Online dating scams photos

Russian dating sites scams

In modern world there are few who use conventional methods of dating. Young people have forgotten how to come to meet outdoors or in cafes. Nobody already remember about dating in cultural institutions such as theaters, operas or museums, because few people visit them.

But today online dating service is very popular. Everyone is currently registered in the social networks, where it is possible to meet with anyone. Dating sites are also in great demand.It is possible to find your half from abroad at these resources as the dating method is very simple. But you can sweat for such simplicity. Today, such type of scam as online dating scams photos has gained popularity.

What is its essence? A girl or a guy is registering on the site and downloading instead of their photos, the photo of absolutely another person. This is done in order to not show his or her true face.

This method is most often used by Slavonians in order to meet with a foreign bride, and after a brief communication to get the money from him.

Online dating scams photos appeared not so long ago, but a lot of girls have used this method and got what want.

Ukrainians and other Slavic girls are popular among foreigners, as they are quite beautiful, and know all the delights of married life. Such qualities are very much appreciated abroad, because foreign nationals are often caught by this scam method.

The proof that girl does not use her photos has a lot of evidences. For example, when a foreigner for a long time “courts” the girl in the network, sends her money, flowers, gifts, and also expresses other signs of attention – they love it. And when a man comes to the country in hopes to meet with his lover, girls don`t come on a long-awaited meeting or completely different girl comes.

There are cases in which online dating scams photos manifested, when man comes and goes to a marriage agency and meet other girl, who says that he had never talked with him.

Such moments are very sad, because people have spent a lot of time and money on a flight, and did not see the one being sought.

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Russian dating sites scams

All foreigners get acquainted with the girls on the Russian sites, as there are a huge amount of such sites in the Slavic countries. Moreover, this is a very good business. Many dating agencies recruit girls, who will communicate with foreign citizens and bringing income to the company. This method is considered as a job in Russia and many girls go toward it.

The sad thing is that the Russian dating sites scams reached abroad. Their ads can be seen all over the internet.

Hoping for the decency of the women, foreign brides seekers are registered on such sites. It is possible to pick up a girl for every taste, because almost all Slavs are very beautiful.

While registering on such website, you will not have to wait for a long time, as the Russian has a special interest in foreigners and immediately write to you about their desire to meet you.

Since the start of communication, the more likely they will be very kind to you showing sympathy. As practice shows, if you create your profile on this site, in one day you will have more than a hundred letters. If you look at each letter, they will be very similar to each other. Probably half of them may be from one marriage agency.

If you won`t answer the seductress, she can re-send her request. It is so because her purpose is to get as many customers as possible, as her salary will depend on this. And a nice bonus for her will be your generosity.

Every girl, engaged in this kind of activity, relies on gifts from you, and best of all it will be a financial gift to her. All of them develop their own method of the lure, but each of them has different cost.

For example, if it is just chatting, her bonus will be small, but the salary for the communication via Skype will be bigger. It is calculated that when the foreigner will see her, then he immediately begins to send gifts. Girls are very eager for this, because the gifts, which they receive, they leave themselves.

Basically they have one tactics for defrauding money, everyone tells about sick relatives or financially troubles in order to make you pity. But there are still other methods, but they are used by more liberated women. Generally, girl is ready to go to lengths for a small financial reward.

If you decide to get acquainted with the Slav on the site, then you will not escape the Russian dating sites scams. That`s why if it is so inevitable, be vigilant and see who writes to you so that you will not fall into trouble in the future.