How much does it cost to issue a Russian passport

cost russian passport

Let’s imagine you met a girl from Russia on a dating site and she asks money for a Russian passport to meet you. In this article we’ll explain how much does it cost to issue a Russian passport. True cost of Russian passport.

Having of a passport for Russians is something must have. People leave Russia on business, in search of to study, on scientific trips, they travel etc.


Criminal liability for forgery of a Ukrainian passport

What is the penaly for possession of fake Ukrainian passport under a fake name

On December 3, 2020, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted in the first reading the draft law on liability for theft, misappropriation, sale, forgery of identity documents confirming Ukrainian citizenship or special status of a person, as well as certificates of state registration of civil status and / or use of knowingly forged such documents.


Benefits of a Wingman in Ukraine

There are ton of benefits to having a wingman by your side when you’re single and looking for a future wife in Ukraine. After all, dating can be hard and rejection can hurt. But if you have someone giving you advice and supporting you on the sidelines like a wingman it can help calm the nerves.