Online fraud prevention

Online credit card fraud prevention

Fraud on the Internet becomes  to provide a very large threat to all humanity. Today, this kind of scam is called cybercrime. Every day, millions of scammers think what other scam to come up with?

The main task of the perpetrator is to deceive users of the Internet, to steal their confidential information and use it for his own goals. The result of these scams is deceived people and companies who had lost a lot of money.

The most common types of fraud today is:

– Phishing;

– Nigerian happy letter;

– Lottery;

– Credit fraud;

– Charity.

These species is only a small part of what is happening on the network. In fact, there are so much of them that it is practically impossible to list them.

Daily, the security professionals are looking for new methods for online fraud prevention. Some people do it, and some do not. Also trainings and seminars are carried out in order to protect yourself from this type of crime.

Owners of companies are apply to a variety of companies, which can create a cyber attack security system. But, unfortunately, these methods do not always work, so how to prevent and provide all the methods scammers, which is possible.

Let’s look at what methods online fraud prevention are often used:

  • Ignore emails that come from unknown addresses, as well as letters from the “friends” who are asking your personal data;
  • The letters that fall in spam, with some strange topic, or even without it, it is better not to open;
  • The best advice is not read the letters, which come to your mail from strange addressees;
  • Do not share your information to people that you are not sure (this applies to social networks and other similar kinds of resources);
  • When buying products through online stores, do not prepay if you do not know anything about this store, do not fill in the questionnaire, which ask you to provide your passport data.

It is also a good way of online fraud prevention is to install anti-virus on your PC. If the program is good, it will warn you about the site or a letter with a bad reputation.

And most importantly, if you are already affected by Internet fraud, you need to immediately contact the police. Remember that the speculator in the network, is thesame offender, as the person who, for example, stole your purse. Referring to the police, you make an investment in getting rid of the problem of the twenty-first century.

Let’s talk about fraud, which according to statistics is the most used and concern the whole population.

Online credit card fraud prevention

The majority of people every day use the cash less, non-cash payment are much more popular now. If we talk about big cities, almost in every store you can pay off by  the card, and plastic can pay for all.

Network users are also accustomed to using their credit cards for online shopping, payment of utilities and so on.

It seemed that this moment is very relieved mankind lives because having a plastic card, you do not have to carry a bunch of papers, and even more coins.

Of course, it is very convenient, but it was convenient until they reached fraudsters. They use a variety of techniques in order to take advantage of your data. Paying with the card, you can not even suspect that at this moment your personal data has already read, and soon not only you will benefit your card.

Everyone understands that it is impossible to abandon the non-cash payment, then we offer a little advice on online credit card fraud prevention.

  1. Keep the PIN and passwords from your personal account in unreached place, and it is best to remember it;
  2. It is strictly forbidden to address to strangers to help you withdraw money from the card;
  3. Use a personal cabinet, only from your personal computer;
  4. If you are a business owner, then provides storage and use of e-signature key;
  5. Never call a code word, and all the personal data on the phone, even if you are supposed to call the bank.
  6. When you receive sms – notification with text that you need to send a code number;
  7. When paying for goods online, look to the order form contains the minimum of personal data;
  8. Come up with a password that you will remember and do not tell it anyone;
  9. Before using the ATM, inspect it carefully, because sometimes they cling to collect chips cardholder information.
  10. If you have any problems with the card, do not delay, and immediately call on the hot line of the bank.

Such methods of online credit card fraud prevention will help to avoid unpleasant situations with the use of the card.

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