Some features of the Ukrainian language

ukrainian language

Of all the Slavic languages, Ukrainian is the second most commonly spoken. Usually it’s classified as an Eastern Slavic language, together with Belarusian and Russian, but because of Ukraine’s central location among the Slavic nations, the Ukrainian language is also historically connected to the West Slavic and the South Slavic languages.

Brief history of the Ukrainian language

Ukrainian has been a distinct recognizable language since the middle of the eleventh century. Then the Slavic languages began to diverge; Russian, for example, assimilated many words of Scandinavian and Tatar origin. While Ukrainian remained true to its Old Slavic roots, it was not able to develop freely over the centuries because of political conditions. Ukrainian was at best a subordinate language under occupying powers, at worst it was forbidden in print. These conditions discouraged a unified standard language and encouraged the growth of regional dialects and the assimilation of Russian words in the east and Polish words in the west. Nevertheless, there exists in Ukraine today a standard Ukrainian language that is taught in school and used in literature and understood by all Ukrainian speakers.

The Ukrainian language is written by an adaptation of Cyrillic, an old Slavonic alphabet named after St. Cyril, the ninth-century Christian missionary to the Slavs. In the 860’s Cyril and his brother St. Methodius translated the Holy Scriptures into the language later known as Old Church Slavonic. In order to do this, they devised an alphabet based on Greek characters with adaptations from Hebrew. Various versions of that alphabet are used today by Russians, Belarusians, Bulgarians, Serbs, and Macedonians, as well as by Ukrainians.

A few letters of the Ukrainian alphabet correspond to certain English letters, both in appearance and in the sounds they represent, although the Ukrainian vowels have only a single sound and don’t cover the range of the corresponding English vowels; examples are K, M, T, A, E, and O. Many Ukrainian letters have equivalent sounds in English but look quite different: Б is B, Г is H, П is P, Ц is TS, and Ч is CH, to name a few. Perhaps most confusing for those unfamiliar with the Cyrillic alphabet are the letters that look like Roman letters but in Cyrillic represent quite different sounds. Thus, B is V, C is S, P is R, and H is N.

The Ukrainian alphabet has 32 letters

The Ukrainian alphabet has 32 letters with sound values. Special note should be made of the difference between the Г (H) and Ґ (G). Since independence, linguists in Ukraine reintroduced the letter Ґ, which the Soviet government had dropped in order to make the Ukrainian language conform more closely to Russian. There are a relatively small number of Ukrainian words that contain the Ґ and they’re primarily of foreign origin such as Ґетто, ghetto. During the period in which the Ґ was banned, the letter Г (H), did double duty as replacement for G. As Ukrainians know which words are pronounced with a soft “H” sound and which take the hard “G” sound, some feel that the reintroduction of the infrequently-used character Ґ originated from political overreaction, the linguistic equivalent of changing the names of streets that had perfectly innocuous names.

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Perhaps in due time the linguists will decide that the Ukrainian language can get along perfectly well without the Ґ character, and it will die a natural death. For the meantime, we are listing it in the alphabet. While it doesn’t occur frequently, and is rarely found in printed materials in Ukraine, it’s especially useful to a non-native-Ukrainian speaker who can’t distinguish the H from the G sound in Ukrainian words.

Mastering the alphabet may be the most difficult part of learning to read Ukrainian because the pronunciation is simple and clear-cut. The Ukrainian alphabet is absolutely phonetic: each letter has a single pronunciation in every usage. A stress put on a vowel does not change its pronunciation. We need mention only a few other points about the Ukrainian language: There is no pattern to accentuation; stress may fall on any syllable in a given word. However, Ukrainian tends to have only one stress per word. Ukrainian sentence construction is more flexible than English. The Ukrainian language is highly inflectional; endings of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives change according to gender and according to case.

Old Ukrainian passport

old passport ukraine

Official passport Ukraine

Official Ukrainian passports in the form of a paper blue book appeared in 1994. How to understand all the nuances?

In 2015, Ukraine, moving towards a visa-free regime with the EU, began to reduce the production of passports in the form of booklets. Instead, Ukraine switched to issuing biometric passports in the form of a plastic card with a special chip inside.

From April 1, 2018, the subdivisions of the State Migration Service stopped applications for old Ukrainian passports (blue books). Moreover, the equipment for their production was stopped and written off from the state balance of Ukraine.

Not all citizens were able to enthusiastically accept such changes. Several representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church applied to the court for issuance of old-style passports. In September 2018, the claims of dissenting citizens were fully satisfied. At that time, it was decided that the refusal to issue a passport in the form of a booklet is a violation of constitutional human rights (namely, a citizen is deprived of the right to choose). Since that moment, the issuance of old-style Ukrainian passports has been resumed. Of course, there was no talk of launching a new production: this process was unprofitable from a financial point of view. Citizens were issued paper passports, which remained on the balance of state reserves. 

We should already about issuing old Ukrainian passports. We have more than 17 thousand cases of forgery of old passports. Also, according to the information of the Security Service of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies, the last batch of booklet passports was issued in 2013-2014. After that, they were not produced. But according to law enforcement agencies, Ukrainian passports in the form of a blue book were massively forged in the occupied territory of Ukraine. How can you tell if a Ukrainian passport is real?

What will happen to old Ukrainian passports?

Passports of the old sample are official documents and have full legal force. To date, only the issuance of old passports has been canceled. That is, as soon as a citizen of Ukraine reaches the age of 25 or 45, he gets an ID card. Citizens of 14 years of age immediately receive a passport issued in the form of a plastic card.

In case of loss (loss, theft) of an old Ukrainian passport, it is no longer possible to get a similar one. In this situation, the lost passport in the form of a booklet will be replaced with an ID card.

What is the validity of old sample Ukrainian passport?

For persons aged 14 to 18 years, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of a card is issued with a validity period of up to 4 years. For persons over 18 years old, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of a card is issued with a validity period of up to 10 years.

Do I need to change my old Ukrainian passport to a new one?

It is possible to replace an old Ukrainian passport with an ID card at any convenient time. Moreover, the legislator has not established a limit on the validity of a passport in the form of a booklet (sample of 1994); accordingly, the mandatory replacement of a passport with an ID card has not been established.

How do mobile phones and the Internet work in Donetsk and Luhansk

Ukrainian girls on dating sites often manipulate saying their phone reception or Internet is bad. Especially in Donetsk and Luhansk. Here’s detailed information about the real situation with connection in the territories not controlled by Ukraine.

mobile connection in Luhansk and Donetsk

First, the issue of how mobile communication works in ORDLO (Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine). Militants seized the Kyivstar (number one Ukrainian telecom operator) office in Donetsk back in 2015. The base stations were turned off, and the equipment was simply “pressed” and their mobile operators were launched on its base: “Phoenix” in Donetsk and “Lugakom” in Luhansk. Lifecell equipment was also taken away a year later. And for all the time of the war in Donbas, they somehow function on stolen and outdated equipment. And the quality of communication of the same “Phoenix” constantly reminds of this.         

These mobile operators “do not call” to any country in the world, except for Russia. And on the free part of the Donetsk region – too.

Mobile connection in Donetsk

The only telecom operator you can find on the territory controlled by the DNR group is Phoenix. Its services are actively imposed in all budgetary institutions. Its “popularity”, which the separatists like to mention, is associated with the forced purchase of cellular tariff packages.

The mobile operator, controlled by the DPR terrorists, works intermittently, sometimes and the network disappears altogether, and the quality of communication is lame. A possible cause of problems is the installation of new equipment for the 4G network.

“The quality depends on what part of the city you live in. It’s fine in the city center and badly on the outskirts”. “Sometimes the connection is bad, but I think it depends on where you are” – this is what locals say about the reception in Donetsk.

In reality, the local population is not enthusiastic about the services of “Phoenix”, since it doesn’t allow you to call any of the operators in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

In addition, there is a high risk of recording of conversations by the MGB (analog of the Soviet Ministry of State Security). When Phoenix was launched, many Donetsk residents openly said that it was a project of local special services. To buy a SIM card, you must present the original passport and identification code.

Residents of ORDLO call to the territory controlled by Kyiv exclusively through Vodafone, and the city network is separated from the Ukrainian one.

Prices for cellular communication in Donetsk and Luhansk

· Phoenix’ package called “Narodnyi” (People’s) costs less than a dollar (1 USD);

· People’s Internet package from Phoenix worth 1,2 USD per month.

What you get for this money? 120 free minutes per month to landline numbers in the part of the Donetsk region not controlled by Kyiv; unlimited free calls and 300 free SMS within the network and to Lugakom numbers (this means calling Luhansk); calls to landline numbers to the part of the Luhansk region not controlled by Kyiv –0.006 USD per minute. 1 GB of mobile Internet is available (you can additionally connect up to 50 GB). Calls to Russia cost from 0.04 USD per minute.

However, when connecting to a separatist provider, users will not be able to access a number of Ukrainian sites, having found the inscription “access is prohibited by the “order” of the “Ministry of Information” of the “DPR”.

Mobile connection in Luhansk

The Lugacom operator, controlled by the LPR terrorists, also has a People’s tariff. It costs 0.6 USD per month. The subscriber has 3000 free minutes and 300 SMS within the network. Calling a landline number in the part of the Luhansk region not controlled by Kyiv costs 0.02 USD per minute. International (i.e. to Russia) calls cost 0.08 USD per minute. LPR sells mobile Internet too, it is worth 0.006 USD per megabyte.

Lugacom costs half as much, but the LPR group provides less favorable conditions for subscribers. 

How do people make calls?

The Oplot TV channel, controlled by Russian hybrid forces, once asked Donetsk residents if the quality of communication would improve after the price increase.

 «It will probably improve. Although it still works well. Here, I have phones and in my family – we do not complain, it works well», – responds an elder lady.

 “I think it will probably get better. The call quality is bad, to be honest. In many places far from the city, it doesn’t work,” a young Phoenix user shares his experience.

 “It would be nice if they would improve communication after the price increase. My friends and I have had problems more than once when it was simply impossible to get through,” another one answers.

“I won’t switch to the Phoenix Internet” You are very weak … If you want to earn, the Internet should fly, ”says the user of the social network.

In another post, a user compares the conditions in Donetsk and in Russia: “So there is really no connection. I just bought an MTS package in Rostov unlimited internet tariff, 600 minutes and 600 SMS per month for 300 rubles, so that’s what I call speeeeeeeeed.”

Phoenix works well: both communication and the Internet are available throughout the city, and the package will last for a long time. It is also convenient to call Russia: the connection is good and cheap, 0.08 USD/minute. «But in areas where there is no Vodafone, but only Phoenix (near military bases, sea coast), the problem is to register for Viber or WhatsApp. If you re-register the Vodafone number to a new Phoenix number, the technical support service changes it without problems. If you register a Phoenix number from scratch, technical support blocks, you receive messages from your contacts in Viber and WhatsApp, but you cannot answer. Technical support writes about suspicious activities from your number.

The only Ukrainian mobile operator that still works in the occupation, albeit with constant failures, is Vodafone. The network works in those places where there is still working equipment, but they cannot guarantee uninterrupted communication, since they do not have physical access to this equipment in the occupation.

Cable Internet in Donetsk, according to a resident of the city, is generally stable, but recently there have been occasional disconnections, which was not observed before.

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+38072 which mobile operator in Ukraine?

Which mobile operators work in Ukraine?

The so-called big three mobile operators operate in Ukraine. These are Kyivstar, Vodafone and Lifecell. Each of the operators covers about 90% of the territory of Ukraine, and together they have more than 95% coverage of the country. In general, these companies offer quality services at affordable prices.

Table of codes of mobile operators of Ukraine

#Name of operatorCodes of Ukrainian mobile operators
1Kyivstar38067, 38096, 38097, 38098
2Vodafone38050, 38066, 38095, 38099
3Lifecell38063, 38073, 38093

+38072 – Phone code, whose code is that?

In 2015, the mobile communications of the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine split from the big land. Armed people seized the cell towers and launched their operators – “Phoenix” and “Lugacom”. Their special feature is that these operators do not “call” any country in the world except Russia. And for the free part of the Donetsk region too.

Residents of ORDLO call to the territory controlled by Kyiv exclusively through Vodafone, and the city network is separated from the Ukrainian one.

Code: +38072

Country: Ukraine

Region: Lugansk

Mobile operator: Lugacom

Type of phone system: Mobile communication

The code of the mobile operator of the unrecognized republics on the territory of Ukraine (Lugansk region) is Lugacom. Mobile network code 072.

Lugacom is a GSM operator of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Services – mobile and fixed telephone communication, data transmission channels, Internet. The company provides the most affordable prices in the territory of the LPR.

Why you should avoid +38072 phone numbers

Donetsk and Lugansk regions are the territory of Ukraine. Since 2014, part of these regions has been occupied by Russian terrorists. The Ukrainian government does not control these territories, and therefore Ukrainian laws do not apply there. We can state that the laws do not apply at all in the temporarily occupied areas of the Donetsk Lugansk region.

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Cam girls from Ukraine

Our communication is becoming remote. Webcam models undress on camera and embody their fantasies for money. Many men spend their free time watching online videos of Ukrainian webcam models. Websites like Chaturbate, CamSoda,, Stripchat are quite popular. It’s about selling sex online.

In Ukraine, webcam modeling is formally illegal. Ukrainian cam girls work in underground studios. For some models it is a way of additional income, for others it is the main job, for others it is something else.

In addition to girls, boys also act as models. They’re not necessarily gays, just guys willing to do (almost) anything for money.

Basically, all these people live a double life. Most of them are either students or have a main job. Some have families and even children. Most of them are either students or have a main job. Some have families and even children. There are also cam models from Ukraine who work in couples.

Find Ukrainian cam girl

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Anatomy of a scam: four basic psychological tricks of scammers

What’s the secret? How does it happen that people transfer their money to scammers? It’s all about certain psychological tricks that scammers use against us. Let’s figure out how to deal with it.

When we talk about manipulation in the context of fraud, the term “social engineering” always pops up. There are hundreds of different manipulation techniques and methods of influence. In this article, we will analyze 4 basic manipulations that can work well for a fairly large percentage of people. This is possible due to the fact that they are based on mechanisms that are inherent in most of us. Often, the 4 manipulations below work together, making up a certain algorithm.

For clarity, we will consider everything in the context of a classic bank fake call.

1. Trigger an emotion

The vast majority of strong manipulations are focused on evoking some kind of emotion in a person (depending on the context). This is their main goal.

A person who is in a state of emotional upsurge or downturn is most susceptible to influence.

When it comes to various fraudulent schemes, the main emphasis is on the so-called “reptilian emotions”. These are the emotions that are responsible for our basic reactions to various external stimuli. Basically, it is fear (the “run” response) or anger (the “fight” response). There is also a basic “stop” reaction, but this is not so important in this article. For the most part, criminals exploit fear, for obvious reasons.

What do we hear on the phone from the alleged “security service” of the bank?

– You have some strange transactions going on in your account, have you performed them?
– No
– Most likely, some attackers are doing this, your money can be stolen.

Fear of loss to which is added paranoia: “What if the attackers could get access to some more of my information? I also have cards in other banks … and the password is the same everywhere …” And so on down the list, a very long list.

This is the first hook, after which the fraudster moves on to the second phase: to consolidate the effect and disable critical thinking in the victim.

2. Don’t think, just do!

So we’ve got the emotion and the paranoia worm is ready. Next, you need to turn off the main defense against any manipulation – critical thinking.

The main shield against any influence is the ability to abstract oneself from one’s emotions for a while and start asking questions (turning on the critical perception of information).

Until the victim is trying to recover, the scammer activates the acceleration immediately. The main task of this step is to completely turn off critical perception and force the person to follow the instructions so that he does not have time to think and evaluate what’s going on.

– Do you understand that attackers can withdraw all your money at the moment? You need to urgently take a number of steps, I’m transferring you to our specialist, who will explain everything to you …
– We will now send you an SMS with a code that you need to tell us in order to block the operation before it’s too late. We need to do this as quickly as possible while we still have time! And so on.

In fact, these are two main steps in the algorithm. The next two tricks are necessary to consolidate the result.

3. Principle of authority

This is one of the most important mechanisms of influence, which has a huge number of variations. In the scheme we are talking about, scammers use the principle of authority in order to give their words significance and make them more believable. This is necessary to build trust.

How is this achieved? Let’s look at a few examples.

Use of specific terminology in the context of a particular schema. If we’re talking about a bank fraud, it’ll be “Client Relations Department”, “finance department”, “bank’s security service” and so on.

  • Flaunting with titles. For example, when not an ordinary bank employee speaks to you, but the “head of department” himself. It always causes more confidence.
  • Such phrases as: “Do as I say and we will solve your problem. We have all the necessary tools to secure your money ”. Especially when something like this is said in a confident voice. This aspect is paid much attention, first of all, by telephone scammers.
  • In the case of bank fraud, in the background you will almost always hear the sounds of an allegedly real working office: phone calls, voices, noise, and so on. Usually, whole underground call centers work, and they also bother with such details, again, to create trust.
  • One of the relatively modern ways to increase trust is changing phone number. There are special services that can change your number to almost any number.

The message is clear. The variation of techniques varies depending on the experience of a particular fraudster.

4. Imaginary empathy

 During the crime, a scammer will always try to empathize with you.  Trite, in the case of “banking schemes”, the emphasis will be on your security. The scammer at every good opportunity will remind you that everything is done only for your safety, since it is their job to help their clients. Some may even play the legend that all your actions can help catch the scammers.

– Help us, and perhaps thanks to your actions, we will be able to improve our security system and save our other customers from similar situations in the future.

The main essence of this technique is confidence-building, which was started at the beginning of the conversation.

Let’s sum up. The scheme described is one of the most popular in terms of manipulative influence. Naturally, this doesn’t work for everyone. Much depends on the fraudster himself, as well as on the level of critical thinking of the victim.

The basic algorithm would look like this:

  1. To evoke emotion in a person in order to turn off the critical perception of information. Most often, it will be fear.
  2. Constantly urge a person to not give him the opportunity to think. Again, so that critical thinking does not turn on.
  3. If the fraudster succeeded in the first two steps, then the principle of authority or “imaginary empathy” can be used to consolidate the result.

In practice, all these methods of influence can be used in a huge range of situations, not only to carry out fraudulent activities. Well, again, there are a lot of methods. We have considered one of the basic algorithms of many scammers, especially when it comes to a phone call.

How to deal with it? Within the framework of this algorithm, everything is quite simple.

A couple of things should confuse you: if they persistently start to push you, not allowing you to think about the situation, and also if you feel direct pressure on your emotions. Both facts should put you on your guard.

Develop the critical sense! This is your best insurance.

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Porn in Ukraine: laws and punishment

The porn industry has become as much a part of the life of Ukrainians as the consumption of fast food. Users in social networks discuss new porn parodies, and marketers of well-known porn sites come to Kyiv to lecture about advertising. Just like with a passion for fast food, not everyone is ready to admit this hobby.

Under Article 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the importation, production, distribution and storage of pornographic works are punishable by a fine of 50 to 100 minimum incomes or imprisonment for up to 3 years.

However, the punishment is tougher if the violation concerns video – 100-300 minimum income fines and imprisonment up to 5 years. And the heaviest punishment for people who make, possess or distribute child porn. In this case, the offender can be imprisoned from five to ten years, and he is also deprived of the opportunity to hold certain positions. Porn in Ukraine is under the jurisdiction of the Cyber Police and the Department for Combating Human Trafficking.

However, the penalties for the distribution of pornography in Ukraine does not deter money hunters. So on the Internet you can find a lot of ads about remote work for students or offers to shoot in an erotic video.

Easy money

How much do porn actors in Ukraine get paid? One journalist applied for several of these ads, pretending to be a job seeker. As it turned out, porn actors in Ukraine, girls are filmed for 200-300 US dollars (depending on the complexity and duration of the video), while men receive half as much. In the beginning, the models shoot a “portfolio” for the client. It can be a short erotic video where you can see the model from all sides, as well as how he or she poses in front of the camera. In some studios, the “employer” promised to pay money for such a portfolio, but in most cases they did not. There are also bonuses for those who bring new actors to the studio.

Since the models do not sign any contracts, all this can be a common deception: the video will be filmed, but the money will not be paid. The “employers”, however, vouched for their honesty and also promised “complete confidentiality”. Allegedly, these videos should go to closed American or European sites, so the residents of Ukraine will not see it. Such guarantees are difficult to verify, and information that is on the Internet tends to spread.

 Porn studio in Kyiv region
Porn studio in Kyiv region

Despite the fact that the National Police Department is constantly arresting for the sale and production of pornography, the porn industry in Ukraine does not stop. The reason for this stability is the cheapness of filming porn in Ukraine – low fees for actors, as well as for the film crew.

Porn addiction

There is no clear answer about the dangers of porn. This phenomenon has both pluses and minuses. Porn, like drugs, needs to be taken in the right dosage and understanding exactly why.

For instance, porn is used in marital therapy to understand your partner’s fantasies and improve sexual communication in a couple. Porn helps you understand your own sexual fantasies in order to realize them with your partner.

Female porn is also emerging to challenge myths about women’s sexual preferences.

But there are downsides. Men, instead of interacting with partners that are attractive to them, building healthy and harmonious relationships, choose a different path. Way of fast discharge with the help of porn. It’s fast, easy and stress-free. This approach can be addictive. In addition, porn gives the illusion of “how it should be.”

Men think that it is necessary to behave with a real woman like in porn – she will like it. And women think that, like in porn, you need to be ready to take in a huge dick without foreplay and moan loudly.

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Ukraine woman scam

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Online dating Ukraine scams involve a whole bunch of potential troubles. Romance scammers have templates for all occasions, depending on the wishes of the potential victim. They’ve got singles who have never met on dating sites before, divorced, women with children, young, older, and even refugees. First, a girl from Ukraine (by the way, physically, a scammer can be in another country or even be a man) learns as much information about you as possible, your preferences, habits, work. Next she puts you in a warm bath, creating the image of an ideal soulmate. First you will be bombarded with love, later with their problems. At the end, you’ll be asked to pay to solve her problems. You want to be a hero, don’t you?

Of course you want to and scammers know this very well. They know that after shitting the special processing of your brains, you will do anything to see her. The task of romance scammers is to shock the victim at some point, then turn off critical thinking and achieve their goal. Our mission is to prevent them from doing this.

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Free Ukrainian dating sites

free ukrainian dating sites

Ukrainian girls are famous all over the world for their beauty. They’re known as good wives. Many American men dream of marrying a Ukrainian woman. Men from other countries use dating sites to meet a Ukrainian woman. Free Ukrainian dating sites is what they’re looking for.

Nowadays, there are many free services. Some of them are really helpful and make our life easier. But does this apply to free dating sites with Ukrainian girls? How is that possibly a good idea?

Usually, any free service, despite the fact that it does not take money for use, is still designed to earn money. For instance, Google Maps. Maps allow us to find the right places, orient ourselves in new cities and countries. However, Google makes money, if not directly through its Maps, then indirectly through advertising on its other products, and Maps are part of their ecosystem. From this perspective, what’s the point of free Ukrainian dating sites?

Meet a girl from Ukraine on a free dating site

In order for the resource to be of high quality and work properly, it needs design, programming, administration, advertising, and finally profiles of Ukrainian girls and their verification. But where does it all come from on free dating site?

Can you find love on a free dating site? It might be possible. Yet, as it is known, “even a stick can shoot once in a while”. This is theoretically possible, but the probability of this is very low. Instead, there is a high risk of being scammed.

Thus, we see no reason for anyone to create free dating sites. Spending your time and resources so that someone else can use it for free? Why? The only reason is to catch fools looking for a free cheese. People who don’t want to pay for quality content and someone else’s work. However, everyone knows where free cheese is most often. Therefore, you are unlikely to meet your future wife from Ukraine on such dating sites. But you will find a headache. More questions than answers.

If you still don’t want to pay on dating sites, we recommend you to come to Ukraine and try your luck on the ground. Spend a week, meet real girls, look at them in true colors, not through seductive photos and made-up stories… Draw your own conclusions. Or keep living in the virtual world. The choice is always ours.

We never tire of repeating: always check girls from dating sites. And it doesn’t matter if this site is free or paid. Fraudsters are everywhere and always. We have been checking girls on dating sites from Ukraine for more than 10 years. We have experience, knowledge and tools. You can trust us. Place an order to verify a girl from Ukraine right now and find out if she’s legit in 24 hours.

Can I verify a Russian girl already in the US?

verify a Russian girl already in the US

Is this common, Russian immigrant hotties who are in the US and run scams?

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of requests to check out Russian women who have moved to the US.

Example story: If a Russian woman already in the US and claiming that her divorced russian husband is trying to reclaim running a scam? What are the odds she just using that to protect herself and that you can find her real name? She hasn’t asked for anything and I haven’t offered.  So no payments. Is she scamming me? I met her on a dating site, she says she lives in San Francisco and has her own business and has been there five years. She told me that she is dealing with her ex husband in Russia trying to blackmail her and reclaim her as his wife. I met her in a subscription site and we left and went to Telegram immediately. She says she has lawyers and is suing him in court.

Another example: There’s another one in texas, says she’s been here five years, she doesn’t seem to have any problems…yet! I have photos and Telegram chat.

What do we need from you to verify a Russian girl

Minimum we need is her pictures. If it’s a scam, they would use stolen pictures from Instagram and Vkontakte. These kind of pictures are not indexed by Google, so you cannot find it using an ordinary reverse search. But we have advanced tools to identify a person even by pictures from Instagram and Vkontakte.

If you have a photo of her passport or any other ID that would help too.

Her phone number, address and things she’s telling you (about her job, Russian past etc) – we can check the entire story.

What are our fees?

  • We charge 80 USD to identify a person by pictures. In return you get her real name and social networks.
  • To check her Russian passport will cost you 90 USD. You get a detailed report why it’s real or fake.
  • The third option is what we call a Maximum Verification. It includes passport check, pictures identification, phone number, address, scam check on the Internet and anything else we find during our investigation. The cost is 195 USD.

In all cases, she won’t know we investigated her.

You can pay by credit card (secure online portal) or PayPal.

We deliver the result within 24 hours once the payment is confirmed.