Is ukraine safe for americans

Is Ukraine safe to travel to

Americans are tourist nation. According to statistics, the largest tourism lovers are the citizens of the United States of American. If you look at their passports, you can understand that they were everywhere.

This passion for travel was emerged due to their capabilities. Due to the high economy and government’s concern for the citizens, they can travel at any age.

In recent years, among the countries to travel, Ukraine has become the leading. Many come here in order to find soulmate, some comes in order to visit historical places, and thus for work.

But before go, any foreigner is interested in the question is Ukraine safe for Americans?

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This question is very two-fold, as everyone has their own opinion, and it all depends on what the purpose of visiting this country.

Americans are so interested in Ukraine that they have even published the book “Guide to the visit.” This book tells about the hospitality of Ukrainians, what they really are and how they react to the Americans.

Ukraine itself is a very rich country for historical monuments, there is something to see, so that you won`t be bored in this country.

And if we look from the point of view of American author Andrew Alice Evans, then to the question is Ukraine safe for Americans, you can answer, yes absolutely.

But there is another opinion. Many Americans who visited Ukraine were dissatisfied. Let’s see what they did not like at the territory of such a historical part of the world.

Everyone knows that Ukrainian women looking for a foreign suitors. And without wasting time, get acquainted with them on various dating sites or through marriage agencies.

In almost all cases, a girl is just trying to marry a rich American and to leave the homeland, or just to receive money from a foreign citizen.

Here every US resident has a thought, is Ukraine safe for Americans, if Ukrainian women are seeking only profit.

Unfortunately, due to the unstable economic situation, or not wanting to work, girls are ready for many things.

Almost every fourth foreigner faced with the fact that coming to her girlfriend, who told him how he is dear to her, arriving to her, did not even see her.

There are a lot of these girls, but foreigners arrive to Ukraine not only for brides. Let’s look at how are US citizens who arrived as tourists or for business applied.

Is Ukraine safe to travel to

Many Americans say that Ukrainians are very greedy for money, and they can spot foreign tourists in ten minutes. This seemed unimportant point won`t affect you. But it only seems so. In Ukraine, a lot of crooks and thieves, and such unhealthy attention to foreigners, will not bring anything good for you.

If gradually dismantle all the negative aspects, the first thing I would like to draw attention to passers and, on this basis, one can understand is Ukraine safe to travel to.

Many foreigners say that after passing in a crowd, you can be left without a purse, and other handheld items. Only few options can keep you from the moments like this. First of all it is not necessary to show a purse to every Ukrainian, and it is better not to visit places where a large crowd of people. Also it is better to walk in groups at least two persons, but not alone.

If to talk about the hospitality of this nation, not all of them will help you to find your way, as many of them are rude people, and foreigners annoy them. Stores service is poor. Sellers can get you nasty, and unfortunately for them it will be nothing. Such sellers with this kind of “intelligence” work mostly in the stalls. That is why it us better to buy products in supermarkets, where at least you can call the administrator.

As for the movement, there is no public taxi service, there are only private traders, who put their own tariffs. It is impossible to calculate any budget, because the fare is fixed only in public transport.

If to talk about public transport, there are a lot of pickpockets there, which will leave you with nothing.

Accommodation is possible in any hotel, for example, in the capital, many hotels have a good level. It is better to pay and settle in an expensive hotel than a hostel, where you may be offended or even won`t be provided a bed.

Such moments, of course, very sad, but still we must remember that there are good moments in this country.

Thanks to the services, which provide the companies for meeting foreigners, travel to Ukraine will bring pleasure.

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For this reason, only you can decide is Ukraine safe to travel to. And if do decide to go to this country, we will create all the conditions for your comfort of stay.

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