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Ukrainian Passport renewal

how to renew passportHow to renew Ukrainian passport

How to replace passport at the age of 45 on the Internet?

If ordering a passport via the Internet the process is greatly simplified. In online mode you have to send your application to the single portal of public and municipal services. The application is an electronic form to be filled out containing information about the applicant, the applicant’s parents and children (under 16 years of age), place of residence, citizenship, and so on. In addition, the photo should be uploaded to the site. Once the documents are received by the Migration Service, you will be notified of acceptance to your e-mail address, as well as about the location of the department of the Migration Service in which you will receive the document and contact details for communication.

How to renew Ukrainian passport at the age of 45 years at the place other than the place of registration?

A citizen has the right to apply for a replacement of passport not only at the place of permanent / temporary registration, but also at his or her current location. Staff is not entitled to refuse to accept the application for the replacement of documents. Otherwise you can write a complaint to the head of the unit.

The list of documents for the exchange of passports
To change the passports at the ages of 25 and 45 the following documents will be needed:

1. The old passport which must be replaced due to the attainment of the legal age.

The list of documents to replace a passport also includes documents containing information about the parents and children under 16 years of age (birth certificate, passports of the relatives).

The documents to replace passports also include the documents that confirm the location of your registration. If you are applying at the place of permanent residence, it is sufficient to present the old passport with a mark about a residence permit. If not, then a certificate with information about the registration is needed. And if it happens in the other region, in addition to registering at the main place of residence you will also need to provide proof of registration at the place of temporary residence.

2. 2 photos in the size 35 × 45 mm in color or black and white, clearly depicting the face of a person: the focus must be configured from the hairline to the extreme point of the chin, the ears should also be in focus. The size of the head should occupy at least 80% of the total image size. Photo of the applicant in the headdress is inadmissible, except when due to the religious beliefs a citizen is forbidden to attend the public places without it. The headgear must not cover any part of the face. It is important to note that the citizens constantly wearing glasses must be photographed only with the spectacles on, but the glass should not be tinted.

3. The application form. The application is written in the form of № 1P which is set by the administrative regulations of the Migration Service.

4. Additional documents the details of which shall be recorded in the passport of the citizen of Ukraine .
Note: as of 2016 the state duty payment receipt for the replacement of a passport is provided optionally – it is enough to report the requisites.

Deadline to receive a new passport

It is important to note that all the documents required for the replacement of a passport are established by law. In accordance with this act the list of documents to replace a passport is exhaustive and staff has no right to require the provision of any other additional data.

From the date of delivery of all documents to change the passport the term of 10 days begins to run out for the provision of public services to produce and issue a new passport. The new passport is made within 10 days from the date of submission of the complete set of documents, regardless of whether you have filed documents in person or submitted your request. If a person has applied in another region (e.g. place of someone`s current residence) he or she will have to wait for a period of 2 months. Instead of your main document the person will be provided with a “temporary” one for this period which will certify the identity of the citizen until the receipt of the new passport.

Visa status

passports and visasGeneral information

If your visa application is approved your passport with the visa will be delivered to you by our company. The delivery will be made to the address you specified before the interview.


Immigrant visa status

immigration visa statusGeneral information

As a rule, in relation to a person wishing to immigrate to the United States the petition must be approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services before the application for an immigrant visa. The petition is filed by their relative with a certain degree of kinship or a potential employer to the Office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services in the United States. More information about the procedure for filing immigration petitions as well as immigrant visa status can be viewed on our website. A person who has an approved petition and for whom a priority date has been arranged, shall be entitled to apply for an immigrant visa or non-immigrant visa, category K.


Passport application status

check ukrainian passportThe passport is the main document of identity. All citizens of Ukraine who have attained the age of 16 and reside in the territory of Ukraine must have it. The passport is required for the commission of any legal action, for example when signing any legal documents.


Dating scams

Dating site scams

For many of us, the search for love over the Internet can be a gift from God. For others, however, it may be just the occupation, destroying other people’s lives – leaving us with no money, with a broken heart and a wide variety of problems that we may encounter. The best way not to meet a female crook is to know «the enemy» in the face, as well as having the ability to distinguish them from ordinary people.


Schemes for getting a citizenship of Ukraine

how to get a citizenship of ukraineDeveloped countries are not very glad with an influx of residents of less prosperous countries. As a result, the legislation of most of them treats extremely rigidly to migrants. Even for a residence permit (not to mention a citizenship) a number of conditions mast be fulfilled. For example, the law of Malta does not provide its citizenship to residents of other countries. However, those who wish to get the second citizenship always find a way to fulfill their dream, though using not legal means.

There are many cases of evident fraud (when a swindler having raised money for the service disappears, without their providing), but so-called “crimes without victims” deserve special attention. In these cases, the client suspects that not everything is fair, but with the best of circumstances, he can get a legal passport. READ MORE

Check Ukraine visa requirements

ukraine visa regulation

Check whether you need visa to enter Ukraine

Below you will find a list of the countries the citizens of which require a visa to enter Ukraine. For some countries Ukrainian visa is not required. And for citizens of some countries Ukrainian visa is not required for a stay up to 90 days within a 180 day period for tourism or business. READ MORE

Kyiv dating agencies make on foreigners $10 thousand per month

ukraine dating websites scamWe worked at Ukrainian marriage agency, where so-called brides trick money out of overseas suitors

Ukrainian dating agencies/websites become an object of focus by law enforcement officers. Recently, the first criminal case was initiated against an organizer of such business – the police suspected that huge sums of money were tricked out of foreigners just for nothing. If the fault is proved the other marriage agencies will get rattled considerably – the foreigners are tricked massively. Only now mediators do not beg for money from the suitors, but they make money on e-mails of the dummy brides. The result is tens of thousands of dollars of net profit per month. We intruded into the ranks of dummy brides and found out the details of marriage business. READ MORE