Kyiv dating agencies make on foreigners $10 thousand per month

ukraine dating websites scamWe worked at Ukrainian marriage agency, where so-called brides trick money out of overseas suitors

Ukrainian dating agencies/websites become an object of focus by law enforcement officers. Recently, the first criminal case was initiated against an organizer of such business – the police suspected that huge sums of money were tricked out of foreigners just for nothing. If the fault is proved the other marriage agencies will get rattled considerably – the foreigners are tricked massively. Only now mediators do not beg for money from the suitors, but they make money on e-mails of the dummy brides. The result is tens of thousands of dollars of net profit per month. We intruded into the ranks of dummy brides and found out the details of marriage business.

Translator does not need to know foreign languages

To be a dummy bride, girls do not even need to know a foreign language. Employment sites are literally full of propositions: “Translation work on an international dating site. Girls between 18 and 40, operational experience and English knowledge (!) are not required”. Sending a resume and interviewing are also not required – everything is resolved in a few minutes through telephone conversation.

An advertisement on a job search site

Work in Ukraine/vacancies in Kyiv/translation work in Kyiv

Work: English translator. Basic knowledge. Students. (Kyiv)

Company:           MA Ludmila

City:       Kyiv

Wages: $500

Work schedule:               remote work

Education:          secondary level

Experience:       inexperienced/beginner level

Position:              English translator. Basic knowledge. Students.

Position’s person specification/vacancy information:

International Marriage Agency Ludmila employs English translators. We are looking for pleasant girls wishing to work and to earn.

We guarantee individual approach, wages, flextime and collegiate.


-A girl before 40;

-Basic level of PK knowledge;

English knowledge is not required;

-Students are allowed;

-Inexperienced girls are allowed.

Tel:. (093) 551-61-85 Julia

Please send your resume using the form “Send a resume” and indicate the position for which you are applying (Resume for vacancy: English translator. Basic knowledge. Students.)

“The work is not complicated, but demanding – you need to correspond with foreigners on the known international dating site. The work will take 4-5 hours at any time of the day or night. One day a week is a day off. I will send your wages on your card, and the amount depends on the output – the more foreigners write you, the more you earn,”- Julia from the marriage agency Treasure of Beauty (I have not found it in the internet) puts me quickly in the picture. According to her, there are girls who earn just UAH 100 per month, but they idle. “You can earn from $150 to $1,000. You’ll be in correspondence with the men on the international dating site, they pay for correspondence, and you do not pay. For one email sent to you they pay to the site $8, and the site, in turn, gives us $1.5. We divide the money in half. Chatting with a foreigner is also paid – a foreigner gives us 0.12 cents for every minute of communication. You can just talk about the weather and earn $5-6. And if you talk “on camera”, i.e. if the man sees you, then he pays up to $24 per minute …»

Other Ukrainian dating websites offered me one dollar for an incoming letter and 15 cents for one minute of chat session -. According to their calculations, the girl’s income makes an average $500 per month. And the income of such agencies, according to our calculations, is not less than 10 thousand dollars a month.

How to distinguish a scam on Ukrainian dating website

The authoritative marriage agencies say that there is mass of pseudo agencies. “In recent months they just grow like mushrooms after rain. If we estimate the number of women on international dating sites, we will see that about 90% of them are false. That is because after Euro 2012 foreigners came to believe that in Ukraine only beautiful girls with model look live “- the director of international marriage agency “Marriage by Natali” told us.

“Even job search sites have already begun to understand that the vacancy «translator for marriage agency” intends fraud, so they often require documents from the employer. Here I had a recent case where I needed a translator of Italian, and I could not find it, because the employment sites wrote me that I could be a scam”. The men, who are looking for a life partner, to apply only to those offices, where the real meetings are held, not only correspondence. “A marriage agency should be advertised, have its own base of women and, most importantly, not hold correspondence but personal meetings. After all, in fact, Ukrainian women never marry after correspondence with the foreigners. This we can say after 15 years practice in this business”.

A foreigner understood that he was tricked

The police say that such schemes on dating sites are unalloyed fraud. The organizers of such agencies were detained in Kiev. “We had a case where a man was detained, because he, assisted by five girls, organized the correspondence on the international dating site. For some UAH 100-150 he took their passport details, photographed and posted their profiles on the site. Other people corresponded on their behalf and earned money”- the deputy head of the department for combating against cyber crime of Kiev police told us. The organizer was detained only after a foreigner had came to Kyiv and realized that he had been tricked – he had turned to the police.

Agency: “We try to delay the meeting with a suitor in order to make money”

I could not earn a lot at once, as I practiced in the epistolary genre for another person – 29-year-old advertising girl Anastasia. “The girl, of course, knows. I have signed an agreement with her, that I give her my services – assistance in finding a partner – Julia calms me. – You still need to know more details about her, about which foreigners often are interested: she is the only child in the family, parents are divorced”.

It is possible that this profile is bought in the Internet. In any case, we notice hundreds of ads on purchase of photographs and profiles in the internet: they are bought for UAH 100 up to USD 100 and then used just for such dating sites.

Password of Nastia’s profile was immediately sent me and I was asked to turn off the webcam on my computer, saying that if a foreigner or administration of the site noticed that I was not her, we would immediately be removed.

“I enter your mobile phone in Nastia’s form because the security service of the site can call you and ask with whom of the men you have talked lately. So they trace agencies like us. If you are asked whether the agency pays you, you have to say: no! You are Nastia, and you want to find a husband. Once they get to knew that I pay you – that is the end. They remove the form “- Julia instructs.

“No meetings with suitors – they are inadequate”

According to Julia, 95% of Ukrainian girls on the dating sites are such “bride”, as we are, their goal is to get more money from a foreigner, but not to meet with him, to make love with someone and marry.

“The meeting with a potential suitor is not our goal. We try in every way, as we can, to delay the meeting in order to make more money. You should not maintain their tender feelings. If you already can not get out of the meeting, then immediately contact me. I will read all the correspondence and we will fluff him off delicately”- my instructor continues. Julia says that it is not only mercantile interest. According to her, more foreigners on the sites are not quite adequate. “For example, they practice such a scam: they invite a girl into a restaurant, order a lot of meal, and then slip away through the back door. We had a case where two guys from Europe came to meet girls, smashed up lodging, and the agency then had to pay for everything. It comes to the absurd, – they arrive, gather 30-40 girls and arrange casting. He sits like a prince, and the girls whirl before him and show themselves in all their beauty”.

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