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Until recently, Ukraine was not conceived as a separate country. Everyone consider it as a part of the neighbor Russia, but when Ukraine declared its independence, a few people began to perceive it as a separate state.

Over the years, the Ukrainians began to increasingly assert themselves, and as a result almost everyone in the world knows that the Ukraine is a separate country.


Online fraud prevention

Online credit card fraud prevention

Fraud on the Internet becomes  to provide a very large threat to all humanity. Today, this kind of scam is called cybercrime. Every day, millions of scammers think what other scam to come up with?

The main task of the perpetrator is to deceive users of the Internet, to steal their confidential information and use it for his own goals. The result of these scams is deceived people and companies who had lost a lot of money.


Internet fraud schemes

Where to report online scams

The modern world can be described as very cruel, because with the advent of modern technology, the moral principles of mankind disappear. Almost everyone strives to make more money, but the way in which he will earn it is another question.

People have become as cynical and immoral, that for the sake of papers they ready to go at all. Today, crime is rampant almost everywhere, the criminals are punished, but, unfortunately, not all.


Online order bride

How much is a russian bride

Today, Russian girls are very popular among foreigners. Demand for them is so big that foreign brides are willing to pay for them a lot of money. Such popularity has arisen recently.

This happened due to the fact that Western and American wives have become more demanding of yourself. We all know that the West is fighting for equality, and that is why a foreign wife concerns more about her career and appearance than the family.


Phone fraud

Where to report phone scams

Cheating today has reached enormous proportions. Man no longer knows where he can wait for the danger. Basically now everyone write about the scam in the network, as many believe that this is the most common type of fraud. But if you look at the statistics, the first plce takes phone fraud.

This type of fraud gained momentum with the advent of mobile communication. Below we give examples of some of the most common phone scams.


Fake marriage for green card consequences

Green card by marriage timeline

For many, the concept of marriage is a binding themselves with a family ties taking the responsibility for the family. At first glance, people think that the family is sacred, but as practice shows, this is an outdated concept for many of modern girls.

Girls as eager to go live abroad, that they are willing to fake marriage for green card consequences. Foreign countries for them is a dream that they want to carry out, even to go to immoral acts.


Ukraine online dating scams

Ukraine matrimonial sites

Today the topic of fraud is so relevant that in the internet resources, newspapers is writing about this, television and radio are talking about this. Many are accustomed to the fact that victims of scams are mostly women, and almost always at the international sites.

I would like to immediately dispel this stereotype and tell that no one is immune of the fraud, but with regards to the Ukrainian women, most of them are often act as scammers than sacrifice.


Online fraud examples

Online credit fraud

Today, many people no longer use legal way to make money. Everyone is trying to make money illegally, avoid taxes, and the worst thing is to cash in on other people’s money, not putting too much effort. That`s why in our time with the advent of internet technology, fraud has gained popularity.

The problem is that if this is a common theft, people can go to the police, and thus the offender will be punished. But what about the scam in the Internet, because in most cases you give money voluntarily?


Russian bride agencies

Free russian dating service

Today no one can be surprised that many women choose a husband from foreigners. Now this industry is advertised everywhere, starting with the Internet and ending with the announcements in the street. This applies both to domestic and foreign agencies.

Foreign and Russian bride agencies work on the same basis. They all promise to find a foreign husband, who will be attentive to his wife, will become not only her husband but also a companion for life. But if these promises are true, you have to figure it out.


How to meet Ukrainian women

Dating women from Ukraine

No one can be surprised by the fact that Ukrainian girls are very popular among foreigners. They are attractedd by their beauty, domesticity, obedience, and they are in contrast to foreign wives, not as demanding of their husbands. This opinion formed from the stories of their friends or acquaintances who tied the fate ties with Ukrainian.

Foreign wives first build a career and children start going not very fast. But in Ukrainian, was taught in childhood, that a woman should give birth to children and take care of the family hearth. This seemingly submissive is very attractive to overseas suitors, and they are looking for a life partner in the Slavic lands.