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Cheat-sites have already managed to captivate the entire global network. They are quickly gaining momentum and coming up with new schemes of plunder that it is almost impossible to keep track. On the expanses of the Internet, you can face with intruders everywhere from common methods, such as spam emails and ending just communication with swindlers, who sooner or later will take from you everything what they need.


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In modern world there are few who use conventional methods of dating. Young people have forgotten how to come to meet outdoors or in cafes. Nobody already remember about dating in cultural institutions such as theaters, operas or museums, because few people visit them.

But today online dating service is very popular. Everyone is currently registered in the social networks, where it is possible to meet with anyone. Dating sites are also in great demand. READ MORE

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Every day we hear that the Internet is progressing fraud. Many users are caught nn the cybercriminals tricks across. The problem is that many do not have sufficient information and are not interested in this issue, adhering to the view that this does not happen to them.

Today, online fraud cases occur constantly and it is very difficult to collect statistics on such crimes. It is so because not every victim appeals to the authorities for help. Do not seek for the reason that they know that online fraud is a crime and as ordinary thieves or other criminals bear criminal responsibility.


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The modern world is a world of technology and progress. The current generation does not know what life without the Internet is. All the issues we address in the network, this also applies to dating and shopping, and search of different information.

We all know that the more service is in demand, the more illegal copies of it exist. The same with network, when it gets popular online, the more fraud is gaining popularity on the Web.


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Internet appeared not so long ago in the life of mankind, but quickly gained popularity in a short period. Practically every modern person can not imagine his life without the World Wide Web. Every day, millions of users log into social networks, dating sites, online – shopping and much more.

It seemed that the Internet make life easier for everyone, because through it can be done any operation, without leaving home. In the beginning, when the global network was not as popular, the information and actions on the internet were more reliable. But now many people are trying to make money through a network by non-standard way, and quite illegally.


Online fraud statistics

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Internet is as a convenient resource that we can not imagine how we dispense with it before. Progress has already reached the levels that we are doing all the operations through a powerful network. But there are some unpleasant moments that make us think before we make a purchase or take any other action.

This unpleasant moment is a fraud in the network. Online fraud statistics says that buyers of commodities such as phones, clothing, footwear and auto parts are most often caught by the plotter’s  tricks. Such indicators are provided on the basis of lawyer surveys.


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We are starting to forget how we lived and dispensed with such a mighty helper, as the Internet. Since its coming, our life has become easier, we can do everything from the comfort of home and spend less time searching and buying.

But the more network grows, the more dangers waiting for us there. Today, there are different types of Internet – fraud, but one of the most common – is a fraud online shopping sites.


Speed dating

Speed dating

Basically speed – dating are conducted on weekends. To participate you need to fill out a questionnaire. For a week before the event you will be called and invited to the acquaintance party of your age group. Dates scheduled meetings listed in the calendar on the main page of the site.

After making an advance payment (pre-payment conditions listed below) for your fixed place at a party.


Speed dater

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What is a “Quick Date”

This is a party where men and women equally.

Each evening the age group of guests is determined.

This type of dating (mini-dates) came to Ukraine from America a few years ago. As with many new “Quick Dates” in our country, also has been adapted. The differences are not large: in America decided to get contacts (exchange of phone numbers and e-mail) by the organizers after the evening (usually the next day), our participants exchanged contacts at the evening. In Quick Dates takes place 10 Blitz-acquintances in 1 hour, sometimes there are near 20,30 dates and up to 40 acquaintances during the evening – this is the limit – so there will be more honest to call “acquaintance marathon.”


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It is not news that users are more likely to complain about the evidence of fraud on various websites. Moreover, citizens’ complaints are increasing. In today’s world, the flow of information is so great that for the scammers working conditions are very comfortable. And their potential clientele through the Internet is estimated hundreds of thousands. And to “light” personally is not necessary. Proceeding from this, there is scam site check.