Man and woman look for love on dating sites but loose money instead

Russian dating scammers

Prisoner Igor Mazurik was bored in the penal colony, so he played around a bit and registered on a dating site. A profile photo with shaved head against the background of barbed wire would not bring him success in love. Therefore, Igor posted a picture of another handsome man and gave himself a false name.

The women liked it, and the life of the convict became brighter. But Igor could fool them only by correspondence. One could not even dream of meetings. Unless to invite the chosen ones to the colony for dinner. And then Igor decided that since love did not work out, then let him be lucky in money.

He started making dates in expensive restaurants. The woman dressed up, did evening make-up and stood on high heels. At this time, Igor called from the prison and said that he was driving in his fancy car to a meeting with her, but he was stopped by the traffic police. Igor had a conflict with cops, and in order not to take away his driver license, 15 thousand rubles are urgently needed. And he does not have that kind of money with him.

Then Igor passed the phone to his friend from the pen, and he, holding back his laughter, presented himself as a traffic cop and convinced the lady that the situation was really serious.

Incredibly, such a primitive deception scheme worked. And women transferred money to a man whom they had never even seen live. By the way, it was not over.

Having received 15 thousand rubles, Igor called again an hour later and said that he was taken to the police station and there he had a fight with a police officer. And now, in order to close the matter, he needs 60 thousand rubles. And the woman again went to the ATM and transferred this money to the prisoner!

And then Igor called again and said that he didn’t have enough to transfer another 50 thousand rubles to the policeman. And the lady again obediently went to the ATM. One woman in love with a phantom transferred a total of 125 thousand rubles to the prisoner. Realizing that the prince would never come, she went to the police.

This case was recently considered by the district court of Ulyanovsk. By this time, Mazurik was released from prison. But the court again sent him to the clink – for three years – and ordered to give all the stolen money back to the lady who fell in love with him.

But, it is even more offensive when a man seems not only more successful than he really is, but generally turns out to be a girl. A resident of the Republic of Mari El met the beauty girl Anya on a dating site. After a few weeks of communication, she told him a pitiful story, asked for a loan of seven thousand rubles and disappeared. The man filed a lawsuit, and then it turned out that Anya was Alexey. The District Court of the Republic of Mari El gave him a year and a half in prison for fraud.

Women cheat too

A resident of Udmurtia (let’s call her conditionally Natalya) began to communicate with a man on a dating site, and she “had a criminal intent aimed at stealing money.” Having never met a gentleman, she managed in several stages to draw 91 thousand rubles out of him – first 23 thousand, then the same amount (Natalya said that the first amount was stolen by her sister), then 10, 18, 12 and five thousand.

It is not clear from the court decision what legends Natalya invented. But in the end, the gentleman realized that he was deceived, and filed a lawsuit. The district court of the Udmurt Republic appointed the cheater 200 hours of work and ordered her to return the stolen goods.

And now a completely incredible story. A resident of the Sverdlovsk region named Tyutrumova posted a photo of the model on a dating site (she herself weighs more than 100 kg), met a Polish businessman and lured seven million rubles (100 k USD) from him in two years of correspondence. The deceiver said that she had an accident and needed money for treatment. Then her mother was allegedly diagnosed with cancer (money was needed again).

The fraudster several times refused to meet under strange pretexts, but the businessman was in love and could not critically evaluate her behavior. In addition, the girl said that she had useful acquaintances for him, and promised to help with the conclusion of a contract in business.

As a result, the Severouralsk City Court of the Sverdlovsk Region gave the fraudster two years in prison, charged her with a fine of 500 thousand rubles and ordered her to pay back all the money to the defrauded businessman.

Take of the victim mask

Not all victims go to court, because they are ashamed of being such fools. So it’s better to never get deceived at all. Psychologists explained what you need to pay attention to.

Firstly, scammers choose very lonely people who so want to believe in a fairy tale of mutual love that they believe no matter what. A fraudster recognizes such a person by the “victim’s mask” – a sad expression on his face or a sad half-smile.

If a fraudster looks through a photo of a man and sees that in one photo he is holding a barbecue, in the other he is swimming in the pool, in the third he is hugging a friend, she understands that such a person is unlikely to fall for the bait of scam. He lives a full life, and it can be seen, – says the psychologist.

And the other man in the photographs is always alone, and even if he tries to smile, his eyes are sad. And his appearance is not attractive – maybe overweight, for example.

“This is a potential victim for a dating scammer” says the psychologist. She understands that such a man is sorely lacking in sexuality and emotions. You can show him your beautiful photo and write first. And that’s it, then he will finish this plot himself. He will believe that the princess fell in love with him, and just like that, it is not clear why.

Of course, the fraudster does not immediately extort money. She waits for the victim to fall in love with the fake image.

For a while, a woman writes and is interested in a man, sends him semi-erotic photos, gets into emotions, – explains the psychologist. And the man falls in love. And then “suddenly” the woman get in trouble. She hasn’t been in touch for three days, although she used to write daily. The man is in a panic, he is used to receiving his portion of emotions. And then she appears. The woman will not directly ask for money, but will say that her daughter or mother needs surgery. And she will be so lost and unhappy. The man wants to be the hero-savior and asks how much the operation costs. The amount depends on the woman’s appetites and the man’s wealth, which the swindler has already measured by this moment.

Men cheat women on dating sites in much the same way. The victims are those who need for attention.

The scheme is the same: a photo of a successful man, affectionate and gentle words to a woman. The man fully satisfies the woman’s need for attention. A scammer can process his victim from a couple of weeks to six months. He realizes that she has fallen in love. Then he disappears. And then he appears and says that he has problems with the business. The woman immediately begins to play the savior.

The most important sign of deception on dating sites is that your prince or princess is fully satisfied with online correspondence. They refuse to meet in a real life, citing some problems.

Before extorting money, the fraudsters fit in. They listen, give some recommendations, conduct an active friendly communication. Thus, the interlocutor has a sense of security. And also the emotions that he or she needs. If moral support is needed, then the dating scammers give it. If attention is needed, they give attention. If veneration, then they say their interlocutor is the best.

When trust and emotional contact is established, the scammer is ready to meet. But often on the day of the meeting, some kind of misfortune happens to her. Moreover, she prepared the victim for this in advance – she told that this could happen to her. For example, supposedly her mother felt very bad before and now she was diagnosed with cancer.

Since in the day the dating scammer supported the victim in the form of moral support and friendly conversation, the person feels obliged to help in return.

In order not to fall for the bait, you have to remain sober. For example, to understand that a model cannot instantly fall in love with you if you are an older man with overweight and without special talents and do not arouse interest even in much less beautiful women.

You also need to soberly assess the behavior of the interlocutor. Have you been talking for six months and still won’t meet because she refuses? You’d love to ignore that not destroy the fairy tale. But do not close your eyes, do not forget about common sense.

And one more thing: in order to attract good luck on a dating site (and in general everywhere), you need to live actively, so that you have many reasons to be satisfied with yourself and a lot of energy. Then it will be visible even from the photograph and the scammers will not even think about hunting you (and they will not be able to, if they try).

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