything obscene, offensive, too personal, or vice versa, other people’s content (stolen pictures).
  • Dating sites should not have photos of explicit content or advertisements for sex services. The same applies to other advertising – it must be appropriate.
  • Another important advantage of serious websites is a professional support service, where you can discuss any problems and express your wishes. The support team will forward all your comments on the website to the relevant department. Your comments help to improve the quality of the service. A serious website always has an email address for quick communication, or even better, a chat where you can discuss your questions with a support staff member in real time.

Verify a Ukrainian dating site or a girl from a dating site

If you still have doubts about a particular dating site or girl from Ukraine you met, we can check them out. We’ve been professionally checking girls from Ukraine and Russia since 2010, helping men spot scammers. We offer a variety of services, an individualized approach, and 24/7 support. Contact us now to get your girl verified.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Lviv

In this article you will find out the prices for renting apartments in Lviv.

This is important information, especially because fraudsters on dating sites often use the excuse of moving to Lviv as if they were fleeing the war (fake Ukrainian refugees). The fraud scheme is quite simple: you are convinced that she needs to move to Lviv for a while. She needs money to rent an apartment for a few months. Often, this rent is fictitious, and the money simply goes into the pocket of scammers. Another option is that the apartment is indeed rented, but the cost of the rent itself is significantly overestimated. In any case, it is worth knowing the real prices for renting apartments in Lviv. Let’s go!

As you know, since the beginning of the full-scale war, Lviv has received thousands of internally displaced persons from other regions of Ukraine, so finding a place to live during this period was not an easy task. The demand for housing in the city skyrocketed, and rental prices also shot up.

Currently, the rental market has somewhat subsided, in part because many IDPs from Kyiv and Kharkiv regions have returned home from Lviv. However, the offer of housing in the city has not recovered much.

In the first week of September, the number of housing offers in Lviv decreased by 10% compared to the previous month. This is due to the beginning of the second wave of internal migration in Ukraine. While in the summer Ukrainians were looking for the cheapest housing and often chose suburban real estate, now they are prioritizing apartments in large cities with schools, jobs, hot water and heating. The decrease in the number of offer ads is also explained by the start of the new business season and the school year.

The cheapest apartment in Lviv will cost about 80 USD per month. This is a one-bedroom apartment in the residential Sykhiv district of the city. The apartment is not renovated, has central heating and a hot water heater.

rent cheapest flat in Lviv

For this price, you can find a room for rent closer to the city center and with better conditions.

Further, prices go up. There are more offers of budget options for 105-160 USD per month. You can find both one-room and two-room apartments for this price. The condition of the apartment is slightly better than in an apartment for 80 USD, but they are also located on the outskirts of the city.

The closer you are to the city center and the better the conditions, the more expensive the housing. In the center, you can find a one- or two-bedroom apartment for 185 USD.

Renting a one-room apartment in Lviv with good conditions will cost an average of 315 USD per month, and a two-room and three-room apartment will cost 370-450 USD.

one-bedroom apartment in Lviv rent

For a one-bedroom apartment with modern renovation in a new building, you will have to pay about 400 dollars. And for a two-room apartment in a business class center, you will have to pay 920 USD per month.

A three-room apartment in a premium new building will cost about 38 thousand hryvnias (1000 USD).

rent modern apartment in Lviv

However, the greatest demand in the city is for cheaper apartments, and they are sold out immediately.

I need to verify a woman from Ukraine

If, after reading this, it seems to you that it is worth checking out your girlfriend from Ukraine, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We have extensive experience in this area. The minimum we need is a photo of the girl. She will not know anything about this background check. The result is ready within 24 hrs.

How I brought a Ukrainian scammer to justice

get your money back from Ukrainian scammer

My name is Nick Kacija, and I wanted to write about my experience with a Ukrainian scammer and how I got justice in the end. I am an American citizen, and in October of 2022, I met a young woman through a dating app. We began to video chat a lot, and she claimed she was a doctor, not being paid on time, and being forced into the Russo-Ukrainian War because she works in medicine. She was very convincing, had an innocent face, and was a master liar. Verifying much of the information she told me was difficult because I don’t live in Ukraine. I had no connections there, and the US embassy was not very helpful in verifying what she told me.

She swindled over $6000 within six months to supposedly help her get out of the draft, pay her rent (said work wasn’t paying her on time due to war), help her pay for a flight to the USA, and meet minimum financial requirements to leave the border (likely a lie). I also helped her and her cousin (who I discovered was her lover later) get a visa under the U4U humanitarian war refuge program to come to the USA, but they never came.

I finally realized it was one big lie when she requested a large sum of $5000 to remove a new military conscript just days before her visa to come to the USA expired on March 14th, 2023. She became non-responsive after I told her I could not send her that large amount of money and that I started to become very suspicious that she requested this large amount just before her visa expired. The last correspondence I told her is that I now realize her story was one big manipulative lie and will expose her if she does not return the money I sent her. She still stuck to her story and said I volunteered to give her the money, but I told her that was based on misinformation which is considered fraud. I also confronted her about her cousin being her lover, which I later discovered (with some assistance) through hidden social media accounts.

So my friends and family told me to forget about the whole experience, but I was angry, and my heart was broken. She made me look like a fool. I felt it was very wrong what she was doing using the war in Ukraine to profit; she was probably using the same story with other men and needed to be stopped! So, my goal was to expose her and her lover/accomplice.

I began my plan first by searching for any existing websites that expose Ukrainian scammers and ran into I interacted with their team who was very helpful and helped me verify many inconsistencies in this woman’s story. Fortunately, he affirmed that the passport information she had given me was accurate, which was unusual for a scammer, but this made exposing her and getting justice easier in the end. posted my story and some evidence of this woman and her accomplice on his website. So if someone or other victims ran into her, they could discover more about her if they searched her name on the Internet.

In addition, I bought the domain name of this woman’s name and created a website myself that exposed her (and her accomplice) further that ran parallel with website. Fortunately, a victim from Israel reached out to me and contacted me through my website. He was actively communicating with her and was conned of $1000 already. She was using the same deceptive story, as she did with me, to this victim. We collaborated, with assistance from as well, to try and coordinate a way to locate this woman and get her arrested.

I also exposed her (and her accomplice) through social media with the help of a young Ukrainian woman living in Ukraine who felt terrible about what happened to me. This exposure proved to be very effective because many people responded with sympathy and who knew of them. It quickly affected their reputation in their city. I even found an excellent criminal lawyer through a referral by one of the posts. Someone else who knew the scammer also emailed me her exact location after reading the posts.

I now had all the resources and knowledge to get this woman finally caught! The scammer also contacted me and said she would now be willing to return the money she stole from me. She had no choice because she knew she was close to being arrested and needed to mend her reputation. The criminal lawyer also said it is better to try and negotiate with her and retrieve the funds because the case could be complicated in their country, he said the courts like for both parties to be present, and we lived in different countries. He also said I would be fortunate even to get the money back because most victims do not, in these cases.

Ultimately, I made a deal with the scammer to return my funds and the other victim. I told her that if she did, I would not continue the process of arresting her and would remove all of the information about her on the Internet and social media. It took her a few days, but in the end, she came through, I received my money back, and she apologized for her actions. I hope she has learned from her mistakes and becomes a better person in the future. I believe in the human spirit and that no one is born evil, and there are reasons why people stray along the wrong path in life sometimes. She was also relatively young, under 25 years of age.

The lesson I learned here is that one must be very careful in international romance affairs. It is hard to verify many facts, and this woman also took advantage of the war situation there. It affected me emotionally because people are suffering and dying in this Russo-Ukrainian War. I thought by helping this woman and her accomplice financially and leaving to come to the USA; I would be helping the cause. Love also makes you blind sometimes, and you must be cautious in this world of many manipulators of financial gain. I wish I had found earlier when I met her. This way, I could verify what this woman was saying. Good luck to all of you searching for real love and happiness!

Mistakes are the portals of discovery ~ James Joyce

TOP 5 UA Dating scams

TOP 5 UA Dating scams

Here are five of the most popular love scams involving girls from Ukraine that we face in 2023.

Fake profiles and Catfishing

Fraud scheme – scammers may create fake profiles on dating websites or social media platforms, often using photos of attractive people from Ukraine or other countries to lure in unsuspecting victims. They may use fake names, locations, and personal information to make the profile appear legitimate.

In some cases, scammers may pretend to be someone they are not, using fake photos and personal information to create an entirely false identity. They may use this false identity to build trust with their victims and then exploit that trust for financial gain.

Solution – check photos online. Google image search or similar tools. Consider that scammers become smarter and use the images you cannot find with google. For example, images from Instagram that are not indexed by search engines. In this case, we suggest using our photo identification services. Our advanced tools and search algorithms allow us to identify a person from images even from Instagram and Russian social networks Vkontakte and

Requests for money

How the fraud scheme works Scammers from Ukraine may ask for money or gifts from their victims, often claiming that they need the money for travel expenses, medical bills, or other emergencies. They may also use more elaborate stories to gain sympathy and manipulate their victims into giving them money.

How to fix – The best thing you can do is never, under any circumstances, pay for girls online. Don’t even give her the opportunity to think that you will send her money before you make sure that she is the right person. Remember that you can impersonate anyone on the Internet. And you can create any document in Photoshop to prove it. If the victim does not have the necessary knowledge and information, he or she will not be able to understand what is true and what is deception.

If you did pay for it at least once, either be prepared to do it again and again or immediately break off this contact. There are many girls, and you are one. Remember that!


How the fraud scheme works Some scammers may use intimate photos or videos to blackmail their victims, threatening to release the content unless they receive money or other forms of compensation.

How can this situation be resolved? Of course, it is best to avoid such situations. But if it has already happened, first make sure that the criminals actually have compromising information. We do not recommend paying the ransom or fulfilling other demands of fraudsters. You risk paying them forever (they will not let you go).

As strange as it may sound, cutting off any dialog with the extortionists right away is not the worst decision. You will firmly show that you are not vulnerable to this situation, and the criminals will think twice about committing a crime or maybe looking for another victim.

Seek expert advice. Fraudsters can manipulate facts, invent non-existent laws, or distort them. A person under stress can do something stupid. Stay calm as much as possible.

In most cases, it is a bluff. Blackmail and extortion is a serious crime, and criminals know it. Therefore, they are not going to post your intimate photos on the Internet from the very beginning. They just want to make some easy money.

UA Romance scams

What is it about These types of scams involve building a romantic relationship with a victim over a period of time, often through messaging or email. The scammer may claim to be in love with the victim and use this emotional connection to manipulate them into sending money or other forms of financial assistance.

Solution? Our general advice is this: always check the girls from Ukraine you meet online. If you can’t do it yourself, please contact us. Ukrainian-Passport have been screening women from Ukraine and Russia since 2010. We have the necessary experience and knowledge. Our experts can find everything you need: name, date of birth, address, phone number, job, status, and much more.

Before you commit to a relationship with another person, you should find out everything you can about him/her. We are at your service.

You may ask: where is scheme # 5? In fact, we did not plan to describe five schemes. It’s just because search engines love the query “Top 5”.

Is it worth buying expensive gifts on dating sites?

Is it worth buying expensive gifts on dating sites?

Online dating has become increasingly popular over the years, and with that comes the rise of virtual gift-giving. Sending virtual gifts is a common way for online daters to show interest and affection towards their matches. However, the question remains – is it worth buying expensive gifts on dating sites? In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of spending a lot of money on virtual gifts, as well as alternative ways to show interest and affection online.

The Appeal of Expensive Gifts

It’s easy to see why some people are drawn to buying expensive virtual gifts for their online matches. It’s a way to stand out from other potential matches and to show that you’re serious about the relationship. It can also be a way to impress your match and to show them that you’re financially stable and successful.

The Risks of Expensive Gifts

While buying expensive gifts can have its advantages, there are also risks involved. For one, it can come across as insincere or superficial, especially if you don’t know the person well. It can also attract the wrong kind of attention, such as people who are only interested in your money. Lastly, it can set unrealistic expectations for the relationship, which can ultimately lead to disappointment and hurt feelings.

Gifts on dating sites are completely overpriced

If you are going to make a gift for your girlfriend in Ukraine through a dating site, you should know that these gifts are overpriced. For instance, one well-known dating site offers its clients to order a food basket for their beloved in Ukraine. At first glance, it seems like a great idea. It looks like this set includes bread, sausages, eggs, vegetables, milk, etc. But it costs $459! The real price of such a grocery set in Ukraine is $50. We know this for sure because we live in Ukraine ourselves.

you can order this food basket on the dating site for your girlfriend in Ukraine for only 459 USD

One American man ordered about 20 such food baskets for his girlfriend from Ukraine on a dating site. He was convinced that she would donate the food to the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Later, we explained to him that the money he spent could buy a truckload of food (!)

Why spend a lot of money on gifts on dating sites if you can simply get her phone number?

It’s no secret that dating sites are designed to make money from customers. In the case of foreigners meeting girls from Ukraine, dating sites make money literally at every turn. Sometimes the registration itself is paid for, and the client has to buy credits to be able to send letters, view private photos, have phone conversations or video chats.

We offer you to get out of this hellish circle once and for all. We’ll find this woman for you! You will get her name, phone number and other information. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying credits on a dating site anymore. There is no need to use a dating site as an intermediary between you and your beloved woman.

Isn’t that great? You pay once and get the full package.

The service worth 250 USD. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. The result is ready within 24 hrs once the payment is confirmed.

Ready to place an order? Contact us today.

Some features of the Ukrainian language

ukrainian language

Of all the Slavic languages, Ukrainian is the second most commonly spoken. Usually it’s classified as an Eastern Slavic language, together with Belarusian and Russian, but because of Ukraine’s central location among the Slavic nations, the Ukrainian language is also historically connected to the West Slavic and the South Slavic languages.

Brief history of the Ukrainian language

Ukrainian has been a distinct recognizable language since the middle of the eleventh century. Then the Slavic languages began to diverge; Russian, for example, assimilated many words of Scandinavian and Tatar origin. While Ukrainian remained true to its Old Slavic roots, it was not able to develop freely over the centuries because of political conditions. Ukrainian was at best a subordinate language under occupying powers, at worst it was forbidden in print. These conditions discouraged a unified standard language and encouraged the growth of regional dialects and the assimilation of Russian words in the east and Polish words in the west. Nevertheless, there exists in Ukraine today a standard Ukrainian language that is taught in school and used in literature and understood by all Ukrainian speakers.

The Ukrainian language is written by an adaptation of Cyrillic, an old Slavonic alphabet named after St. Cyril, the ninth-century Christian missionary to the Slavs. In the 860’s Cyril and his brother St. Methodius translated the Holy Scriptures into the language later known as Old Church Slavonic. In order to do this, they devised an alphabet based on Greek characters with adaptations from Hebrew. Various versions of that alphabet are used today by Russians, Belarusians, Bulgarians, Serbs, and Macedonians, as well as by Ukrainians.

A few letters of the Ukrainian alphabet correspond to certain English letters, both in appearance and in the sounds they represent, although the Ukrainian vowels have only a single sound and don’t cover the range of the corresponding English vowels; examples are K, M, T, A, E, and O. Many Ukrainian letters have equivalent sounds in English but look quite different: Б is B, Г is H, П is P, Ц is TS, and Ч is CH, to name a few. Perhaps most confusing for those unfamiliar with the Cyrillic alphabet are the letters that look like Roman letters but in Cyrillic represent quite different sounds. Thus, B is V, C is S, P is R, and H is N.

The Ukrainian alphabet has 32 letters

The Ukrainian alphabet has 32 letters with sound values. Special note should be made of the difference between the Г (H) and Ґ (G). Since independence, linguists in Ukraine reintroduced the letter Ґ, which the Soviet government had dropped in order to make the Ukrainian language conform more closely to Russian. There are a relatively small number of Ukrainian words that contain the Ґ and they’re primarily of foreign origin such as Ґетто, ghetto. During the period in which the Ґ was banned, the letter Г (H), did double duty as replacement for G. As Ukrainians know which words are pronounced with a soft “H” sound and which take the hard “G” sound, some feel that the reintroduction of the infrequently-used character Ґ originated from political overreaction, the linguistic equivalent of changing the names of streets that had perfectly innocuous names.

Our Anti-Scam guide service helps to establish cross-border relations in Ukraine.

Perhaps in due time the linguists will decide that the Ukrainian language can get along perfectly well without the Ґ character, and it will die a natural death. For the meantime, we are listing it in the alphabet. While it doesn’t occur frequently, and is rarely found in printed materials in Ukraine, it’s especially useful to a non-native-Ukrainian speaker who can’t distinguish the H from the G sound in Ukrainian words.

Mastering the alphabet may be the most difficult part of learning to read Ukrainian because the pronunciation is simple and clear-cut. The Ukrainian alphabet is absolutely phonetic: each letter has a single pronunciation in every usage. A stress put on a vowel does not change its pronunciation. We need mention only a few other points about the Ukrainian language: There is no pattern to accentuation; stress may fall on any syllable in a given word. However, Ukrainian tends to have only one stress per word. Ukrainian sentence construction is more flexible than English. The Ukrainian language is highly inflectional; endings of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives change according to gender and according to case.

Old Ukrainian passport

old passport ukraine

Official passport Ukraine

Official Ukrainian passports in the form of a paper blue book appeared in 1994. How to understand all the nuances?

In 2015, Ukraine, moving towards a visa-free regime with the EU, began to reduce the production of passports in the form of booklets. Instead, Ukraine switched to issuing biometric passports in the form of a plastic card with a special chip inside.

From April 1, 2018, the subdivisions of the State Migration Service stopped applications for old Ukrainian passports (blue books). Moreover, the equipment for their production was stopped and written off from the state balance of Ukraine.

Not all citizens were able to enthusiastically accept such changes. Several representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church applied to the court for issuance of old-style passports. In September 2018, the claims of dissenting citizens were fully satisfied. At that time, it was decided that the refusal to issue a passport in the form of a booklet is a violation of constitutional human rights (namely, a citizen is deprived of the right to choose). Since that moment, the issuance of old-style Ukrainian passports has been resumed. Of course, there was no talk of launching a new production: this process was unprofitable from a financial point of view. Citizens were issued paper passports, which remained on the balance of state reserves. 

We should already about issuing old Ukrainian passports. We have more than 17 thousand cases of forgery of old passports. Also, according to the information of the Security Service of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies, the last batch of booklet passports was issued in 2013-2014. After that, they were not produced. But according to law enforcement agencies, Ukrainian passports in the form of a blue book were massively forged in the occupied territory of Ukraine. How can you tell if a Ukrainian passport is real?

What will happen to old Ukrainian passports?

Passports of the old sample are official documents and have full legal force. To date, only the issuance of old passports has been canceled. That is, as soon as a citizen of Ukraine reaches the age of 25 or 45, he gets an ID card. Citizens of 14 years of age immediately receive a passport issued in the form of a plastic card.

In case of loss (loss, theft) of an old Ukrainian passport, it is no longer possible to get a similar one. In this situation, the lost passport in the form of a booklet will be replaced with an ID card.

What is the validity of old sample Ukrainian passport?

For persons aged 14 to 18 years, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of a card is issued with a validity period of up to 4 years. For persons over 18 years old, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of a card is issued with a validity period of up to 10 years.

Do I need to change my old Ukrainian passport to a new one?

It is possible to replace an old Ukrainian passport with an ID card at any convenient time. Moreover, the legislator has not established a limit on the validity of a passport in the form of a booklet (sample of 1994); accordingly, the mandatory replacement of a passport with an ID card has not been established.

How do mobile phones and the Internet work in Donetsk and Luhansk

Ukrainian girls on dating sites often manipulate saying their phone reception or Internet is bad. Especially in Donetsk and Luhansk. Here’s detailed information about the real situation with connection in the territories not controlled by Ukraine.

mobile connection in Luhansk and Donetsk

First, the issue of how mobile communication works in ORDLO (Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine). Militants seized the Kyivstar (number one Ukrainian telecom operator) office in Donetsk back in 2015. The base stations were turned off, and the equipment was simply “pressed” and their mobile operators were launched on its base: “Phoenix” in Donetsk and “Lugakom” in Luhansk. Lifecell equipment was also taken away a year later. And for all the time of the war in Donbas, they somehow function on stolen and outdated equipment. And the quality of communication of the same “Phoenix” constantly reminds of this.         

These mobile operators “do not call” to any country in the world, except for Russia. And on the free part of the Donetsk region – too.

Mobile connection in Donetsk

The only telecom operator you can find on the territory controlled by the DNR group is Phoenix. Its services are actively imposed in all budgetary institutions. Its “popularity”, which the separatists like to mention, is associated with the forced purchase of cellular tariff packages.

The mobile operator, controlled by the DPR terrorists, works intermittently, sometimes and the network disappears altogether, and the quality of communication is lame. A possible cause of problems is the installation of new equipment for the 4G network.

“The quality depends on what part of the city you live in. It’s fine in the city center and badly on the outskirts”. “Sometimes the connection is bad, but I think it depends on where you are” – this is what locals say about the reception in Donetsk.

In reality, the local population is not enthusiastic about the services of “Phoenix”, since it doesn’t allow you to call any of the operators in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

In addition, there is a high risk of recording of conversations by the MGB (analog of the Soviet Ministry of State Security). When Phoenix was launched, many Donetsk residents openly said that it was a project of local special services. To buy a SIM card, you must present the original passport and identification code.

Residents of ORDLO call to the territory controlled by Kyiv exclusively through Vodafone, and the city network is separated from the Ukrainian one.

Prices for cellular communication in Donetsk and Luhansk

· Phoenix’ package called “Narodnyi” (People’s) costs less than a dollar (1 USD);

· People’s Internet package from Phoenix worth 1,2 USD per month.

What you get for this money? 120 free minutes per month to landline numbers in the part of the Donetsk region not controlled by Kyiv; unlimited free calls and 300 free SMS within the network and to Lugakom numbers (this means calling Luhansk); calls to landline numbers to the part of the Luhansk region not controlled by Kyiv –0.006 USD per minute. 1 GB of mobile Internet is available (you can additionally connect up to 50 GB). Calls to Russia cost from 0.04 USD per minute.

However, when connecting to a separatist provider, users will not be able to access a number of Ukrainian sites, having found the inscription “access is prohibited by the “order” of the “Ministry of Information” of the “DPR”.

Mobile connection in Luhansk

The Lugacom operator, controlled by the LPR terrorists, also has a People’s tariff. It costs 0.6 USD per month. The subscriber has 3000 free minutes and 300 SMS within the network. Calling a landline number in the part of the Luhansk region not controlled by Kyiv costs 0.02 USD per minute. International (i.e. to Russia) calls cost 0.08 USD per minute. LPR sells mobile Internet too, it is worth 0.006 USD per megabyte.

Lugacom costs half as much, but the LPR group provides less favorable conditions for subscribers. 

How do people make calls?

The Oplot TV channel, controlled by Russian hybrid forces, once asked Donetsk residents if the quality of communication would improve after the price increase.

 «It will probably improve. Although it still works well. Here, I have phones and in my family – we do not complain, it works well», – responds an elder lady.

 “I think it will probably get better. The call quality is bad, to be honest. In many places far from the city, it doesn’t work,” a young Phoenix user shares his experience.

 “It would be nice if they would improve communication after the price increase. My friends and I have had problems more than once when it was simply impossible to get through,” another one answers.

“I won’t switch to the Phoenix Internet” You are very weak … If you want to earn, the Internet should fly, ”says the user of the social network.

In another post, a user compares the conditions in Donetsk and in Russia: “So there is really no connection. I just bought an MTS package in Rostov unlimited internet tariff, 600 minutes and 600 SMS per month for 300 rubles, so that’s what I call speeeeeeeeed.”

Phoenix works well: both communication and the Internet are available throughout the city, and the package will last for a long time. It is also convenient to call Russia: the connection is good and cheap, 0.08 USD/minute. «But in areas where there is no Vodafone, but only Phoenix (near military bases, sea coast), the problem is to register for Viber or WhatsApp. If you re-register the Vodafone number to a new Phoenix number, the technical support service changes it without problems. If you register a Phoenix number from scratch, technical support blocks, you receive messages from your contacts in Viber and WhatsApp, but you cannot answer. Technical support writes about suspicious activities from your number.

The only Ukrainian mobile operator that still works in the occupation, albeit with constant failures, is Vodafone. The network works in those places where there is still working equipment, but they cannot guarantee uninterrupted communication, since they do not have physical access to this equipment in the occupation.

Cable Internet in Donetsk, according to a resident of the city, is generally stable, but recently there have been occasional disconnections, which was not observed before.

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