Online fraud cases

online fraud investigation

Every day we hear that the Internet is progressing fraud. Many users are caught nn the cybercriminals tricks across. The problem is that many do not have sufficient information and are not interested in this issue, adhering to the view that this does not happen to them.

Today, online fraud cases occur constantly and it is very difficult to collect statistics on such crimes. It is so because not every victim appeals to the authorities for help. Do not seek for the reason that they know that online fraud is a crime and as ordinary thieves or other criminals bear criminal responsibility.

Now we give an example of what kind of the most common online fraud cases occur with users on the network:

– Mailing with an offer to participate in the project, but also to make a large payment, allegedly to ensure the serious intentions;

– Hacking and blocking social networking sites, while you receive SMS notification that you have sent the amount to the bank card or online – wallet, but remember sending money does not guarantee you that you will unlock;

– The blocking of the operating system, the introduction of viruses, “payment” system for unlocking the same as in the previous case;

– The most unpleasant online fraud cases is ask to help the sick or other charitable cause. I would like to add that since that scammers are trying to make a money, the percentage of the charity fund each year is declining.

– different distribution by e-mail indicating that you have blocked or your bank card was blocked, in this case you asked to go to the link and enter your personal data;

– Pyramid schemes;

– An advance payment for a service or product.

Unfortunately, we can not list all types of fraud, because there lots of them and every day new ways are came up. The main thing is to be careful and remember that if you are a victim of fraud, you can contact the special organs, which can help to solve the problem. If you ignore this point, you only help criminals to enhance its methods.

Online fraud investigation, where to apply in such cases?

If you are a victim of fraud, do not delay the issue for a long time, and immediately go to the police. Internet-swindler is a criminal, as well as all those who rob in the real world. Remember, no matter how much money you have gone nowhere, then the main task is to catch and punish the pest.

Many do not go to the police, because adhere thought that the case will be not revealed, and who will sort out for such a small amount. Also they complain about the fact that law enforcement agencies do not have enough knowledge on the disclosure of such cases. Just want to assure you that this is a misconception. At first, these things have not been investigated, but now this type of investigation found ways.

If you do not already know, then today the police have a department that deals with these types of crime, and there is article in the criminal code for committing such crimes.

As stated in the article, the penalty will depend on the amount that you have stolen. If it is not large, then the offender will incur an administrative penalty. But, in the case of larger amounts,  the arrest of four months. Also, the punishment depends on the number of people in group. When such deals are made by the group of the online-scams, losses are large, the arrest in such cases may be about ten years.

But if in case, you are trying to resolve this issue, you can contact online fraud investigation. How to do this?

When you realize that you were hacked, you can contact support, if it is online-wallet, then it will be locked, and the attacker will not be able to use your tools. If the money was already removed from your account, the support team can help you to figure out the data about person, who took out your money. If you get this data, then you can already contact the prosecutor’s office or the court to write statements.

Take a mental note it will be easier to make online fraud investigation  if you select these moments in a statement:

– The address of the resource;

– It will be very good, if you know the attacker’s nickname;

– Account number where the money was transferred;

– Be sure to include your phone number if the request for payment to unlock, or money back, came through SMS;

– If possible, the address of the electronic mailbox of the criminal.

Also you can make a complaint to malicious sites and newsletters in the network,. There are many resources that are interested in disclose the malicious sites.

In this situation, everything depends on you, if you do not ignore the moment of fraud, then it will be much easier to solve. The more statements, the easier it is to find the perpetrator.

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