Blackmail on the Internet

blackmail internet simple rules

Blackmail on the Internet is not just a problem, but something really serious. Hundreds and thousands of people fall into such stories. Participate both men and woman. Blackmailers collect compromising information, create special websites or fake accounts in social networks and fake groups on the Internet. They damage the reputation, bring people to psychosis and suicide… All this is part of our lives.


Fake Russian passport and Photoshop

example of photoshoped russian passport
Photoshop makes a miracle: same number, different people

Photoshop is the most popular graphic editor in the world. This program is 30 years old. With its help you can create and edit images, draw a banner, increase contrast or someone’s boobs…  With the help of Photoshop, you can also forge/fake a Russian passport. This is a popular fraudulent scheme, when the graphic editor forges a Russian passport to confirm that the person is legitimate/ exists.


Popular scam schemes on Ukrainian dating sites in 2020

most common types of fraud ukrainian dating sites 2020

Our company helps people to avoid love frauds (romance scams) on Ukrainian dating sites for 10 years. Every year, fraudsters come up with new ways to cheat people. Instead, many men continue to believe in the fairy tale with Ukrainian woman and lose their time and money. In this article, we share our experience. Here’s the most popular ways (schemes) of cheating on Ukrainian dating sites that we met in the first months of 2020.


Passport is not required to buy a SIM card in Ukraine

You don't need a passport to register a new SIM card in Ukraine

The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine announced that it is not yet timely to introduce the sale of SIM cards passports linked to a passport.

“This is additional regulation. If we make the regulation that you buy a SIM card only with Ukrainian passport, it is an additional burden for both citizens and business,” he said.