Online retail fraud

Online purchase fraud

Today, many people are cashing in on the fact that behave not like law-abiding citizens, but like scammers. Today many earn good money on cheating. There are many types of fraud, such as in the Internet, it is sale and purchase and theft of personal data information.

We have heard about this fraud and try to somehow bring this value, making any action in the network. But the type of fraud, of which we speak today, we no longer appreciate the scam, as used to this scam. Today we talk about online retail fraud.


Telemarketing fraud cases

What is identity theft

Fraudsters as it turned out, follow us everywhere, the more the world is improving in terms of technology, the more scammers coming up with sophisticated fraud techniques are. Attackers waiting for us everywhere in the Internet network, by telephone, on the street and even in places where we can not wait for this.


Russian personals

Beautiful Russian women

Russian girls who actively get acquainted with the foreigners and try to marry them is one of the most popular topics today. But few people think why the girls from Russia and former Soviet countries behave this way and seek to get married abroad.

In order to somehow understand their behavior, you need to know Russian personals. After all, if you know what the rules of their family life are, you can understand why they are trying to go away from their homeland and seek happiness abroad.


What to wear on speed dating?

Tips on speed dating

A date for every girl is something mysterious. Every female person, going on a date, planning what to wear for a long time. In most cases, they go to meetings after some time of chatting with someone, or it may be an employee who for a long time watched after you. Of course, in this case it is a little easier, since you have seen a person alive or talked with him for some time in the network.

But, as now speed dates are practiced, and the people with whom you will communicate are unknown to you, it is very often the girls are asking themselves what to wear on speed dating?


Ukraine scam

Ukraine bride scams

Ukrainian girls considered to be the most beautiful girls in the world. There are many stories that they are the best wives, mothers and housewives. Also, they are trained in family values ​​and family is all for them.

Perhaps, there was a time when Ukrainians had such moral principles, but not today. The modern world and the unstable economy in their country, as well as the reluctance to work, have hardened the concept of these beautiful girls. At present many foreigners know about Ukraine scam, but continue to fall for the beauty of these lovely girls.


Examples of phishing

Phishing information

Not so long ago, the biggest problem for Internet users was infection of the computer by a virus or worm. The main task of the virus is to distribute it to the masses. Today, with the advent of more modern methods, the problem of infection has gone by the wayside, but there are new and more significant threats that lead to the failure of the work sites and programs.

The most common type of this kind of fraud is called phishing. Although the name is not frightening, but it is serious. The main objective of cyber-criminal is to obtain confidential data to log into any system, ie username and password.


Phishing scams

Phishing emails

Today, fraud is not a surprise, many people know that it is practiced in the internet on a regular basis. It seems that know everything, but still hundreds of users fall for the scam on the network on a daily basis. Why is this happen, if everyone is aware of the possible fraud, but still gets on it?

All this happens because every day new attacks are invented and people just do not have time to learn the information. Today, I want to tell you about one of the most popular cyber-attacks – phishing scams.


Speed date club

Speed date games

We used that date is when the guy invites a girl on a walk or dinner in the restaurant, after some time of their communication. Today, nobody will be surprised by the fact that young people are get acquainted on the network, and only then go to the meeting.

But now we will talk about another form of dating and meeting, which first time began to be practiced in America, but have already reached almost all developed countries of the world. This type of meeting is called a speed dating.


Ukraine travel packages

Ukraine travel insurance

Ukraine is a very rich country on the historic sites, the various interesting places and, in general, very beautiful. Everyone dreams to visit it, from the tourists of neighboring countries and ending with the countries of Europe and America.

To visit the country, every tourist should have Ukraine travel packages. All tour packages are very different, and everything will depend on the purpose for which you’ll be visiting that country.


Travel from Ukraine to USA

What money do they use in Ukraine

United States of America is a dream of many, but the overseas country is not available for, and many only dream about it.

It attracts because it is very developed in all respects, America is a collection of all the nations with a high level of tolerance to each other.

Ukrainians also like this country and trying to get into this fabulous area. The distance between these countries is very large, but in spite of this from the capital of Ukraine New York can be reached just in nine hours.