Marriage for green card

Green card by marriage

Why Ukrainian and Russian women often dream to marry foreigners, what attracts them in foreign princes and how can international love end?

“Here is bad and there is good” – such message is sending by media and the Internet, when they talk about life abroad. That’s why a lot of compatriots dream to live overseas. Young girls are trying to find a husband online by all means and to achieve marriage for green card.

Marry a foreigner is the most simple and rapid way to change your passport for a document with a citizenship of other state.

Of course, part of the international families is created because of “great and pure” love. But a fair amount of newlyweds register a marriage for green card for the sake of the marriage certificate, which allows to be legalized in the country of their dreams.

Green card by marriage

There are many willing to receive sham green card by marriage and there are also many businessmen, who make their money thanks to this subtle point. Fake “love” for the sake of the residence permit and citizenship has become a very profitable type of business. There are a lot of marriage agencies and judicial firms, which help at a price «fake» brides and grooms to find each other, prepare all necessary documents and to “railroad” the evidences that it is real marriage for migration services.

There are lots of announcements online with information about how to receive green card by marriage. The prices of the provident brides and grooms vary depending on their own citizenship. The cost of a marriage with a citizen of Poland or Slovakia can be 5 thousand euros, Lithuania, Estonia and Libya – 7-8 thousand euros, Western Europe – from 15-20 thousand euros and more, USA – 40-50 thousand dollars. “A 53 years old man, German citizen, living in Osnabruck, Lower Saxony. Propose a sham marriage for a woman for receiving a residence permit. The price starts from 20 thousand euros. Part-payment.” – a prudent beau offers his “hand and heart”

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Green card marriage process

Here is the example of the legal procedure. If you register your marriage with a US citizen abroad, both of you are submitting form 1-130 and the supporting documents at the US consulate, usually in the homeland of the foreign spouse. Such statements relatively quickly obtain the allowance. But, despite this fact, foreign spouse have to be at the homeland during the immigration visa processing that can last several months and exceed the allotted time of the green card marriage process. You cannot enter the US with a visitor visa. If you marry outside the US, you cannot enter US with a visitor visa for the switching to immigration status, as it would indicate a deliberate intent to immigrate to the United States.

Green card by marriage means that spouse as a US citizen, without leaving US, can send the form 1-130 by mail to the regional center of the immigration officer. However, the proceedings in an application in the regional immigration center can last a few months longer than in the consulate. As soon as form 1-130 is approved, the consulate gives you instructions and a series of forms for the last stage of the receiving visa at the consulate. The notification of the approved immigration petition is not a permission to travel, live and work in the United States of itself.

You receive biographical data form. Instructions for filling and returning these forms, the list of the supporting documents are particularized in the section “Immigration Visa Processing “, which you should read carefully.
As soon as the Consulate receives both forms, you are assigned a date of interview.

Consulate requires submitting information from law enforcement and data on medical examination.

The interview at the consulate is very similar to the transition interview, which is conducted in the United States. The presence of the US spouse is not required. Pay special attention to the new laws on “exclusion” and for the possible immigration law violations in the past, which can be detected during the interview.

At the entrance to the US you give a package of documents to the immigration officer. Date of the entry is the date of immigration. Your passport is stamped, which serves as a green card until receiving the card itself.

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