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How much is a russian bride

Today, Russian girls are very popular among foreigners. Demand for them is so big that foreign brides are willing to pay for them a lot of money. Such popularity has arisen recently.

This happened due to the fact that Western and American wives have become more demanding of yourself. We all know that the West is fighting for equality, and that is why a foreign wife concerns more about her career and appearance than the family.

Russian girls took advantage of this situation, and launched an attack on the overseas cavaliers in turn. All this has led to the fact that they have lost to any respect to themselves, because they position themselves not as a woman but as a commodity.

Online order bride is a normal request to date. Basically such requests are popular among elderly foreigners. If to start from the polls, what wife they want to see beside them, then we can understand that they need an old-fashioned girl, humble, stay at home and bring up children.

They do not need model that will accompany him, the old foreigners and widowers want wife to be obedient and appreciate the moral values ​​of the family.

At first glance, what girl would agree to such a condition, but as practice shows, the young Slav is willing to pay more to become the wife of an elderly foreigner.

This situation used by the marriage agencies, which created a online order bride service. This type of service helps to pick up a future wife on the network according to a certain parameters.

And as it turned, it is just all the girls need. They send their photos, fill out the questionnaire and tested selection, just to get to the orders database.

Online order bride service gives them a better chance to get married abroad. From their words, they had such a desire, as at home there is no worthy men with whom they are willing to link family ties.

This type of selection is very angered by Western and Russian media. After all, it is not normal that a woman fell to this level and sell herself as a commodity. Psychologists say on this occasion that the Russian woman believes that marrying a foreigner, she gets the biggest prize.

To some extent, it is true, but you can use other methods of dating and the achievement of your objectives. But the girls are satisfied with such a position, they will sell themselves better than live with his compatriot, who suffers from alcohol addiction and is engaged in physical abuse.

If we touched on this subject, let`s see how much these services cost, and how much a foreigner willing to pay for Russian bride, as well as for the process itself.

How much is a russian bride

Foreign marriage agencies collect database of girls who want to marry a foreigner. This is done in the next way: firstly, it is girls who self-refer to the matchmaker, secondly, it is the girls who were found on dating sites, offered to help them, respectively, they agreed.

Further, when a foreigner wants a Slav wife, he turns to dating services after he didn`t find suitable girl on this kind of sites. He provides profiles of girls, and he can pick himself not one but hundreds appropriate.

Further process is that the foreign fiance goes to Russia on a tour and chooses a wife live.

From two to three hundred girls enter the room who were warned about the live viewing. They keep the numbers as a group of foreigners, which consists of fifteen or twenty people, chooses the number of women who suit him. All this remains human trafficking, but it is only at first glance, because the girls voluntarily and consciously go to this step.

So how much is a russian bride, how many money does foreigner spend to get Russian beauty?

The cost of the bride’s selection will be an average of three thousand dollars, and for the chosen bride he will have to pay about five hundred dollars.

For the average foreigner this sum is quite normal, because we all know that the level of their income is much higher than in the Slavic countries.

It should be noted that the girl won`t get any money from the sum that pays her groom, but she will get lucky ticket to the dream country. They are quite happy, and they tend to get into this database, forgetting about moral values.

Marriage agencies get a lot of money on this business, just think how much is a russian bride, and think for yourself that thousands of foreigners are paying them for their services.

I want to go back to the opinion of psychologists, they consider immoral behavior of girls and unworthy of self-respecting girl. It would be foolish to judge foreigners for this, as it is Slav are ready to sell themselves and if they put themselves this way so why not take a moment.

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