Online fraud scams

What is an internet scam

Every day we hear that fraudsters have captivated all Internet space. On every site, which you visit, various machinations are waiting for you. Fraud can be called a problem of this century. People stopped to appreciate any values, and earn on everything.

Many resources write about online fraud scams and trying to protect us from the online robbery. But how to protect yourself, when the danger is everywhere.

There are rules, which is likely to perform and then you will not be in serious danger. Now we’ll show you what rules must be followed in order not to get on the online fraud scams.

  1. Under no circumstances disclose the details of your bank data or payment service verification code.
  2. Updating of your antivirus software will help you not to visit suspicious sites.
  3. If you want to make a purchase on the internet, do it only from your computer.
  4. Use banking for purchases, which provides your bank.
  5. For reinsurance, it is necessary to connect the SMS alert, which will show you where your money has gone.
  6. Do not open emails or SMS, which contain incomprehensible to you information and do not click on links that are listed therein.
  7. Use the virtual keyboard, when entering personal data.
  8. If you lose your phone or wallet, which contained cards, immediately lock the bank card and SIM card.
  9. Payment services do not require an advance payment or fee.
  10. Use the card when paying online, which contains 3d secure.

If you have already become a victim of online fraud scams, immediately contact the police. If you write the application, your case will be immediately engaged. Never ignore such a situation, no matter what sum of money is discussed. Remember that you are not alone, and your application will help someone not to fall into the same situation as you were.

Due to the fact that fraud in the Internet is very widespread, the police set up a special subdivision, which is directed precisely on such activities. This division is called “K”.

You can also write in support of those sites, where you have been cracked or have used other illegal activities. Remember fraud in the network must be punished as well as other crime.

What is an internet scam?

Many have heard about the scam, which thrives in the network, but few know what it is. What is the purpose of this kind of fraud? Because of ignorance, people fall into different fool’s bargain. Let’s clarify the situation and find out what is an internet scam?

Trick in the network does not differ from the actual fraud. Tactics of construction is to ease into confidence, and the aim is to take more money from you.

The most widespread fraud is a marriage scam. Not finding happiness in real life, male seeks help in the global network. Look for the chosen one on dating sites or other resources, the main thing is that she has a photo.

This is taken as advantage by fraudsters, which used photographs of real girls for their own benefit. The main purpose is well-fixed, single foreigners, who eager to meet their love. And most importantly, that they were from far-abroad countries, as fellows from suitors countries come very quickly, and a girl who just wants to get your money doesn`t like.

When the foreigner begins to chat with Slavic girl, then after a while she asks for a financial help to solve her problems. Of course, Western groom can not resist not helping his passion and sends her financial assistance.

After sending the money, “the bride” disappears without a trace. A foreigner can only go to the police, but it is not the fact that it will help, because the funds were sent voluntarily.

There are other methods, which can force to send money in an unknown direction. For example, it is famous pyramids. They are designed for beginners who do not yet know what an internet scam is and carried out on “easy money”.

There are different methods to determine the newcomers, the most common is the age of the creation of an electronic box.

Another risk group is a social network. A large number of scams flourish here, as there are also minors and middle-aged people in the networks, who know little about the fraud.

If the purpose is such an audience, then many speculators offer a variety of draw games, but taking part in which you will get nothing and even lose. Since substantially all of the scammers are asking to send a small sum of money, for confirmation of serious intentions.

We can list many online frauds, but there is a huge amount of it, that it is difficult to remember all of them. The main thing is not to fall into the hands of scammers, use those points of precautions about which we have spoken above, and filter the sites that you visit.

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