Web dating

Speed dating website

The 21st century dictates new rules. Now online dating becoming the norm. However, stereotypes and fears associated with dating sites remain a lot: they say that no one is looking for a serious relationship through Internet that it is easy to run into the boors (hamok) and marginalized people posing as those who actually are not.

It is known that man is inherently a hunter, and a woman is his prey. A good acquaintance with the lady, perceived by a man as another way to show the world and himself that he is worth something. Where can a modern man meet a girl? There are a lot of places where you can, in fact, get acquainted with the girl, but each option provides a special creative approach, which man must plan in advance.


How to avoid fraud by making fake passports

false document

We write a lot about the fact that the government in the pursuit of money resort to destructive measures such as the creation of currency and tax increases.

Unfortunately, this is only a small part of what they are.

With increasing their desperation, the government is always and everywhere resorted to such measures as a destructive policy, price control, control over people, currency devaluation, confiscation, nationalization and making fake passports.


Internet scam

Online fraud

Fraud in the vast World Wide Web is not uncommon for a long time, and many naively believe that never caught on bait of wishing to cash in on the trust of users. But every day there are new fraud schemes that are beginning to work more productively than the previous, because each scheme is based on the feelings and hopes of people. And if the investments in the pyramid and games in the online casino users have learned to handle with sufficient caution, the online – learning of foreign language is a gold mine for resourceful cheaters. Potential students wishing to get a good education, often fall for the tricks of pseudo teachers. But if there is a problem, there are methods to help protect themselves from it.


Speed date site

speeding dating

For those who want to find a love mate, but does not like to get acquainted in the street, in the bar or in the library, the Internet came up – dating. For those who do not have time and correspondence on the Internet, invented speed date site.

Not surprisingly, this method of dating was invented just in the United States of America – lovers of fast – food still in the nineties noticed a tendency to accelerate common life rhythm. “Cooking Breakfast for 3 minutes”, “Lose Weight in 3 days” … the list goes on and on. Modern men and women that are configured on career growth, there is absolutely no time to look for a mate.


Go on speed dating

single speed dating

Today we will talk about another method to find love – fast dates. This is an effective alternative to a long evening spent on dating sites or social networks.

May 7 minutes are not enough for a person to reveal the whole story about himself, but you can still assess the prospects of possible relationships. What kind of service is it, is it worth to place great hopes on it, how to choose the organizer and how to prepare to participate?


Webcam fraud

fake webcam girl

Another scam with the use of VKontakte and Skype is spreading rapidly through the Internet. The victims of extortion and blackmail via Skype become gullible simpletons, as a rule – the rich man, who are looking for love on the network.

Charming girl connect to the young man and starting to acquaintance intensively. After quite a short time, she offers the young man to do the so-called ” cyber”… But firstly the explanations and definitions are necessary.


Fake documents

scam documents

There are a huge number of scams in Ukraine, who speculate by selling fake documents, and often not the best quality. Of course, sooner or later, forgery is detected, bearer is arrested, but those who sold the documents had already hidden. The fake passports are in great requisition. They are bought by lots of crooks, for example, to take out a bank loan, certificate of state structures (for example, the Parliament, various ministries and agencies) and law enforcement agencies (police, FSS, private security, etc.), diplomas and other documents in the field of education (e.g. false documents of obtaining a degree or thesis defense).


Marriage for green card

Green card by marriage

Why Ukrainian and Russian women often dream to marry foreigners, what attracts them in foreign princes and how can international love end?

“Here is bad and there is good” – such message is sending by media and the Internet, when they talk about life abroad. That’s why a lot of compatriots dream to live overseas. Young girls are trying to find a husband online by all means and to achieve marriage for green card.


Immigration marriage

Marriage immigration

Immigration marriages, particularly when the Russian or Ukrainian girls marry foreigners, have been much sought after these nations for a long time. Immigration marriage begins way back in the mid-nineties. By the end of the 90s a rapid increase in the number of Russian women who married foreigners was observable. The number of women, who were younger than 30 years old, was 60%, the average age was 28 years old.


Green card marriage

Green card marriage process

The procedure for the marriage registration to a foreigner

Future marrieds personally hand in an application to the register office, the example of which is established by the legislation. Applicants choose the register office independently, in which the application will be submitted. If the foreigner cannot be present for a valid reason, it is necessary to perform some operations in order to achieve green card marriage: