Online shopping fraud cases

Fraud in online shopping

The modern world is a world of technology. Today we buy most of the products through the Internet, without thinking that it could be dangerous. Most of the people, in order to make any purchase, look for an online store, which will sell goods at the lowest cost.

By making such rash purchases, we do not think that we can get on the fraudsters, although the network is represented by the numerous online shopping fraud cases. Each of us, reading this kind of information, wonder how he can get to a fraud, because everything is clear, but we do not think that we are making the same mistakes. The main mistake is the low cost of goods.

Let’s see what we risk when acquiring goods on the web.

If it is a traditional purchase, we rarely have to ask the question of where to get the goods. We will go on the market or specialty stores. Here we touch the goods, we fit clothing, and select for themselves the best value.

But the purchase of the Internet, we make on a different principle, we can not touch the product, to see how it works, trying thing. When we make this kind of purchase, we hope for the accuracy characteristics of the product, the size and integrity of the seller.

We are also pleased with the fact that at the message boards not new, but in good condition items are sold for half the price of the original cost. But here you also need to rely on your intuition. It should lower show online shopping fraud cases, so you know how scammers can act.

The first case is when you sell a product.

You expose the goods on board, for example, women’s thing, consequently you will be called by interested in this product. It also happens that man calls and interests in this thing, you should immediately alert it, because man can not buy not new thing for his girlfriend. He says that everything suits to him and specifies whether there is a specific bank card, when you say that there is, he immediately asks for her number and says that he will transfer money to the account, and then you will send the goods by mail. But before this a bank employee will call you and clarify code.

It should be immediately suspicious because banks never specify the code.

There are other online shopping fraud cases, but we will look at the most common.

You find a thing on the web, call the number listed in the ad, in such cases the goods are always in stock, but there is never self-delivery, even if the office is located in your town. Such sellers require prepayment in full or half so that you have listed on the card. When money is sent, you can wait forever, but do not get the goods.

About these scams in online stores, we’ll talk later.

Fraud in online shopping

Earlier we talked about the various scams in the network, as with the growth of modern technologies, fraud is growing and growing. In the past, when online shopping have just appeared, no one even thought about, nor the people, nor the owners, it will take several years to build this business of crooks on this.

Fraud in online shopping today is quite a topical issue, since it published in the print media, discussed on TV, and write on the Internet.

Now, in order to help the population a little, we will describe signs of fraud when buying goods.

  1. There is no store addresses, and sometimes there is no phone to contact the store, you need to write to e-mail or request a call back.
  2. Announcement is made not competently, full of grammatical errors, product photos are sometimes not available or provided not real.
  3. The cost of the goods is very different from the original, for example, the phone costs not two hundred dollars, but ninety.
  4. When you are contact the store manager, he says that the goods can be sent by cash on delivery, but you need to make a small advance payment in the region of twenty or thirty per cent of the cost. They justify this by saying that they are just like you need a guarantee that you will take away the goods.
  5. In order to prove that they are a legitimate store, they offer to send a copy of the license or certificate holder. You should not rejoice that moment, because such “documents” can be done in special programs, and this store will not be justified in front of you.

If to stick these small tips, you can avoid fraud in online shopping. Also an important factor in choosing a store is a domain name. Sometimes fraudsters fake very large stores. This is done in order to inspire confidence in the buyer.

The only difference is the name, it may be different in one letter, but the online price is much lower than the original.

Main advice can be given as well as buyers and sellers to be careful and remember about the information that you have been provided.

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