Is it safe to go to Kiev

Is it safe to go to Kiev

Travelling bring joy to everyone. But sometimes it ceases to question where the rest go? Many people prefer the warm countries, but someone attracted city with a long history. We all know that the Ukraine – it is a small country, but there are beautiful places. Most tourists like the capital, and when you intend to go to this city, the question becomes, is it safe to go to Kiev?

This issue arose due to recent actions in Ukraine. And because of this country goes different glory. Some believe it is not safe and aggressive people, but there are people who are happy to come here.

To understand this, and to answer the question is it safe to go to Kiev, you need a little more to tell about this city and the people living here.

It should be noted that the people of Kiev themselves wonder why ask such questions and leads to confusion. Currently, the city is quiet and no political action is underway. And the locals are quite friendly, but also among them there are also those who does not like foreigners. Actually, as in any other country.

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We think to go here or not is a decision each person, but we list the reasons for which should come here, and security measures, which should adhere to. If we consider all the moments, the trip will be exciting and memorable.

Let’s start with what advantages does the city on the Dnieper River.


At first glance, a very strange reason, and are not well understood, but we will now explain it. Spring – this is the time of year when nature comes to life, and in Kiev, it is particularly noticeable. Slightly moving away from the subject, let us note that this city one of the greenest in Ukraine. Now in Kyiv the numerous amounts of chestnuts, in fact, than he is famous for, as well as parks that “come alive” in this time of year.

People also come to life in the spring, smile and wear bright clothing. From ancient times, it has become a tradition that the Slavs in particular relate to the spring, as especially important to them during this period.

Note that time and that the fans enjoy nature, it will be useful to visit the capital of Ukraine.


In the spring, specifically since the end of April and ending May, the sun is still not much warm. So love the people of Kiev to walk around the city, enjoy the warm air. And with regards to the evening, you will need a light jacket, and walk near the Dnieper River will be unforgettable.

We can also recommend the hem as an ancient place of the capital, who admired each, independently of how many times he has been in this city. Unforgettable will walk through St. Andrew’s descent.


Although the economy in this country, compared with the European and lagging behind but today, many vendors sell interesting items made of leather. Walking along the St. Andrew’s descent, which we mentioned above, you can purchase souvenirs at affordable price.

At this point, often the sellers know the English language and good pertaining to foreigners.

Restaurants, cafes, bars

Ukrainian cuisine is famous all over the world, and it is not surprising, as their food is really very tasty. In the capital, a large number of establishments, where you can eat. In addition to the national cuisine, there are fast food outlets, pizzerias and restaurants that serve dishes of other nationalities.

At night, there are bars and nightclubs; they are also a large number. The bulk is in the center and at the hem. The night clubs are, held various concerts and other interesting events.


This point is very important for all visitors. I must say that robberies and burglaries in the major city on the Dnieper River are not observed. Enough to stick to the usual standards. Not familiar with dubious companies not to leave personal belongings unattended, and of course, it is better not to walk alone at night.

We would like to add that the city police constantly go, and if you have any questions or unpleasant situation, they will be able to you to help and solve the problem.

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Where it is better to walk in a strange city with a man who knows all about the place, and, unfortunately, in conventional supermarkets do not know a foreign language. A assistant will be able to explain the seller, what is required of him.

With regards to transport, private driver’s services are, by the way, it will take you to any place, going round the capital’s traffic jams, and along with it will conduct a tour, because the Ukrainians are very fond of talk. The locals – the best guides.

Based on the foregoing, and now only you can decide is it safe to go to Kiev? Since we have provided information to help decide on the matter.

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