Buy citizenship

Buy citizenship

Citizenship for everyone – it is a necessity, because it opens up many opportunities in front of the man. But it also happens that people have no citizenship and are looking for ways how to get it. Basically, his absence is observed in people who come from Third World countries, but you can get it in different ways. If the person is an adherent of the law, it will be to contact the embassy of the country where located, but not everyone wants to do it, so look for a way to buy citizenship.

It seemed that, so it’s impossible to do, but experience has shown that illegal immigrants make good on this, avoiding a lot of laws. It should be noted that selling fake passports to citizenship for more money, but to get it officially is much cheaper.


Ukrainian women scam

Ukrainian women scam

In recent time scams activities greatly quickened. Unfortunately, it turned out that they were waiting for us in almost every area. But the most common type of fraud – is using the Internet. Many create loopholes to steal personal information, and more. But for foreigners, who are looking for your soul mate to beware ukrainian women scam.

Why do we have focused on this issue, though, and other intruders in the network is complete, we will now explain. So we have a situation that for Ukrainians, most importantly, get married successfully. Their “success” lies in the fact that the choice has to be rich, but in Ukraine such people find difficult.


Countries that sell passports

Countries that sell passports

Many people want to have the citizenship of another country, but it also happens that a few at once. For this reasons, there is a great deal. The most common of them is when people are dissatisfied with the state and the economy. Therefore, they are looking for countries that sell passports.

With the advent of this concept in our lives, pricing for this unusual kind of service has increased. Also, there are journalists who tell different stories about what a second passport – it is illegal and that it all can turn dangerous. Unfortunately, crooks have in this area, but there is, of course, legitimate ways.


The Ukrainian passport as a top-selling item: “second hand” or “made-to-order” according to the price-list

The black market, as well as the ordinary market, offers the goods for any taste and budget.
black market ukrainian passport

Two for the Price of One

The product will be cheaper, if it has already been in use.

For sale – two Ukrainian passports with individual taxpayer numbers” – writes the author of one of the hundreds classified ads on the Internet. During our talk it turns out that the asking price is 100$ per item. The trader also tells that the documents have been left as a pledge and never taken back. READ MORE

Requirements for the Personal Photograph of the Foreign Passport of the Russian Federation

how does a real Russian passport photos look like

Russian passport photos. How should they look like

Want to know how does a real Russian passport photos look like? Here are the official Requirements for the Personal Photograph of the Foreign Passport of the Russian Federation:

  • The photograph of the Foreign Russian Passport must be taken within the last 6 months. It must be a colour photograph on a flat white background without any light spots or shadows.
  • All facial features must be clearly visible;
  • the presence of other objects is not allowed.
  • The facial expression must be neutral, relaxed and not smiling.
  • The photograph size must be 35×45 mm;
  • The size of the head in the photograph – from 32 to 36 mm. The head size must be no less than 80% of the photograph size.
  • The distance from the crown of a head to the top of the photograph must be 5+/- 1 mm;
  • The head must be in the center of the frame. The applicant’s head, his/her face and hair, must be clearly visible, that is from the crown to the chin and up to the hairline on both sides. The ears must be also visible.
  • The photograph on a Russian passport must be made on matte paper;
  • It is not allowed to be photographed wearing a hat, a headband, glasses or other things that cover a part of person’s face; the exception is made only in case of religious consideration.
  • The photograph must be taken strictly full-face – the person on the photograph must look directly into the frame. A slight tilt of the head in any direction: left, right, up or down, is not allowed.
  • The lighting must make the complexion look as close to reality as possible, with no shadows.

Now you know what are the requirements for the photo on the passport of the Russian Federation.

Still not sure? Contact us.

Check Russian Passport

Security Elements of the Passport of the Citizen of the Russian Federation

The passport blank of the citizen of the Russian Federation has the following security elements, recognized by special devices:

Paper Security Elements

A regular 3-tone watermark, by means of letters “RF”, over the whole page, which is visible with the help of ultraviolet devices.regular 3-tone watermark russian passport
Three types of security fibers:

  • in normal daylight they are red / must be checked in white reflective light with the help of a magnifying glass;
  • in ultraviolet they have a light-green or yellow glow.types of security fibers russian passport


Love scammers in Ukraine

Ukrainian fraud with foreigners

Love – it’s a feeling that you want to each person, so people are looking for a soul mate. Such concepts were before, people today have less give this matter, and has an affair, despite the feelings.

Many Slavic girls forgot about propriety and there love scammers in Ukraine. Russian women looking for a husband abroad, as they are very generous and like Russian.

Love towards the weaker sex, this nation has arisen due to the misconception. Virtually all foreign men think that women with post-Soviet countries, it is an excellent wife and a good mother.


Visa and Tickets Scammer

Typical Scammer

Travel – it is an integral part of many of today’s citizens. Send people to other countries for many reasons. Someone is going abroad to work, but someone just relax. But wherever we went and for what reasons, we need a visa and ticket.

Each country makes its own requirements for the design, because often people are looking for easy ways to obtain it. Some embassy denied a visa, even without justifying the refusal.


Scams in Ukraine

Dating scams in Ukraine

Cheating today – it’s a good income for many. Every day, created new systems, for which it gets easier and easier to deceive an ordinary person. Also, for the rapidity of their creation is very difficult to follow, and also to find the attacker.

For example, scams in Ukraine is very flourishing because of mass unemployment, and it is not because there are no jobs, and many people simply do not want to work. It is also the main reason for the development of such earnings has arisen because people do not go to special bodies, to solve this problem.


Fraud in Ukraine

Credit card fraud in Ukraine

Ukrainians, as well as other nationalities, susceptible to fraud on the network very often, but at the same time create different kinds of deception. Growth of enemies is growing every day, this is due to development of the Internet and the reluctance, to earn money by honest work.

Let’s look at what types of fraud in Ukraine are the most popular.