Kislitcina Marina – Ukrainian dating scam

Request from our client:

Hi, I met this girl on Travel Girls. I have her mobile – ( see below)

She has asked for me to pay for a Visa to Australia.
Here is an example of what she sends me – Marina got very
frustrated when I said – lets skype.

Letter from scam lady

Hello Bob, thank you for your answer with photos. How are you today? You have big plans for this weekends? I like you so much and i like all photos which you sent to me))) Have you sow special photo which i made for you? With your name on it? I made it because i do not want that you have any doubts about me…… Yes, i am serious about you and i want come to you and i will ask what i will need for my trip to Brisbane, ok? When i can come to you? And for how long i can stay with you? Bob, my sister know that i will move to another country if i will find my lovely man and she support me in this, because she want that i will be happy. My number is +38095 4542312. When you can call me, my sweetie? ) Dear Bob, i like you so much and i want that you know that i am always honest with you. I am here not for games and i hope that we can talk by phone soon and you can hear my voice and after that you will not have any doubts about me. Because this is very important for me. I like swimming so so much and i want swim with you)) My perfume? I like Versace bright crystal noir and what about you? Yes, i like drink coffee at the morning) I want that you kiss me in my lips) I like to be kissing and i think that kiss is very important and this is soooooo cute and so romantic) I can not wait when i can give you my morning kiss and it will be something special , for you too, Bob? On this coming weekends i will have two days off and i hope that we can talk by phone, i want to hear your voice so much and i want talk with you about all)))) I guess that we have very big time difference, right? You will check that? I wish you have a nice day and remember that i am thinking about you all the time)) Marina рџ Now she is asking for money for a Visa – $300.00


Letter from scam lady Marina
Hello Bob)
I am very glad see your answer and photo!! You look so nice on it!!!
You lucky father)
This is great that we can communicate via e-mails and know each other better.
I am very sad that Sandra did that….. did you find her?
I think that i need to start with telling more information about me.
As you already know, i am from Ukraine and i am living in a small town
with very proud name of my town- Shakhtersk.I am living here my whole life.
This is military zone in Donetsk region.
I was born 7 of April and i am now 34 years old. Working here as a teacher
at school, i teach Russian language and literature. I am working with
kids 11-12 years old. I like work with kids!! They are great, but at the
same time, it is very difficult.
You working on 3 jobs? What do you do?
I am single now and i do not have my own kids. I was married before,
but we are got divorce one year ago. I left my ex husband because he was
very rude with me, do not respect me and one day he strike me when he
was very drunk… It was the last time when i sow him. I left him and never
even think about this man!! I think that i deserve better. My sister advise me
try find a man for me from another country because i know English and
i hope that you understand me, Bob.
I am not looking for prince charming! 🙂 I am grown up woman and i need
serious man, who know how take care about woman and who will respect me.
I am asking for too much?
Like  every  person in the world, I am looking for a pure love, bright
emotions,  warm feelings, and sensitive relationships. You know, it is
so  hard  to  find a person who can be, for you, the nearest person in
the whole world; who will fill you, being at a distance, who will miss
you  if you are not with him, who will support, respect, and help you;
who  will, with a grate pleasure, listen to you no matter what you are
talking about, because you are only satisfying, when you are near with your
Bob, i am interesting in you and i would like to know more about
you and your life, what about your family?
Sorry but i do not have Viber and Skype….
Have a nice day and please write to you soon!!
Marina 😘

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