Online dating Ukraine scams

Online dating Ukraine scams

Online dating Ukraine complaints

Of course, the war has completely disrupted so much business in Ukraine.  Even when it is over, it will take months and even years to get back to normal.  Dating Ukrainian girls is not a very practical proposition for men from other countries at the moment.  Thereof, anything I have to say really only applies to a context where there is no war.

Online dating Ukraine girls

What I have learned (painfully) is that some of these online dating sites are scam, scam, scam.  Sites like GoldenBride, Anastasia, LoveMe and probably others all seem to have scam operators representing themselves as the woman in the profile. 

The girls they employ have been well trained to maximize revenue, by keeping chats going, sending multiple frivolous messages, encouraging expensive gifts and telephone calls.  And they pretend that the software doesn’t allow communication information to be received because of clever identification and erasure technology (I am not sure if the software does disguise telephone numbers and the like, or the girls just pretend they don’t receive it).

Online dating Ukraine scammer

Furthermore, they have a clever system of having the real person appear in a photograph holding a card and the gift (which presumably they keep).  In addition, the real girls have been required to sanitize the internet of any form of social media or presence, so that they only seem to exist on the dating sites.

Things get difficult when the man decides he really wants to move to private conversation or contact away from the site. 

The girls have multiple lines and arguments why the timing is not good, their technology doesn’t work well, they can’t afford to maintain a mobile phone or they have roommates or guests staying.  Any excuse can be used.  And when the man challenges them, they push back saying that they don’t feel ready, and maybe in a few more weeks they will.  Of course, this time never comes.

It is so easy to fall in love (well, infatuation, not love) with the image of a beautiful Ukrainian girl and convince yourself that she is real.  And, with this, it is possible to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on one girl in a matter of weeks.

It is a sick, cynical, dishonest and shameful business.  And yet the sites are all beautifully made and presented, the girls sparkle, and it all has the feeling of legitimacy. Incidentally, most of the businesses seem to have their main offices in Cyprus – presumably Russian owned?

Antiscam verification

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