Online retail fraud

Online purchase fraud

Today, many people are cashing in on the fact that behave not like law-abiding citizens, but like scammers. Today many earn good money on cheating. There are many types of fraud, such as in the Internet, it is sale and purchase and theft of personal data information.

We have heard about this fraud and try to somehow bring this value, making any action in the network. But the type of fraud, of which we speak today, we no longer appreciate the scam, as used to this scam. Today we talk about online retail fraud.

We must remember that if the owner sets the price higher than the purchase, it is called a business, but if the seller set the addition cost to the value arbitrarily, it is considered as a scam. And here is an example that every day you can give in to the scam, not thinking about it.

Actual methods of online retail fraud are selling shortweight and miscalculation.

Counting is the most common fraud today. Merchant scammers often use the fact that the buyer blindly believe them or bad at mathematics. Basically, the seller     has credibility, counts the item on the calculator and shows you the amount that you have to pay. Since people rarely have to count, then he gives money to the seller.

In such cases, it is best to count the cost of the goods by yourself. Remember, not always a good seller is very honest.

Fortunately, the good news is that instead of a conventional calculator, came terminals, where the code is read, and the computer gives you the exact price. But, unfortunately, we not everywhere yet introduced such a system of calculation, that is why be careful and vigilant when purchasing goods.

The second case in the online retail fraud is selling shortweight.

The main objective of the seller-intruder is to show you visually that she gave you the goods in that amount, which you have ordered. Previously we used conventional scales with weights, and every second seller sells shortweight, earlier people were more attentive to this.

With the advent of electronic scales, we have forgotten that it is necessary to adhere to the rules and check the weight of the goods, hoping to electronic equipment. But nimble sellers found the solution, a frequent way is to lay magnet under the scales. It makes the attraction, and the seller remains in positive.

Buying groceries, note that there are always checkweigher in the room, so you can go and check the accuracy.

Also, to retail fraud you may include cases where the seller glue tags, and if the goods are without them, then he calls the wrong price. To verify the veracity of the words of the seller, you can ask for an invoice, and know that he has it, because without it, he could not remember the value of each item.

Since we live in the modern world, we would like to tell more about the scams which are made by online sellers.

Online purchase fraud

Since we are accustomed to daily contact on all matters to the World Wide Web, then eventually we began to make purchases over the Internet. We hope that here no one can give short weight or shortchange. After all, we all purchases are mostly made using the online payment or collection.

But speculators are not asleep, they got up to the World Wide Web. The most common scam is online purchase fraud.

Scheme of such fraud is very simple, we can say that “the seller sells the air.” Fraudsters make the page very similar to store branded goods, the difference is only in the domain name, but very negligible. Upload famous brands products at very low cost.

If you put on such a site, then you should immediately alert the price, because well-known brand can not be very cheap. This is either a fake or non-existent goods. Often non-existent.

Then, everything I very simple, you start looking for a store contacts, and in the “Contacts” section you can very rarely see the number, but in most cases, there is a feedback form or email.

When you do decide to order goods from a suspicious site, you will be called or unsubscribed but immediately warned that they do not have self-delivery, but only cash on delivery. And also you need to send a small advance payment of fifty percent for the guarantee. This must be done in order to make sure that your serious intentions.

You transfer the money and wait for the goods, but it will not come. When a person begins to seek help to deal with the crook, nobody can help him.

Online purchase fraud is very common, that is why to avoid becoming a victim, pay attention to basic things, low cost, and the domain name. These are simple ways to help you to avoid losing money and precious time.

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