How to find out the owner of Ukrainian bank card by number

Can I find out the owner (name) of Ukrainian bank card by number? This question is asked by many users of the banking system for one reason or another.

i know the ukrainian credit card number how to find the name owner

How to find out the owner’s name

Let’s imagine you’ve been scammed, sent money to Ukrainian bank card and now your money is stolen. So you want your money back. Regardless of which bank’s card the money was credited to, it is not possible to find out full information about the card account holder. some banks may provide partial information (to review / clarify payment). For example, such Ukrainian banks as Oschadbank and PrivatBank.   

How to find out client’s details of Ukrainian bank if you have his card number

Many people mistakenly believe that when applying to a bank branch, an employee of the institution will be able to provide complete information about the card account holder by number. Keep in mind that banks are required to comply with the law, so they are not allowed to disclose confidential information about their customers.

Only Police can find out the account holder’s name and personal information. If they have a warrant. Within criminal / judicial proceedings.

If the purpose of identification by card number in a Ukrainian bank is to search for a scammer, it is worth leaving independent attempts to find her and entrusting this activity to the police.

What details can you find out by the card number (issued in Ukrainian bank)

Although the combination of numbers indicated on the bank card does not disclose the personal information of the owner, you can get the following information when decrypting:

  • the first digit indicates affiliation to one of the payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.);
  • the combination of numbers from the 2nd to the 6th is BIN number;
  • 7th and 8th – the code of the bank program on the basis of which the card was issued;
  • From 9th to 15th – are unique and contain personal information of the owner;

16th – bears no meaning, only need to verify the number.

Is it possible to find a full name of Ukrainian bank card number illegally?

Although there is no legal way to access the personal information of the account holder, the data may be freely available as a result of fraud. This could be a hacker attack on the bank’s website or a deliberate theft of information. In any case, we do not recommend that you do this because it is illegal.

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