Marriage to a foreigner in Ukraine. Application procedure

Marriage to a foreigner in Ukraine: preparation of documents, legalization and other nuances

The procedure for marrying a foreigner in Ukraine may seem complicated and incomprehensible, but in reality, there are only a few important details to keep in mind so that everything goes smoothly.

From this article you will know:

  1. What to look for before applying
  2. Application procedure and registration
  3. What actions should be taken after registration
  4. If the marriage is overseas?

Love has no restrictions on age, citizenship and nationality. Often, fate brings people who were born in different countries or in different continents. This can happen during a vacation or business trip, by accident or through purposeful dating.

So, love is found, the difficult stages of a relationship are gone, and finally the decision is made to marry. For the citizens of Ukraine  it is enough to submit an application to the RAGS (The Bureau of Civil Status Acts), and all their new concerns are mainly related to preparation directly for the wedding celebration. Foreigners will need some extra action. To simplify your life, you can seek the advice of a lawyer, but also to understand all the intricacies yourself is quite possible.

What to look for before applying?

First of all, you need to translate documents into Ukrainian. This is a valid foreigner’s passport and a certificate from the State Migration Service that the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine is legal. However, if the foreigner (future husband or wife) already has a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine, then it is enough to mark it in your passport.

Previously, a certificate was also required that the foreigner is not married, which was to be obtained at the alien’s home country, but since 2015 it has not been required. Although, of course, at the time of application, no one from the future spouse should be married. In addition, the bride and groom do not have to be relatives, but must be of legal age and capable. This rule also applies to marriage between two Ukrainian citizens.

Documents must be apostilled or legalized, depending on the home country of the future spouse. Most countries put the apostille – a stamp that confirms the legitimacy of the document. The translation, of course, must be notarized according to Ukrainian standards.

It is important to take into account the requirements placed on such a marriage by the foreigner’s home country. Usually, regular legalization will be sufficient, but in some countries additional documents or procedures may be required.

Marriage to a foreigner in Ukraine: preparation of documents, legalization and other nuances

The citizen of Ukraine only needs an internal passport when applying.

An important nuisance that is easy to forget: the stay of a foreigner in the territory of Ukraine at the time of marriage registration should be legal. Therefore, the application should be submitted at least one month before the deadline, and it is better to leave some time for the stock. However, the Marriage for the Day service has recently been available in Ukraine – so far only in some cities and not all RAGs (The Bureau of Civil Status Acts), but the list is gradually expanding. Such a marriage will be much more expensive than a normal ceremony, but it can be a great way out in many situations. Previously, express marriage was only available in exceptional cases – for example, the bride’s pregnancy could be the reason.

There are other innovations in the marriage process in Ukraine. For example, the ability to apply online. Electronic applications are not accepted by all RAGs, but their list is large enough to choose from. You should start by registering on the iGov site, which has a complete list of all available Rags, as well as free dates. Then you need to complete the application and pay for the services.

How to apply and register

In general, there are no significant differences between marriage between Ukrainian citizens and citizens of different countries.

Even when accepting the application, the employee of bodies of record of acts of civil status will inform the future spouses with their rights and obligations, will tell about the procedure of registration of marriage, and also will offer to undergo medical examination and, in case of consent, will issue the form of the referral.

Also, at the time of application, it is necessary to determine whether someone from the future spouse is going to change his surname.

The main condition is the personal presence of the bride and groom at the place of marriage registration at the appointed day and time. It is not possible to send representatives instead. It is possible to change the place and time by submitting a written application to the RAGS.

In addition to arranging your own marriage, you can conclude a marriage contract. Making such an agreement is a good practice for those who are marrying or marrying a foreign national, since such a marriage has many legal points. The contract defines in advance which laws of the country will regulate relations in this marriage, property rights and responsibilities of spouses, resolving issues of possible alimony and child custody. The more nuances provided in this document, the more security it will guarantee for both Ukrainians / Ukrainians and foreigners / foreigners.

Marriage to a foreigner in Ukraine: preparation of documents, legalization and other nuances

What to do after registration

Immediately after registering in RAGS, a foreigner can arrange a temporary residence permit. He will receive the right of permanent residence in two years. Also, upon receipt of the marriage certificate, an apostille (or legalization) should be affixed to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, a foreign citizen needs to issue a new visa with the purpose of a visit to Ukraine under which there will be a “Family Reunification”. It is important that the couple have the same residence permit in order to avoid legal problems in the future – otherwise they will have to prove that the marriage is not fictitious.

The bride and groom will have to change their documents if they change their name – usually a passport, an individual tax ID and a driver’s license. Passport replacement is one month after marriage. In addition, changes are subject to employment records, insurance policies, bank cards, student tickets, wills and other documents.

If the marriage is overseas?

Many people think that marriage in another country has no power in Ukraine and should be reinstated. It does not. Foreign marriage certificates are recognized by Ukraine but require translation, as well as apostilization or legalization. This procedure may be conducted by the diplomatic authority of Ukraine in the country where the marriage took place, the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As a rule, the legalization of marriage concluded abroad does not cause any difficulties, be it an alliance of two Ukrainian citizens, a Ukrainian with a foreigner or a Ukrainian with a foreign citizen. The exception is marriages in some Arab countries, since in terms of Ukrainian law the rights of the wife in such an union are severely restricted. The easiest way is with States Parties to the Hague Convention. That’s where the whole legalization process is to put an apostille in the Ministry of Justice.

The foreigner then receives the same right of residence as if the marriage had been concluded in the territory of Ukraine. The “Ukrainian” bride or groom also gets its benefits from marriage abroad, but before that it will have to face some difficulties. To get married or get married outside Ukraine you need to get a bride / groom visa at the embassy of the country where the wedding is planned. Information about the required package of documents should be specified in the same place. It is possible to register a marriage upon arrival on a tourist visa, but this may not be the case in all countries and, in addition, deprives some of the privileges granted by the bride’s visa.

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