Marry Russian girl

Marry Russian girl

Russian girl in the eyes of foreigners is very complaisant and beautiful. Very often, foreigners on the basis of these motives are looking for a Russian wife. It should be noted that the Slav also famous for their complaisance and responsibility. But not all those who marry Russian girl are happy with your choice.

This is due to the fact that the time for family life women do not justify the hopes of the foreigner. For every foreign bride who is looking for his wife with a post-Soviet country is counting on the fact that his wife will stay at home and keep the family hearth, and a girl, in turn, are beginning to demand something more.

Very often it happens for the reason that the girl from the post-Soviet countries, foreign women looking at successful and trying to be equal to them. The problem is that a significant difference between them. For example, in education, and financial investments.

Do not try to marry Russian girl only those men who are convinced that the Russian focus only on the financial well-being. Based on the reviews of many foreigners, that is the Americans who are convinced that the Slav is greedy, vulgar and easily accessible person.

Not a single American citizen faced with the moment that these women are willing to pay more for branded items and expensive restaurants. Also, there is a perception that many women are painted in one color, and specifically in the blondes to attract attention.

Why is the impression of some foreigners? This is because in the early nineties, when the Russian revolution was, many have tried by all means to go abroad. And those who have already got into the dream country, often silent about their origin.

From the words of a girl who has a lot of time living in the United States, the Russian girl can be immediately isolated from the crowd. This is evident of their clothes; because they dress loudly, and very often speak about the Americans are not the best words. And of course, this attitude makes you think I’ll of them.

However, the Russians themselves justify to himself this attitude that the Americans simply envy them. Unfortunately, no one did not exclude the fact of their self-confidence. It is impossible, of course, to level all the girls at the total weight as among the Slav there is good and complaisant girl.

If you decide to marry Russian girl you need to know that the best future wife look in real life, not on dating sites, because experience shows the majority of them there fraudsters.

Russian girls are registered on dating sites because they understand the generosity of Americans and, knowing that in any case to meet with someone and can get a lot of money, but also good gifts.

Note to foreigners who want to have a Russian wife, we will provide a bit of information; it does not get to the scam.

First of all pay attention to the text message on his statement. Basically, most of them do not know English, so use an interpreter, so errors are not excluded in the text.

The main thing is to pay attention to what she says to you by name or not. If she aims to “divorce” in this case, your name will not be mentioned. This is because such individuals do not use names because of what they write at least ten men at a time.

Also need to pay attention to the photo and basically put intrusion very beautiful pictures, and more often than not out of his house.

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