Can a person open a bank account in Ukraine with fake information?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is about opening a bank account in Ukraine.

The girl from Ukraine claims she wants to travel to the victim and sends him bank details in Privatbank. Asking money for travel. Her name and passport are fake.

This is how the story goes: we verify a woman from Ukraine, it turns out she’s not who she’s saying (fake information). Fraudsters use someone else’s photos and a fake address. The phone number is also tied to the no name SIM card, which is difficult to identify.

So, the only real information given by romance scammers is the bank account number. Actually, this whole story was created to lure money. Under various pretexts, money is extorted from the victim, transferred to a bank account in Ukraine, and after that the fraudster disappears from radars.

Is it possible to open an account in a Ukrainian bank using fake data? – No, it is impossible. Every client is verified providing his passport/ID and personal data. The account given to you by a scammer is real, but the true account holder looks different than the seductive photos you received.

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